Turkey Coup – Erdogan vs Gulen; A WWIII

Was the CIA behind the failed coup in Turkey?

It is no secret that Erdogan is unstable, an egomaniac, a loose screw that could unravel at any given moment. Prone to siding with whomever will give him the most revenue, he has no real loyalty except to the almighty $$$$$. Where the money goest, so shall Erdogan.

With the EU Commission backing down from the $6 billion bribe and the pinky swear promise not to ‘let’/send/push refugees out of Turkey to infiltrate Europe, Erdogan looked for his former ally to prop him back up – Russia. But Putin is no fool either and is well aware of the fickle mentality and the tactical games Erdogan is prone to play. Unfortunately, this time he may have lost the poker game altogether.

But nothing is that easy to unravel, the coup may have had the backing of Clinton who would seem bent on aiding Muslim countries who want to infiltrate Sharia Law.

A failed coup in 2014 did nothing to help in controlling Turkey, enter Fethullah Gulen, a former friend of Erdogan who himself saw the glory of potentially ruling Turkey. Enter the US and CIA who see Gulen as a possible alternative to Erdogan whose less strident more moderate interpretation of Islam seems better suited to a western control.

Immigrating to the US in 1999, Gulen placed himself in a self imposed exile albeit a busy one in which he continued to grow and influence a rumble of disunity among the Turkish parties. Controlling from a compound in Pennsylvania, Gulen’s empire consists of financial institutions, media, schools, universities, business enterprises, associations and foundations with budgets well in excess of $25 billion. (Think George Soros). His agenda is to target the youth, an agenda shared by Hitler and Obama. Corralling the youth is thought to be the fastest and cleanest way to achieve unilateral control.

With over 75% of the youth in Turkey attending Gulen’s schools, he uses them as a recruiting ground so as to indoctrinate and reestablish Islam in a Turkey that has become more secular. But his schools are not just in Turkey, apparently he has created over 140 charter schools throughout the US and hundreds more throughout France and Germany that advocate Sharia Law within a maze of quite obscure titles such as: Horizon Academy, Sonoran Science Academy, Lotus School for Excellence, Magnolia Science Academy, Harmony DC, New Springs Elementary School, Fulton Sunshine Academy and many, many more (the link of schools: http://turkishinvitations.weebly.com/list-of-us-schools.html)

He has also garnered assistance from members of Congress and from Hillary Clinton, having been a substantial donor to her campaign and to the Clinton Foundation.

But the Clinton-Gulen relationship is not recent, it dates back to the Bill Clinton presidency in which Bill was actually a headline on their website as a ‘friend and ally’ to the Gulen Movement.

What is the Gulen Movement, or Hizmet?

It is a movement that vows to capture the worlds view of Islam under one net, one umbrella organization that will rule all Muslims as one unit. Once all Muslims are harnessed and corralled under this umbrella – that would comprise over 22% of the world population. It is a segment of the whole, of the pie that would create a unified One World Order. Christianity comprises the largest world segment at 32%, Hindu’s at 14% and the secular non-affiliated at 15%. Given the harnessing of the seculars is pretty much an absolute, the false Christian churches are rising to claim the order of Christianity, and the Hindu’s are being sacrificed to chaos.

Gulen is to Islam what Soros is to the Mainstream. They are one and the same. They both are backers of Hillary Clinton. They both see themselves as heirs to the Kingdom of Earth.

While Erdogan is being laughed at by the media as making false testimony about Gulen, the Truth supports his allegations 100%.  So when we demonize Erdogan, we need to realize that he is the lesser of two evils. And the much larger picture is that of Fethullah Gulen who has quietly created a network that is incredibly vast, is rooted in the Soros agenda, is driven by Sharia Law, and who is protected surreptitiously by the CIA, Clinton and the US.

And if the coup had not failed, we would never really know until we found ourselves entrenched, our youth completely brain-washed and our society and culture quashed like mud.


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