TTIP – The Secret Trade Deal

TTIP and TISA are being negotiated in secrecy ‘on our behalf’ by over 30,000 corporations, the largest of which want to own our future. They include:  Exxon, Microsoft, DOW, Google, GE, ACEA (the largest US automobile lobby group), IBM, Apple, US pharma industry lobby group, US chemical lobby group, on and on…

What they say and why is all hush-hush and we The People are not allowed to know anything about the agreement or even all of the corporate defenders, many of whom negotiate but refuse to allow their name to be identified for fear the American public might find out.

Why don’t they want us to know? Because we might find the Agreement is chock full of issues that the people should be deciding – not the corporations. Activists are fighting the trade agreements together with consumer groups and environmental organizations who have dubbed the agreements as A Trojan Horse! And while hundreds of thousands are protesting across Europe, the US is silent. Why? Because of apathy, because the media is silent, because the decoy of racial riots, because…

Wikileaks has provided a snapshot of the ‘secret documents’ revealing dire warnings:

The main premise of the Agreement takes away control from the government and redistributes it or gives it to multi-national corporations. They become the new ‘global government’. Which would mean the US President would no longer function as our country representative, but more like a figurehead. Much like the Queen of England…

Main points of TTIP include:

1)  Opening Europe’s ‘public’ health, utility and education services to US companies for takeover and privatization.

2)   Bringing down EU standards on food safety to be more inline with US including GMO practices (EU currently allows virtually no GMO’s while over 70% of US foods no contain GMO’s and no labeling).

3)   More lax restrictions on pesticide use in farming.

4)   Loosening of all bank regulations.

5)   Easing of data privacy laws.

6)   And, Investor State Dispute Settlements – which would allow companies to sue any government for having laws in place that the corporation feels infringe on their profit margin.   For example, a Swedish energy company is currently suing Germany for billions of $$$ because of the German government’s decision to phase out nuclear power plants. There are over 500 such arbitration actions occurring right now!

The EU and The Council On Foreign Relations claim that the trade agreements will boost the economy of the US by 90billion euro, the EU economy by 120billion euro and everyone else by 100billion euro. However, they also sputter that the agreement will have “little to no” positive impact on individuals or their individual economy. This is just to reap greater profits for corporations.

And while these same organizations claim that millions of new jobs will be created…. Millions will be lost.   The net effect to The People? -0–

Still the question remains, why must these agreements be ‘secret’?

In order to view the documents, a secret reading room in Brussels is open to ‘certain politicians’ that are previously screened, briefed, debriefed and de-screened… – public access is completely denied.  A member of the German parliament asked to be allowed to view the documents. She was given just two hours to review hundreds of pages, a guard would watch over her and she was forbidden from telling anyone anything she had read – by punishment of treason.

Parts of the deal have already been agreed upon and parts remain negotiable. Even the agreed on parts are forbidden from being discussed to the public. With massive protests in Europe over the deal and leaks by Wikileaks undermining the secrecy, it is believed that the foregoing talks will be tabled temporarily while security over the true content is stabilized.

After public outcries, millions protesting and negative ads, France and Germany have decided to temporarily take the Agreement off the table so they can ‘rename it’ and fancy it up for resubmission. Hopefully finding some other decoy to call the publics attention so the agreement can be signed without our knowledge or consent.

The Architects of TTIP would seem to be an interesting quintet including: George Soros, Rockefeller, Cecilia Malmstrom, Peter Sutherland and Goldman Sachs.

-Sutherland is a UN special representative for global migration …

-Malmstrom is a Swede who assumed office as European Commissioner of Trade in 2014 – She and Sutherland have co-authored numerous articles pushing for massive immigration. When asked if she would revise TTIP as a result of the massive outpouring of European dissent, she stated icily, “I do not take my mandate from the European people!”

And guess what the premise of TTIP is according to Malmstrom? “Openness, transparency and inclusivity.” Perhaps she means – for them – but not for the pions as in We The People.

This is the next step in creating a global government run by corporate officials elected by – corporate officials. And why they are not terribly concerned with the elections.

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