Christian Leaders Hypocrisy…vs Trump

Articles abound about GOP Leaders who don’t support Trump, and “top 10 Christian Leaders who don’t support Trump”. So I thought it might be worth while to investigate some of these ‘Religious Leaders’:

Russell Moore – President of Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. (What a convoluted title). A name befitting an NGO backed by Soros they are a prop of the UN. Igh. The ERLC is a lobby think tank – that advocates building of more mosques throughout the US, believes that immigration should be heralded, and is completely monitored and regulated by the United Nations as to what they believe, what they say, what they stand for, and what they say… As in ‘If you do not promote our agenda, then you are decimated.’

Marvin Olasky, Editor in Chief of World Magazine (a Christian publication) – Mr. Olasky was born a Russian Jew who became an atheist and then a Marxist while in college where he joined the communist party. And yet, he has forgiven himself… but apparently no one else… awwww.

Max Lucado, Christian author – is a tremendous supporter of NIF, National Immigration Forum which promotes open borders, and massive immigration policies. It is funded by George Soros. He, like Geraldo, employed what they call the ‘decency test’ to make their determination of whether they could back Trump. Lucado determined that he would never allow Trump to date his daughters… therefore he did not support Trump… What?   What a bizarre notion. The problem? Decency has never been a prerequisite to being a president of the US. In fact, it would be hard pressed research to find – one. Kennedy? Bush? Clinton? Nixon? Johnson? Carter? Tell me one… just one.  Hello Max?  Are you Decent?

The list of never’s include; Matthew Anderson, Eric Teetsel, Owen Strachan, Alan Noble, Robert George, Erick Ericksen, and Denny Burke who each have a bit of controversy in their past and in their positions.   Many of these names we don’t even know… Denny Burke? C’mon. Robert George? I’m sorry, but they hardly represent the people given the people don’t even know who they are>

Most recently, John Piper entered the fray to call on both Trump and Clinton to step down from the presidential race.   Okay.  The problem? They won’t. The problem? This does not address the reality we are facing. It does not offer guidance to The People based on reality. It merely tosses a stick into the fray. And that does absolutely nothing for the predicament we face.

Did Piper call on Kennedy to resign after his numerous affairs? Or Bush for his affairs? Or Obama for his cocaine dealings? Where are the lines? The boundaries? Because they seem to have been created specifically for today and that just seems hypocritical.

The problem is that when religious leaders get too involved and vocal in politics, they risk looking just like the Entertainment industry Hollywooders. There own moral sin becomes the focus, and their credibility begins to sway in the muck and mire of hypocrisy.

Mark Driscol has mimicked the Hollywood cry by claiming that evangelicals who support Trump are fake Christians. As in Deplorables. He thus joins the ranks of Hollywood, Amy Schumer, and Clinton who name call and denounce, while at the same time claiming that it is Trump who is dividing the religious right. Excuse me!   Mark Driscol, my respect has wavered. Not because of Trump – because of you. The religious right divided itself long ago.  And your tempest of dialogue is beneath your Godly Leadership role.

What is being done by the Soros Open Society in our communities to create discord among citizens, police, blacks, military, FBI, Wall Street – has reached it’s tentacles into our religious leaders as well – dividing to conquer. And thus we are left trying to disseminate who to believe even from a religious point. And while Soros rejoices… we fight, become angry, cry, and wonder what the heck just happened!

The atheist Soros has had his hand in the division of faith for years working such groups as: Soujourners, Telos, New Evangelical Partnership, J Street, and Catholics In Alliance For The Common Good, to name a few. Soros has hijacked the church, twisted it into a vine of corruption and hypocrisy and spit out something more aligned with Hollywood.

Soujourners is a faith group organization that helped to promote Obamacare, back climate change agendas, embrace Islam as free, were instrumental in Obama’s strategy in Afghanistan, support a global agenda on morality and values, and fully support open immigration. Basically, they are a Lobbying organization. It is headed by Jim Wallis, a far left liberal, who is an active ally of George Soros – whose agenda is atheism. Do we not see the craziness in this?

Falling prey to the heightened media and perversity of this election, evangelicals that should remain on the side lines and preach their doctrine, have instead put their foot into the stream and gotten stuck in the mud as a result. As has been noted time and again; “we are not electing a pastor to be President.”

And while it surely would be nice to elect a moral, ethical, decent, President, (I am on board!)that is not what we are presented with this election, and unfortunately, that has not been the agenda of the last century or two or three – in elections. Lincoln was rumored to be gay. C’mon people! And maybe, just maybe this is our own fault and the consequence is our fate.

However, when the religious leaders jump into the fray, and create Hollywoodism animosity and discord, they might take a moment to look at their ‘log’, their ‘sin’, their eye, their slander, their righteousness, their judgment. Because it is very – unbecoming. And according to the Bible, Leaders will be judged by God for how they model with much more scrutiny than the masses.

Don’t get mad at me – get mad at those that created this.  I am just the carrier —

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