ANTIFA Terrorism: A Nazi Lesson

David Hogg, the Broward County liberal anti-gun toting wannabe reporter has risen into the fray of Antifa like action promoting violent protests and assault.   February 2018, he formed the group Never Again MSD whereby their policies have ramped up to thug tactics of threats and assaults against government officials, including ICE.

Initial funding came from George and Amal Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg who all donated $500,000.   Not a bad first year – $2 million!   Since then a number of colleges have come onboard including; Harvard, Columbia, Yale, MIT and University of Florida.

Rooted in uprising, the target market is – youth.   These are the propaganda machinizations that create the mass murderers that we have witnessed of late. Their agenda is hatred.   Their core is assault.   And their discipline is socialism/communism with a cup full of totalitarianism.   It is the Hitler Youth Movement.

While they claim their agenda is to ‘tackle gun legislation’, they have made no proposals, taken no legislative action, and have instead moved into – immigration, aka ICE.

While the Never Again Movement claims their actions resulted in the passage of new gun laws in Florida, the law was written before Never Again was formed, and passed less than a month later.   According to the new law, while handguns cannot be purchased until a person reaches the age of 21, rifles remain available.   The NRA subsequently filed a lawsuit against Florida for violation of Constitutional rights with regard to the age regulation.

It is notable that the vast majority of mass shootings involve the use of rifles, whereas handguns represent a very small proportion.

Most recently, threats made by Never Again are no longer veiled.   Highly explosive threats have become the meme as they scream at ICE officials; we ‘know where your children live’ – ‘we are not joking’ – ‘we will come for you and your children’! Despite their claim to peace and passive protest, ICE agents have been the target of assault, ICE facilities have been shot up and bombed. And the Sieg Heil Hitler agenda unravels.

Yes, shooting!

The gun control activists own guns and are using them for destruction and threat of murder.

The three mass shooting that we were just witness to; garlic festival, El Paso, and Dayton all had one common core – Antifa activism.   The David Hogg pacifist, Clooney, Oprah, Spielberg, Katzenberg and our esteemed universities would thus be supporting – ANTIFA.   Guns in the hands of Antifa would seem to be encouraged.   Mass murders would thus be a liberal propaganda tool.

This is incitement.   There is nothing peaceful about it.   And yet, because we are dealing with youth, police action against them is politicized as brutal, aggressive, and evil.

Where is the outrage? Where are these Liberal donors when their money is used to commit violence?

While the movie, The Hunt, has been pulled, the Democrat politicians and Liberal ‘activists’ would seem to support exactly what the movie depicted – the murder of conservatives. The annihilation of a populace in the name of peace. Genocide.

History Lesson:   In 1922, the National Socialists were a youth organization alongside Boy Scouts. By 1933, the National Socialists became known as the Hitler Youth and had a membership 2 million strong.   By 1936, all youth groups were banned with the exception of one – Nazi’s.   By 1939, 90% of German youth belonged to the Nazi Party.   And ultimately, membership in the Nazi Party was compulsory after the age of 6.

They went to summer camps, sang songs, made pledges, and were indoctrinated to believe that anyone who did not conform to their ideologies were evil and should be killed – including their parents.

When people today claim they don’t understand how an entire country would commit such atrocities – look no further than ANTIFA today. They are the brain-child of the global regime looking to recreate what failed in Germany, and transplant it throughout a global sphere.

ANTIFA – is good, peaceful, moral, right, this is the indoctrination promoted by Liberal ranters, Liberal Media, and Liberal politicians.   It is a call to arms!   A call for Genocide.

Fair Warning.

Chicago – Guns – Gangs and Cops; A Road Going Nowhere

Statistics show that Chicago has now surpassed itself with 500 shooting deaths and over 3000 gun assaults to date. Gun violence at it’s worst.

Hillary Clinton’s proposal? To make gun stores and manufacturers potentially liable, re-establish the assault rifle ban, and impose greater restrictions on citizens vetting procedures.

The problem? Those proposals will not even dent the violence that has gripped Chicago in an all out war, a war that has now seen gangs joining forces in a vie to kill cops.

Gang members don’t typically go to their local gunstore, provide an ID, and have a background check performed before purchasing a gun. Doesn’t work that way, and either Hillary is ignoring the facts, evading the facts, or circumventing the facts in order to create a whirlwind of nothingness.

