NICE France – TERROR Attack Again

Why is it that after every terror attack, the politicians tell us ‘not to be afraid’, not to give in to the terror and show fear?

In reality, it is fear that creates the adrenaline for vengeance. It is fear that sparks the outrage. It is fear that motivates us to defend ourselves. It is fear that ultimately manifests in a desire to right – the wrong! Fear is not evil – terror is evil! Fear is normal, judgment is normal, they are rational and have a place in the multitude of emotions that we embrace. They only become negative when they rule, they own us, they dictate us, otherwise they give us the ability to see our circumstances and make choices based on – reality.

The latest terror attack in Nice strikes home for me as my best friend was about to embark on a trip there in the coming weeks, and it will now forever be haunted by the blood and murderous rampage of madmen bent on one thing – killing.

Despite this attack, the California attack, the Paris attack, and the Brussels attack, our esteemed President would have us believe that ISIS is retreating and they do not pose the highest threat – that honor has been carved into Russia. The question continues to arise – why Russia? Why do we embrace Germany and Austria – despite Hitler? Why do we defend Japan despite WWII and Pearl Harbor, and yet, Russia is forever labeled the demon?

Why is it that we ask Russia, the demon, to help us slaughter ISIS, while the press denounces Russia as the real threat, the sanctioned communist regime? Communist Russia fell decades ago.

A recent article attempted to analyze this phenomena by rationalizing that its all about defense spending, we need defense spending to support our defense industry and justify NATO. And Russia is far more sophisticated in its weaponry and so therefore, we need to keep up with the proverbial – Joneses. ISIS, by contrast, slaughters, beheads, kills, maims, destroys, and annihilates entire villages, but they don’t warrant the defense spending that a potential China or Russia threat might provoke. So China and Russia become the chosen demons.

I think there is logic in this analysis, however, I believe it is far more devious, far more contrived, far more creation of a future outcome – as in setting the stage. ISIS is merely a fly to these people, something to swat, an annoyance, interfering in the larger play.

The story of Nice will fade and the topic of Russian aggression and China South Sea manipulation will once again become the mainstream – stream of thought. Which is, of course, the subliminal seduction of thought.

Still, despite all the obvious, despite the senseless murder of over 73 and counting, our politicians are hesitant to claim the attack was actually terrorism. They prefer to huddle, discuss options, and find a way to diffuse the situation so as to placate and belittle the intelligence of the people.

Why is ISIS tabled? Because they have the power to unite people, to overcome the ridiculous black/white diversity agenda that the media wants to exploit, and a united people defeats the purpose of the agenda – which is ‘chaos’. The obvious mantra – divide and conquer – is relevant today, yesterday and tomorrow, it is the one proven way to insert control.

So how do we defeat ISIS?

Easy. We UNITE. There is no country that doesn’t fear ISIS whether they have already infiltrated – or they will – and that FEAR will unite a solid force that can defeat the true enemy, the radical enemy, the enemy that we need to focus our attention on with the help of China, Russia, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Syria – defeat must be 100%.

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