Hillary – A Puppet to Soros

Isn’t it funny that Hollywood, the epitome of degradation and lust and corruption and fraud and incest and rape, would become the rulers of the world? They redefine reality, and pretend to live a life that is not even remotely real, they judge and condemn, punish and chastise, they repudiate and find revenge, slander and stifle, and yet, somehow they can sleep at night and wake up to do it all – over – again. Their idol? The almighty dollar. They have no problem seeing their soul if it means they can have – more stuff.

And while I would like to say this is a definition of a people, or Party, it is Not. It is a definition of a seascape, a manipulation, a false reality, a mirage.

If Hillary is elected, such will it be. And so, the next action must be – what next? Likewise for Trump. However, given Hillary has already put in place every single action she will take in her first few ‘days’ of office, we can assume, the actions are radical and offensive. We can assume, we will be put into peril. We can assume that out lives and livelihood will immediately be jeopardized.

And that a shift will take place. Like an platonic quake shift of major fault lines.  Are we prepared?

Wall Street will most assuredly go up in the short term upon a Hillary presidency, given she is in their most devious of crevices. However, it will be short lived as she begins to initiate her most lavish policies through executive order. Failed gun laws will be attempted and shot down. Her murderous abortion agenda will most likely meet with opponents on both sides. And her reputation will become so scandalous that she will go undercover or simply resign. While she becomes obsolete, the platform, the true agenda will rise like Hitler.  And the party divide will border revolutionary.

Within the chaos, a charismatic leader will emerge, one from the Middle East, a man of great persuasion, a man who is perceived to be someone who can lift the impoverished from their now dire, dire poverty as a direct result of the Soros/Hillary/Obama/Rothschild agenda which has foreseen and created all this and more.

While I have been floored at the various perceptions of what Trump supports and what is reality, I have been equally saddened at the massive corruption that we truthfully – can not fight. It is too pervasive.

In the end, it would seem that the Hollywooders are pulling the strings and the Hillary’s are more puppet than we can fathom. They boast about using the mentally handicapped and homeless… as in Hillary … Hillary?

3 thoughts on “Hillary – A Puppet to Soros

  1. It’s more than money, Helena. There is a spiritual blindness. They manifest all three major categories of sin: lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.

    They lust, and they want company in their perdition. Some of them at the more powerful levels know full well that they are multiplying depravity, because they are all in with Gramsci’s theory that they must corrupt the moral culture of the West, so as to make it more vulnerable to collectivist and socialist groupthink. Hillary Clinton studied these theories. She also argued with her admired mentor Saul Alinsky, because he thought they should weaken the capitalist government from without, and she argued for rotting the society from within.

    now we’re onto them and the Internet got out of control, Obama now calling it a “wild wild west” that they have to control because there’s so much there that “has nothing to do with reality”. He means the false Matrix-reality they want to use to turn the subjects (their victims) into compliant bots.

    Have you noticed that “compliance” is the big buzzword for the biggest and the fastest-growing corporations?

    Sound the alarm, spread the word: The government has no legitimacy. The majority is always wrong, Jesus said so. The only way to live peaceably is to demand an end to coercion, enforce by respecting the right to self-defense and all its tools.

    Make peace not war!

    Out of the U. N., out of NATO, OAS, all these Trojan horse agreements that have nothing to do with “free trade”, only to expand the control of multi-national cronies and their government cronies. They are Trojan horses for world government.

    As prophecies tell us.

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