American Nationalism -if you can keep it…

Last night I had the privilege of hearing Eric Metaxas speak at a forum and was extremely impressed!  An amazing man.  He spoke about America from the perspective of it’s beginnings, the first country ever in the world to adopt a self government as opposed to a Monarchy or Communist/Socialist rule of restricted freedom. He spoke about how the Founding Fathers were sketchy and fearful that despite all their efforts to make it work, it might not. And while it did for two centuries, in the last fifty years it has been attacked. And we stand at a precipice today whereby two paths are shown – and the quote “if you can keep it”, attributed to Benjamin Franklin when he exited the Constitutional Convention, applies to us today.

Can we keep the country that America was created to be – a republic separate and distinct, rooted in Freedom and the ability of the people to self rule in a venue of virtue and faith? Can we keep it? Because if we can’t that means we spiral into Monarchy or Communist rule and become the puppets of the elite.

Freedom, Virtue, and Faith. Inexplicably intertwined, not one can live without the other. Take away one leg of the triangle and the other legs fall, they can not stand without the support of the triune.

And within this triune there lives fellowship and heroes. Not comic book heroes, but real life men and women who we can look to with respect and awe and say, ‘I am so grateful’! We need heroes. We crave them. But in the last fifty years we have allowed fake characters to become our heroes and disregarded and even disparaged the real heroes. George Washington’s name removed. Woodrow Wilson’s name removed. As though removing a name will alter the truth and eliminate history…

As virtue and faith fall – so will freedom.

In that picture our media has faithfully pulled us down, portrayed us as demons, demoralized our will, and created an atmosphere that would give such people as Kaepernick who feels compelled to call out his country as unworthy of him! Instead of ‘doing something positive’, instead of ‘working for his beliefs’, he would instead denounce the entire nation – and all its people as “Deplorables’. This same man was given a loving family, a middle class lifestyle and a $12 million sign-on bonus in addition to $61 million guaranteed. Where else in the world would anyone be so privileged? And still, he is entitled. He is miffed. And that arrogance owns him.

Nationalism is the people believing in their country and making it strong from its bowels, from within. Canadians are proud to be Canadians! The French are quite proud of their Frenchiness. The Russians are proud of their ability to persevere and a strong equally nationalist president. Nationalism is the Brazilian people not wanting to auction off their country to the highest bidder.

Eroding nationalism erodes virtue, and the triangle falls.

In the last fifty years we have watched the systematic destruction of our country. As Dennis Miller stated recently, it’s as though a coup in America already happened and the people are too bleary eyed to notice. Wake up!

Freedom is being shred from our country as we espouse ‘freedom’. New York now recognizes 33 different genders… that’s not freedom. Blacks demand more money… that’s not freedom. Social Welfare is Socialism – that’s not freedom. Freedom means taking care of yourself. It means being self reliant and self responsible. It means having a means of employment, a place to live, and food on the table. The Constitution was about taking care of our people, our country, our freedom, our virtues and our faith. Rewriting the backbone that defines us is a type of pandering. The concept of majority rules, of an elementary school team actually winning, of education that is open and embracing of all thought would seem to have been quashed.

America was created for a reason. It was created on a faith. It held virtue as it’s greatest strength and freedom as its foundation. At the time, it was the ONLY country in the world to give these tenets to The People. And the world began to see the value in this way of life. Countries changed. It wasn’t that America was rooted in exceptionalism, it was that the ideas, the concepts, the structure was seen as good and valuable and worthy. Because it was ‘for the people’, as opposed to ‘for the government’.

And now people are attempting to destroy that ‘for the people’. The cost? Freedom. Virtue. Faith.

I listened to Geraldo describe the ideal President. His litany offered the ‘perfect human being’, without flaw, without mark, an inalienable being that could never be marred. It was ridiculous. Such a person does not exist. Perhaps he would like to put God on the ballot. And so we are left with flawed beings, and the virtue of their flaws must then be analyzed, diagnosed and evaluated.

Hillary Clinton and Trump are both flawed. But there is a difference between a flaw and acts of tyranny that would elevate us to the rule of a Monarchist or Communist regime.

Is that what we want? Choose.

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