Turkey Coup – a US Failure?

Was the US behind the attempted coup against Turkey’s Erdogan? Because if we were and we failed – that is not a good line item on our resume.

Is that why we held our breath and were silent as the attempted coup progressed? Was it because we were sick of being blackmailed by a ‘lesser’? Was it because we needed to reign in and take a better account of our allies and our enemies?

Because, interestingly, as the EU Commission balked at paying the blackmail Erdogan was requesting to stop in the influx of refugees, he attempted to court Russia back into his good graces. He knew he had lost, and sought his enemy to be – his friend. But Russia watched and waited, they were not quite so hospitable any longer, Erdogan had played the sides with too much hypocrisy, his greed and agenda abundantly more and more clear.

Whilte the strategic position of Turkey is conceded by both Russia and the US, there is a breakeeven point, a point whereby the lines are no longer worthy of the mentality. Erdogan was such a ‘mentality’. His grandiose sense of self, his aspiration for a role in world dominance was tipping the balance.

Without making a political decision, the US attempted to make a political decision, albeit behind the scenes, instigate a military coup. Erdogan’s response? Round up everyone, assassinate everyone, and attempt to reignite a relationship with Russia, because his blackmails have fallen short on Europe.

And he is now – desperate.

Desperate men will do – desperate things. And most often those things are not rooted in rationale – but emotion.

He is demanding that the US hand over the man that Erdogan believes is behind the coup attempt, a man who once was one of his closest friends and allies. A man he once admired and revered, and who now he wants – dead.

Even if Erdogan is able to reinstate control, Turkey is dead, it is Syria, it will become the next victim of Middle East annihilation as it was a rogue element. Their economy will tank, their infrastructure will tank, ISIS will move in, and they will become the latest news item that no one understands.

I imagine Erdogan was warned. I imagine he was given ultimatums – multiple times. And I imagine his ego was larger than his ability and his people, his country, their life will now become the conquest, the agenda, the risk of his bet.

He had a choice. He could have embraced his opponent, or he could set in motion the ultimate destruction of his entire country, he could have chosen to fight his opponent, and in so doing, Turkey will fall. Not that it’s right, it simply is how the shadows play.

And each country believes, with all their might, that they can stand up to the shadows. Their ego gives them faith. But in the end, there are only two countries big enough, strong enough and convicted enough to defend against the shadows – China and Russia. Everyone else has fallen. They are the target.

Who will be the winner? I don’t know. I am merely a bystander.

It is so difficult any longer to be able to know who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. The cloaks have changed. The faces. The daggers. And sometimes, it seems that they are both playing the same stage. They smile as they execute the next act in a ten act play that is re-created every few centuries.

I believe in the inherent good. I believe that most of us are inexplicably confused by the barrage of disinformation we are plagued within a subliminal seduction of our minds. I believe that we have the ability to crawl out of this trap and sanctify ourselves. I believe.

Like Dorothy, we need to close our eyes to the false reality that we think is real, we need to focus on our instinct of Truth, we need to click our heels, and we need to ask God to deliver us from this place that is sucking us into the abyss.

What I do know? When we are told, ‘we can do anything we set our mind to’ – that applies to knowledge of Truth and Wisdom and God, a God that even Stephen Hawking thinks about every day of his life… when smashing protons in arithmetic equations…

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