Is Trump Hitler in Disguise?

The media – liberals – Democrats and Hollywood have all jumped on the bandwagon declaring Trump is Hitler in disguise… The point of course is to drag out one of the most heinous men in history and label a Presidential candidate with this ominous title. He isn’t alone, other candidates were compared to Hitler, including; Obama, Bush, Reagan and Nixon. Each time, the idea is to attempt to create a wave of horror.

These same people like to declare that Putin is a replica of Stalin. Others brought to light similarities between Stalin and Obama. FDR was likened to Mussolini! There were the supposed Marxist quotes from Hillary likening her to Lenin. Woodrow Wilson is now a racist. And a prestigious ivy league professor labeled Truman, “America’s Stalin”.

It has become so commonplace, that we don’t even listen because we know it is overused, slanderous and without basis. And sometimes, it is just simply – comical. When labeling a person demonic or evil, it is good to know who that evil really was and what he believed:


*He began his political career in prison after having failed a coup attempt in Bavaria.

*While in prison he wrote, Mein Kampf, which defiled all Jews as being innately ‘evil’.

*Therefore, the statement that the Germans had no idea what Hitler proposed – is adamantly, fundamentally – false.

*In 1938, Hitler was Time Magazine’s Man Of The Year

*In 1938, Hitler annexed Austria into Germany

*One of Hitler’s main goals was to expand Germany’s territory

*In 1939, he attacked Poland and Czechoslavakia

*In 1939, Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

*Hitler hated Communism and Marxist doctrine, and believed that the Jewish people were attempting to take over the world thru their communist agenda.

*He believed that the eastern slavic countries were inferior, the people should be enslaved and their resources confiscated.

*Hitler wanted to destroy Russia (Soviet Union)

*He was considered a “National Socialist”

*He was against abortion and contraception

*While he held women to the highest of esteem as Mothers whom he considered ‘national heroes’, he felt that the concept of working women was a Marxist plot

Absolutely, none of these characteristics, beliefs, or actions can be attributed to Trump or his policies. The most blatant of which is the concept of National Socialism which embraces a large government, government regulation, government law, and government justice within the frame of a Nationalist view of one’s country.

In fact, there is one person who does embrace Hitler and ideology of the Nazi regime – George Soros, the same man who pulls the strings for Obama and Hillary. The overt agenda being world domination.

When I read of how Trump compares to Hitler, the language is largely verbal assaults against him without any factual backing: He demonizes people. He bullies his opponents. He’s not a Good Ole Boy politician. He encourages violence. He is racist. He belittles women.

  1. Demonizes people: actually, he demonizes the press, so it makes sense that the press would become defensive and demonize him back. He feels the press is manipulated, biased, and covert. About 90% of the US media is owned by roughly 6 corporations, including; CBS, Viacom, NewsCorp, Comcast/NBC, Disney and Time Warner. Of those, CBS, NewsCorp, Comcast/NBC, Time Warner and Viacom all contributed to the Clinton Foundation.
  2. Bullies Opponents: This has to be comical given every candidate bullies other candidates. Period.
  3. Not A Good Ole Boy: This is what encourages us to get away from the politicians that rule with an iron fist of corruption. Congress has an approval rating of between 11% and 13%. Those are the Good Ole Boys…
  4. He encourages violence: Against ISIS… and discourages the US initiative of coups and war mongering… While we know for fact that the violent protests and riots are funded by Soros with paid protesters backing Hillary.
  5. Racist: Too hot of a topic to tackle without backlash, but suffice it to say that there is not a person on this earth who we can say is not racist in some manner. Emails revealed that Hillary was pandering to black people. During the Clinton presidency, the prison population, which is comprised mostly of blacks, grew from 855,000 to over 2 million.
  6. He belittles women: While he has made some provocative comments that were disparaging and misguided, many, if not most, have been taken out of context, some I don’t even find offensive at all, and others are not about ‘women’ so much as they are about a societal or dervish personal attack. Something that Hollywood, the media, and Hillary lavishly share in …

    I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.” 
    ― Margaret Thatcher

4 thoughts on “Is Trump Hitler in Disguise?

  1. I’m thinking his drug addictions created the psychopathic responses which when combined with power gave him the ability to spark genocide

    • Just looked this up – the cocktail of drugs Hitler took is astounding; amphetamines, testosterones, opiates, sedatives, laxatives and bull semen…ewwww

      • Don’t you find it interesting that few if any of the “analyses” of Hitler and his armies mentioned that he was a crystal meth addict? Or that hios army used in in most of their assaults?

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