FISA Docs Delay: Why are our “Allies”running scared?

Trump has delayed the unredacted release of key documents in the FISA Russiagate probe because of Justice Department concerns that the release would impact the Russiagate probe – negatively, and because ‘key allies’ requested Trump to not release the documents. 

What Trump is revealing is: a) key allies have knowledge of the contents of unredacted classified FISA documents – which, of course, they should not – and fear the potential reprisals.  And b)  The Justice Department fears that releasing all the pertinent information will reveal the Russiagate probe is filled with improprieties that could result in numerous warrants for fraud.

Which ‘allies’ are shaking in their boots, running scared?  Certainly the UK is high on the possible list given MI6 initiated the Trump Dossier. And why would an unredacted release pose a national security threat?

Given that the American people are being fed a continual mash of information that is the basis for forming opinions, for creating divisiveness, for sanctions against a country, for demonizing, and for calls for impeachment – wouldn’t any court of law deem that all evidence must be openly produced before a guilty verdict can possibly be asserted?

Normally, yes.  But when someone screams ‘national security threat’, it is like screaming rape.   The wheels stop.  Whether the statement is true or false.

Eric Holder is leading the scream podium.  Eric Holder is also busily working with Obama on a massive redistricting agenda across the US so as to create a greater Democrat base for the next election.  Therefore, it can be concluded that the release of the unredacted documents might upend future Eric Holder plans given that people who have skirted the law with the help of agents within the FBI and intelligence divisions, would be under renewed investigation….

If it is shown that MI6 was involved, then the UK will become the true Russiagate, given they were the real meddler in the US election process.  Would that result in sanctions against the UK?

But Trump referenced “allies”, plural.  So, which other countries possibly meddled?  Germany would be the most likely, given they have become the nom de pleu self chosen ones to rule all of Europe.

While Trump allows these allies to attempt to extricate themselves from the fallout, what difference does a day make?   Given the years…  What it does accomplish is the impression that Trump is acting in a reasonable manner while the left and these ‘allies’ react with desperation as they try and create narratives that detract from what is really happening.

The Kavanaugh accusation is a means of distraction.  No one really cares.  Boring.

Stormy Daniels was a means of distraction that had a hilarious ending – her attorney is running for President in 2020… no media hype there.

FISAgate, I imagine is much worse than Watergate.  It has the power to take down Clinton and Obama within a maze of lower pawns that will see themselves indicted.

However much money Blasey Ford was paid, I imagine she doesn’t think it was near enough any longer. I doubt she considered the intensity of reaction.

According to Chairman of the Judiciary committee, Bob Goodlatte, who has read the unredacted version of the 400+ pages, the truth is damning and the American people deserve know – everything. 

CIA – A Rogue British StepChild

The rhetoric coming out of defunct CIA Directors in slamming the release of the Nunes memo is that the ‘release’ has undermined the trust and respect and dependence that American citizens had for the CIA.   The shadow government is being cast into the light, the cloak of darkness shaken, and what is exposed is a rogue agency that was created, run, and operated to enhance One agenda only – A World Order wherein we are all virtual slaves to their Protocol of Truth.  

The precursor to the CIA was the OSS, Office of Strategic Services, created as the stepchild of British Intelligence during WWII, as requested by FDR and William Stephenson, a senior British intelligence officer. The unit was created, coordinated and informed from intelligence garnered from the British Secret Service – M16 and SOE. That would mean that the OSS, for all intents and purposes, was simply an extension of the British spy agency operating as a stepchild utilizing US taxpayer funding.

While the OSS is said to have come under the auspices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in WWII, FDR and Churchill created a Combined unit, the CCS, which was installed as the “Supreme Military Body” and tasked with strategic direction of the “British Empire”.   Therefore, all ultimate decisions came from Britain, including the initial alliance “with the Nazi’s”.

After WWII, the government had no definable reason to continue the OSS given it was sold to the US citizens as a wartime machinization.   The shadow government comprised of oil and banking icons, and by default Truman, felt that a unified post-war system should be introduced and thus formed the UN, NATO, National Security Council and the CIA.  Utilizing the media, which was predominantly then owned by the banking cartel, Truman sold his new organizations to the American people by creating an ‘evil’, the USSR.   Despite the fact that the USSR was an ally in WWII, suffered heinous losses, casualties and internal destruction, this flip-flop of alliance was necessary in order to fulfill the agenda.

The cabal’s wealth had grown exponentially during WWI and WWII, the Rockefeller’s, Chase, the Morgans, the Rothschild’s had all benefited quite nicely during their propaganda war efforts, but now it was necessary to combine that wealth so as to create the ultimate object – World Power.

Utilizing the CIA was their largest weapon.  

The CIA was created for one purpose – to operate as the covert military arm of the cabal.

Over the next 7 decades the CIA conducted coups and attempted coups in; Italy, Guatemala, Iran, Vietnam, Hungary, Laos, Haiti, Cuba, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Congo, Brazil, Indonesia, Greece, Bolivia, Chile, El Salvador, Australia, Angola, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Iraq, Yemen, Ukraine, and the Soviet Union.

Propaganda Operations were utilized to establish fake opinions including; MK Ultra, Operation Mockingbird, Operation Paperclip, Operation Phoenix, and Operation CHAOS, amidst many more unnamed to date.

While the CIA worked outside of the public eye, while the media continued to parlay a popularity ring, the corruption within was virtually either forgotten or blindly accepted. Kennedy has been charged with claiming he wanted to shred the CIA.   And x-agents have attempted to expose the corruption numerous times, only to be met with death threats, lawsuits and extradition.   This is the organization that Brennan, Comey, Clapper and Mueller condone as a respected part of the US government.

The notion that Truth undermines respect is basically saying that as long as US citizens believe in a fake ideal it is a worthy confidence.   And this fake confidence should not be disrupted with Truth…

The last Budget information available dates from 2013, wherein the CIA garnered over $15 billion in taxpayer funds.   M-16 takes in over $3 billion.   There are 16 additional spy organizations funded in the US government budget. And while the Empire may no longer be referred to as the British Empire or the US Empire, an Empire is being built – it just isn’t by or for who we might be led to believe.