Gun Violence An Airborne Disease – per the CDC

Is Gun Violence an airborne disease that is caused by say mosquitoes or ticks or virus’s?

Apparently, the CDC thinks so, because research into gun violence has been designated a part of their research and budget; as Center For Disease and Control, dedicated to the research of mosquito borne illnesses.

Currently, the ZIKA virus is making radical Landfall in the US… Just as the pharmaceuticals announce that they are inches away from a vaccine. Coincidence?

Timing is everything. In relationship, in business, in job searching, in winning a patent. It is all about timing. As the media ramps up fear of the Zika virus, a virus that has been in the US for over sixty years, the pharma’s are zapping up the potential profit greed as they see a new mandatory vaccine to add to the already 75+ mandatory vaccines, hitting the market in a lagging balance sheet of new margins. (when I was growing up, I think we got – four vaccines).

After attempting to alter potential cancer cures so as to create a patentable claim, and failing, the vaccine market keeps the Big Pharma industry afloat. If a cure is natural – it is not patentable, and thus is not pursued. In order for a patent to be a ‘patent’, it must contain elements that are not naturally occurring in the body. And therein lies the lie.

The CDC is a US funded organization within the Department of Health founded by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1946. In their beginnings, they were incidental in requiring that over a half million homes be sprayed with DDT, despite widespread usage, DDT has since been found to be a highly toxic cancer causing pesticide. Not a good resume item for the CDC.

In other words, the same CDC that advocates to eradicate birth defects, West Nile virus, avian swine and pandemic flu – have actually been the source of these same illnesses. So for us to now look to them for guidance in the vaccine against ZIKA, a virus that has been present for sixty+ years, does not make me feel all warm and fuzzy…

So what has the CDC done that is positive?

When looking at their own website, the accomplishments are allusive: improve health security – what does that mean? Better prevent leading causes of illnesses and injuries… what does that mean? Strengthen health care collaboration… whattttt? That’s it. That is the sum total of their own self lauding. And it isn’t very worthy.

What they would seem to be is a source of funding that does a lot of nothing.

With a budget over $7billion, they have actually done – nothing. What they have done is create an agency of employees and executives who are paid quite a sum of money to launch studies against – gun violence. WAIT! The CDC is now involved in the pockets advocating against guns? As in Guns are now considered a ‘disease’? Interesting….

Forget the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’, the Center For Disease Control, is spending our tax dollars on gun violence research. Whoa there cowboy. While Congress has banned and lifted the studies, the very fact that a Disease Agency funded for Disease Research of mosquitoes and such would shift their research to gun violence. Does this mean that gun violence is triggered by mosquitoes? By airborne diseases? Maybe. But the media would parlay that into a conspiracy theory at the same time that the government funds this same ‘theory’. As in – ooopppsss.

Is gun violence a product of disease? Is it linked to mosquitoes? Because, that would seem to be the conclusion of our government in opting to have the Center For Disease Control – research ‘gun violence’ and make recommendations.  And if this is a medical conclusion, how will it potentially affect future lawsuits of gun violence?  If it is labeled a ‘disease’ then it changes the outcome of both civil and criminal lawsuits – it changes the face of ‘guns’.

The ZIKA Vaccine?  Valued at $32 billion per year…  not a bad fraud take.

So we have multiple injustices being perpetrated within the the host CDC that will change the face of law in the US in such a way that we will never even know – what happened.

Unless, we say – NO.  Unless we say, WAIT A MINUTE!

Or just – HEY!

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