BREXIT: The 39billion Pound Bomb

With 39billion pounds on the line, it is no wonder the EU Commission doesn’t much care if BREXIT goes forward with No Deal.   When in doubt, follow the money. 

While the UK ranks third in total contributions/membership fees to the EU, Net Contributions have ranged between 4.7billion pounds to 10.756 billion pounds. Thus with 39 billion on the line, it would take roughly 4-5 years to break-even, assuming a $0 interest rate.  The problem?  The UK has operated on a budget deficit for largely 65+ years with few exceptions, the most radical deficits occurring during the 2008 financial meltdown.

Problem?  The UK doesn’t have 39 billion pounds to give to the EU.

With the EU Commission facing a shortage of funds given the probability of BREXIT, at this point, taking 39 billion and running for the nearest tax free haven would not seem a bad idea.  It would also give them the necessary time to schmooze alternate countries into the Union such as Turkey and the Baltics to counter the lost annual revenue from a UK exit.

Given the recent whisper meeting between Juncker and Theresa May that may be exactly what was desired all along.

Theresa May has been in office since 2016.  In the UK the term of office is five years, ending 2021 which coincides with Merkels’ and is a year shy of Macron’s 2022 term end.  However, none of these officials are remotely popular and their stand-down, resignation has been called for by The People.  Theresa May could exit early if the BREXIT debacle doesn’t resolve according to the Will of The People.  But, I doubt she really cares.   Her legacy is already twalette water.

In contrast, The People in the US have not called for Trump’s resignation, that call has rigidly been made by DC Swamp reptilians from the Democrat and Republican Parties who see their Deep State monetary and power vacuum being sucked into oblivion.

The UK and Germany GDP growth rates hovering in the 1% category would put them on par with Haiti and Azerbaijan, ranking in the bottom 30 of 193 countries.   Not exactly a success story to write home to mama.  Women unite?   Hardly.

The Show, of course, the choreographed in-fighting, was likely staged and rehearsed two years ago with a scripted Act I, II and III resolving in nothing but chaos.  The implication that anyone in the UK Parliament actually gave a rats ass, is quickly waning.  They didn’t, don’t never have.

In the end, The Swamp that controls the UK, is likely speckled with layers of appointments as to who will be the lackey of the week ridiculed in the press, only to have that honor shift to the next idiot whose finances are secured in the offshore camps of various Panama Accounts awaiting the fall so that they can at last escape into their umbrella cocktails and mermaid prostitutes oblivious to the crash of proletariat servants.

May and Merkel will skulk into the sunset of their ever shrinking geriatric years on this earth, and Macron will be left, the lone wolf, flailing desperately as the tide breeches and he raises an arm to the sky, “Sacre Bleu!”  and disappears into the diaspora.

They are all dispensable in the globalist scheme, and they know it.   All they want is their island lifestyle to eclipse their dreams and make destroying their own countries, their homeland, worth it.

Meanwhile, a lone Trump is fighting beyond human comprehension to sustain The Politicians that abhor him in the US, to rise above the reptilian and piranha razing of flesh, and recreate a world wherein The People reign.  

Paradise Paper Caper – Who’s Who

The Paradise Papers have unraveled a web of offshore dealings far more intricate, complex and massive than the Panama Paper Caper. Comprised of over 13 million documents, the magnitude would appear to leave no one immune, but oddly, the headlines continually show Trump at the forefront as though he is the leader of the pack, when in reality, to date, he is not personally implicated at all…

In addition, headlines would tout the “massive dollars offshore accounts contributed to the Trump election”  through private means, ie, $60 million, while truly failing to headline that the actual leaders within the disclosures include; Credit Suisse, Soros, Apple, Facebook, Nike, Siemens, Google, Trudeau’s closest friend and Liberal Party fundraiser, Maciel, a Catholic Priest, Madonna, Bono, Chuck Schumer, and a host of Democrat mega-conglomerates.

It is interesting that despite the fact that Soros is a major donor and supporter of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) credited with releasing the trove, Soros and The Open Society were quite prolific in their offshoring…and have declined comment on their role.

Obviously plastering Trump’s picture on the trove is media deflection to protect the true sullied faces of Zuckerberg, Soros, and Urs Rohner, Chairman of Credit Suisse. Lest we forget, in 2014 Credit Suisse pleaded guilty to tax evasion and fraud and paid a $2.6 billion fine.   And Soros companies are mainly non-profits, therefore the true offshore evasion would potentially indicate that charities are not the recipients of his funds at all, but perhaps the money is funneled through intricate webs back to it’s source – Soros.

One of the more fiendish finds was the fact that numerous US universities have been hiding hordes of cash in offshore accounts all the while demanding huge subsidies from the federal government, raking students with increased tuition and fees, and defrauding their true financial picture.

Bush’s brother is named, The Queen of England is named, as well as Warren Stephens a conservative presidential donor who is behind massive ‘anti-Trump’ campaigns.

Putting Trump on the face of this leak is an obvious fraud and a rather lame intent to defraud, deflect and hide.