According to various reports, most of the guns used by gangs have exchanged hands numerous times before ending up in the hand of the gang member. Most guns are over 11 years old. Most guns were originally purchased legitimately by the average Joe citizen. Most guns were acquired by theft. Most guns used are handguns; Rugers, Smith & Wessen and Glocks. Most guns that are purchased at a gun store use a strawman for the purchase.

And while a universal requirement for a background check might curb ‘some’ violence, which I believe should be instituted, it is not the cure. Today, 80% of the violent crime in Chicago is attributed to gangs. Elsewhere, it is always the same.  A look at shooting statistics in Colorado points to Pueblo where the number of gang members has soared.

But while police continue to try and mitigate the gangs, we see Obama giving clemency to prison inmates at a record rate, most of whom were gang members or have become gang members while in prison.  While Obama would have us believe that his clemency grace was for non-violent offenders, many of the perpetrators he released were dealers, distributors, and gun wielding criminals. The likelihood that these men became God fearing citizens while in a prison system that is more corrupt than the US government… a system that has no rehab programs, a system that is itself a gang controlled institution, is naive at best.

And where do the gangs get the money to buy firearms? Sale of drugs. The same drug dealers that Obama is releasing from prison. Marlon McNealy is one of Obama’s favorites. He was a co-creator of a crack-cocaine drug organization in St Petersberg, Florida. He worked with Ronald Mathis whose life goal was to be the biggest distributor in the city. McNealy was convicted o f racketeering and the sale of drugs.  Mathis was convicted of racketeering, sale of drugs, arson, and burglary.

So why do the Chicago gangs keep growing?

A 2011 report cited the fact that politicians in Chicago frequently make deals with gangs in order to buy their election votes. Meetings are set up between politicians running for office and gang members. A deal is brokered. And according to the deal broker,  All of the political hopefuls were aware of who they were meeting with…  …They didn’t care. All they wanted to do was get the support. The gang representatives asked, “What can you give me?” The politicians, most eager to please, replied, “What do you want?”

Those politicians who answered correctly, were supported. Many won their elections.

You can’t curb gangs if you are a politician in their pocket! You can’t cure violence if you support gangs. The police can’t arrest gang members if politicians give them a free ride! And as more deals are cut, more deaths and assaults wrack our society. Background checks? In this particular venue of corruption, background checks will do absolutely – nothing.

The other two cities with the nations highest murder rates include Detroit and Baltimore. In Detroit an active gang war has been ongoing for two years.  In Baltimore gangs routinely declare war on the cops and the local government supports the anti-police protests.  

There are estimated to be 1,150,000 gang members in the US, 40% are under the age of 18, and of all juveniles in a correctional facility 90% are a member of a gang. The Bloods and the Crips comprise the largest membership. Annually, there are an average of 7300 arrests and only 2700 convictions – 37%. The average salary of a gang member is about $62,000, tax free of course. That means Uncle Sam is losing out on about $17,825,000,000 of annual tax revenue assuming an average 25% rate.

This past August, three Chicago gangs got together and declared war on the cops after the slaying of one of their members. This time, handguns were not the weapon of choice. Automatic weapons, a sniper, this was organized and despite the fact that gangs have been responsible for most of the 3000 shootings in Chicago, the protests and the retaliation were about the cops that fatally shot a gang member who had stolen a jaguar.

Why isn’t anyone protesting the gangs?

In July, the FBI circulated an alert that the Black Panther Gang had posted a demand on social media stating, “Attack Everything In Blue” – more assassinations to come! The next day 12 officers were ambushed and shot, 5 killed, in Dallas. Where were the protesters?  When death threats from black gang members are the mainstay – you can bet the cops are jittery and profiling is their only protection.

In 2015, on multiple occasions the FBI warned Baltimore police that they had information that the Black Guerrilla Family, the Crips and the Bloods had teamed up to take out cops. And for those that hate profiling – all three of these gangs are primarily African-American. In July 2016, The Crips and The Bloods joined Black Lives Matter in Atlanta protests. The response?

Enthusiastic applause for their ‘unity’, their peacefulness, their positive encouragement.

The fact that upwards of 50% of all crimes in the US are committed by gangs – seems to have gone unnoticed…

Kids don’t join gangs because they feel a social injustice or a great cause against anyone – cops, whites, wealthy, etc… They join a gang because of member pressure, fear, fast money, excitement, feeling important, and even simple fellowship.

If we want to curb gun violence then address these issues, provide the kids with alternatives, provide an education that is not demonizing and racial profiling of whites… and create centers to help mitigate gang membership.  Because arrests are minimal and membership grows by the hundreds of thousands each year!  Why?  Because our government does absolutely – nothing about it.