SUDAN CRISIS: West Losing Africa to Russia and China

The Clashes in Sudan suddenly broke out despite no obvious instigation/rationale.   EXCEPT – for the fact that Russia and Sudan inked a deal in February wherein Russia would be granted the right to install a Navy Base in the port city of Sudan on the Red Sea.   The only caveat for the agreement was that the two military juntas, form a ratified government and legislative body.   Which suddenly became impossible.  

The two military’s in opposition include the Rapid Support Forces, RSF, and the Sudan Armed Forces, SAF.   Russia negotiated with and supports the para military militia – RSF. While the US supports the SAF Military which co-opted the couped Sudanese president, al-Bashir.

It thus is highly likely that the US contingent was unhappy with the Russia Agreement and incited an internal civil war in response.  

When giving their wholly unbiased view of the Sudanese uprising, CSIS offers a plethora of propaganda and classic media sewer spillage:   “The RSF is the successor force to the Janjaweed Arab militia forces that former dictator Omar al-Bashir organized to carry out his scorched-earth policies in Darfur in the early 2000s.” 

This delineation of Sudan’s issues, seem rooted in CSIS support of the Coup.   Reading about the ‘protests’ that led to the coup, one must face the indomitable reality that this was all created by US NGO’s.   Once AGAIN!

Why does the US want Sudan?

Rich oil reserves.   You know, that nasty polluting fossil fuel that must be eliminated from the globe…   The North & South split of Sudan was actuated by Obama.   The Sudan story seems to follow a linear path parallel to Assad in Syria. He was an ally and a friend of the US – until he was Not – and then the means of succession became – destruction and/or assassination.   CSIS/NED do not want Russia gaining traction in Africa because the elites want to make sure Africa’s resources belong to them!

In fact, if one were to research every major coup – the purpose would be found to be – enforced alignment with the US.

The first Vice President of Sudan was Dr. Garang, an agriculture economist who studied in the US including at the Infantry Officers Facility in Fort Benning, Georgia.   He believed in doing right by his people while also believing that the US government was honest in its motives.   A Fatal flaw.   He was assassinated in 2005.

Assad and Garang aren’t the only allies who suddenly became an enemy of the Cartel.   Putin was once upon a time embraced.   As was Xi Jinping.   The NED coup makers only tolerate those leaders who joyfully hand their country over to the Cartel for immediate absorption and re-education.   A Live or Die scenario that is quite James Bond. Your life will be spared if you Pledge Allegiance To The Cartel and to the annihilation of your People. Otherwise you and your country will be – destroyed.

In terms of resources, Sudan is considered one of the wealthiest nations in the world; OIL, gold, uranium, iron ore, chromite, black soil, gypsum, marble – and hydroelectricity!   Everything the future depopulated Elite require in a fair and equitable society of Monarchs and Peasants.

The West is running scared because African Leaders are beginning to see the disease that has overtaken western governments – and they want no part of it.   That disease makes for lost wealth. Recently the President of Namibia gave a scathing rebuke to Germany’s Diplomat, Norbert Lammert, telling him he was basically a fool for whining about Chinese in Namibia.   Last year Germany agreed to pay $1.1 billion in reparations to Namibia for slaughtering tribespeople. It appears Germany thought this would buy them a seat on the Africa Pyramid of elitism.   It didn’t.

Last year, Secretary of State Blinken butchered Rwanda over President Kagame’s infractions in human rights and democracy.   That didn’t sit well either given the state of America.   The Banana Republic of America is reeling in massive human rights violations and corruption within the government.   We have LOST our ability to ever again point a finger at any country!

Africa is now choosing China and Russia over the West.   Obama is losing his precious roots and Hillary has destroyed the rights of women.   Biden and family are hoping for a Ukraine windfall as another block of US cash is illegally redirected to Zelenskyy and Blinken is begging China to be our friend again while simultaneously blaming China for CoVid…

The Great RESET can never be attained because the Fools and Jesters have lost more than HALF the allegiances required to effectuate a global coup.   Klaus Schwab and Soros will die having never achieved their dream.   And the ONLY way to Save America is to “PURGE”.     Not just DC – but ALL NGO’s.