Guilt By Association is a collective concept that declares that members of a group can be held responsible for the actions of one. If we were to apply this same theory to Soros, that would imply that Obama, Clinton, McCain and a host of others should be heralded with their pictures splashed across headlines – as the offshore perpetrators.

While the actual use of offshore accounts is not illegal, sometimes they are used to circumvent the law and to launder money. It’s a black market of sorts in which organized crime finds a legal means to invest illegally obtained funds. They are used to hide assets and to evade taxes. Insurance and reinsurance companies are notorious for utilizing these havens, not just for their companies, but their executives as well make use of the advantage to avoid taxes.

Trump’s new tax reform addresses this evasion by offering a one time reprieve at a significantly lower tax rate for reclaiming into the US monetary system the trillions that are floating.

It would see that the same individuals advocating against Trump’s tax reform are the exact same ones who utilize this offshore evasion loophole. Because bringing that money back into the system will have an enormous positive effect on the economy – which would not boost the Democrat agenda.

So how do they defeat the revelations? Manipulation. The media is claiming that over 120 US politicians are implicated in the release and yet they reveal mostly those who have some relationship with Trump or the GOP Party.

While the journalists pour over the trove of 13 million documents, what is actually released to the public will most likely lean toward the agenda of the journalist’s media conglomerate… and not the agenda of Truth.

At least, that is what they are doing now…


Hollywood Backs Hillary – Money Flows

When did Hollywood actors become the mouthpieces of politics? We no longer call upon ‘experts’ to analyze our economy, our environment, our foreign policy, our race relations, we ask an actor. We ask someone who makes a living pretending to be something and someone they are not.

And I know more than a few friends who lap it up like candy.

It isn’t a new phenomena, beginning in the 1930’s when newsreels of WWII speeled propaganda at the masses. But those were created by the government, not Hollywood, they simply complied. So, when did being a Liberal become the popular movement in Hollywood?

The dominant attitude of the 40’s and 50’s was quite conservative, with a mere spattering of liberal views. At the time, the liberals were considered the minority, just a few ‘misfits’. But then a dramatic shift began to take place. Liberals considered themselves to be the ‘intellectuals’ the thinkers, the true artists, while everyone else were sheep. That sense of arrogance and pride spilled into the director chairs and the producer pockets and an elite was created. And with that elite, sex and violence on the screen were the only things that titillated their intellect.

These once ‘celluloid heroes’, suddenly saw themselves as harnessing global reputations, the masses gushed over them, and demi-gods were born. Beyonce is a high school drop-out who – sings. Kim Kardashian ‘attended’ high school – her ‘career’ was created by a ‘leaked sex tape’. DiCaprio dropped out of high school and ultimately got his GED… These are the liberal ‘intellectuals’ of today that profess to teach us about our environment, our world, our foreign relations.

It’s one thing to become involved in a passionate belief, it is quite another to be given a podium or platform to spew from without any formal education. There are good intentions – Angelina Jolie, who works and financially supports her causes, does a film to raise more money to put back into her causes. That’s admirable. I don’t have to agree with her causes, it is more about putting your money where your mouth is.

So why is this relevant?

Because Hillary and Obama continue to use these Hollywood prop-dolls and toys to advance their agendas. Meryl Streep, Sigourney Weaver, Paul Simon, Debra Messing, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, Longoria, Dunham, Banks and etc… etc.  My respect wanes.

The campaign attitude would seem to be, ‘if these Hollywooders like me, then you have to too’.    One ego feeds the other. But both Obama and Hillary run on the platform that they are just like you and I. They are ordinary people who just happen to hobnob with celebrities, who live in compounds with a force of security detail that rivals the Pentagon, who have offshore accounts hiding millions, and who create fake foundations to give the masses the impression they are philanthropic.

And while Hillary claims she will take on climate change (whatever that means) she demands private, super-sonic, spiffy jets for her daily convenience, lobbies against guns while requiring her massive security detail to pack guns, lobbies against campaign fundraising after raising about $375 million to date, denounces nepotism while openly stating she will put her husband into office if she is elected, has said that corporations and businesses do NOT create jobs but wants to prop up the manufacturing sector so they will add more – jobs, and basically advocates that every one of her plans that will cost billions upon billions – will be paid for by higher taxes… which she won’t pay because she will have transferred most of her wealth to offshore accounts.

As her Hollywood friends would seem to have done as well.

Such is the game – do as I say, not as I do…

Of course, the bottom line is money – and Hollywood has more than enough to go around. The top fifteen actors net worth is over $17 billion – of course their true value is not calculable given they hide money in – offshore accounts! But a dollar goes a long way in buying a minute of the President’s time or the promise of an ambassadorship, (the UN seems to be the plaza hotel for celebrities). Those with the mostest are given the biggest.

Sadder still is the fact that these demi-gods believe they are so much smarter than the masses that we don’t know they are prostituting themselves – buying a position and power.   I wish they were just celluloid heroes again…