Swamp Draining: Rosenstein Falls From Grace

Rod Rosenstein is in trouble.   And this time, I don’t think he’s going to rise above.   I think he just got taken down.   And anything that comes out of his mouth now, sounds quite like a whine, a whimper, a save me last ditch in that ‘I’ll give you everyone…’ loyalty.

The depths to which a person will go to avoid jail.  And yet it is quite commonly so that it is the same person who advocates for more and more jail time.   Without the chance of rehabilitation.  The same mouse who would sell your wife and children if it meant his own skin.

And everyone knows that when good ol’ Rod goes down, it is only a matter of time before the domino’s fall.   And deals are ripe.   Now is the best time to make deals, because in the short span of even a week, when the real information is released and names go down, deals will evaporate.

I imagine Washington is quite ensconced in sessions that lean way into the wee hours of the night til dawn.   You see, it isn’t just the names it is the entire agenda at stake.   And thus, it isn’t just money, it is the entire power structure that is wobblin’ tenuously.

I suppose the bottom line is the government’s lasting query, “Can the American people accept the Truth?” Because that premise has been the go to when questioned about the lies.  They believe we are better off not knowing because then we would spiral into the realms of Alice in Wonderland, and never find our way out of the rabbit hole. Ever.   And perhaps we are built on a stage, speaking lines created for us.  Perhaps … nahhhh.  I’ll take the truth any day.

You see, the worst part of the rabbit hole is the bizarre acceptance of deception.   Deception was a good thing.   Such was the conundrum.  I think I would very much have liked to have had the opportunity to sit and chat with Lewis Carroll.   Because, ultimately that was what he wrote about.

Not to mention C.S. Lewis. Another story.

The rabbit hole.  It is a world wherein one may ask such questions as, “if we were all once Catholics, and we are a derivative thereof, what difference does it really make?  As a friend said,  “Still the same God.”

And that stuck to me, like Babel, like what the heck – we are fighting over semantics?   Over the drivel of a few statements within the whole eclipse?  Or a bead, or an artifact, or – a drivel.  What a freakin’ waste of time.

Recently I wrote an article about charity and how people actually fight over which charity is better – theirs or yours?   Which Christian faith is better, yours or mine?  Does it really matter?   Or are some of us claiming to be judge and judger?

I understand the atheist millennial.  Because I was one.

I was a late bloomer I suppose.  Didn’t get challenged until well into my late forties.   Prior to that I was a naïve, uninformed, airhead, Democrat, who couldn’t even tell you what I believed in – other than nature. I’ve always been an advocate, and always will be…    Today, I hail an Independent with political leanings far right and environmental, far left.

And while I asked God a particular favor, a favor that – before I die, I would really like to love and be loved, just once.  In God’s vast humor, he chose to give me some interesting history.  And so, I am left feeling, maybe I just need to be more specific, more exact in my discussions with God, except that of course, he knows everything I don’t say, so when he gives me these quirks, it is just within the bounds of humor, like a baby brother’s joke – haha…   And maybe we really take God way to seriously.

I’m particularly caught up in the Reformation.  Because it means that every Christian after the Reformation accepts the same Bible as compiled and presented by the Catholics and Orthodox Greeks.   So if we all accept the same Bible, why do we continue to – Babel?

I know I sound naïve, but sometimes, the most simplistic answer can recuse the most complex problem. And as someone once asked,  “Does it really matter?”  And I came to decide – “No.”

And from there, we move on, in realms that are more current – detrimental – life encompassing!  I feel as though the media has us so tied up in the trivialities that reality is being ever more hidden and transposed.

So, full circle, Rod Rosenstein just found himself on the merry-go-round when the electricity went off.  When he goes down, the dominoe’s – they – do – fall…

And as promised, the Swamp, she is drying up.  Are we prepared for that reality?

Do you understand what it really means?

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