The CIA, Hollywood and Congress: Roots, Passports and – Blackmail

How much of Hollywood and the movie industry globally is actually ruled and controlled by the CIA and MI6?   How much science fiction does the CIA feed Hollywood that is actually real?   How is it a coincidence that JFK, Aldous Huxley and C.S. Lewis all died on the exact same day?   How is it that the creator of the PCR conflux, Kary Mullis, died just 3 months before the virus was released and he openly described his contempt for Fauci?   How is it that an EU Virus Passport was mapped starting in 2018, 3 years before the virus?   How is it that Epstein and Maxwell working FOR the CIA is common knowledge in the UK – and oblivious knowledge in the US?

While the deflection is that Hollywood is owned by Communist China – it would appear to be in truth yet another manufactured distraction by the CIA.

The purpose likely stems to the pedophilia and sex trafficking agendas of exploitation and the means to blackmail.

Romney appears rife with guilt.   McCain, Flake, Swalwell, Schiff, Graham, Roberts, Powell, the list dates back to – the beginning.

J.  Edgar Hoover.

Perhaps the most notable difference between Hoover’s blackmail FBI file which was a compilation of possible Communist loyalists, and present day blackmail, is that the CIA actually creates and initiates the means for blackmail, aka Epstein.   Set the fishing line, have good bait, lure them in, and when they bite – take pictures and videos for future needs.

I suppose it is a Plan to submit wherein all things are fake – manufactured – illusions – until the people – no longer know – which is reality – and which is the mirage…

Prior to the appointment of Allen Dulles by Eisenhower as CIA Director, all previous Directors were high ranking military.   Mired in decades of allegations of drug trafficking, the CIA was ultimately the focus of JFK who in 1963, the year he was assassinated, he declared that he would take down the CIA.   Because they were – completely ROGUE.

In essence, the CIA has been among the frontrunners of the Deep State/Cabal since its conception.   They operated as the shadow police – above prosecution, above the law.   Along with the Mossad and MI6.  They Are The Global MAFIA.

Using the propaganda of Hollywood to fix a manipulated message, the reasoning was obvious – people, groupies, will believe anything a Hollywood star says.   They have millions of followers, stalkers, crooners who truly believe that Hollywood is God’s Heaven.

If Epstein was working for the CIA – and Epstein owned most of Hollywood and Congress, that doesn’t leave a lot of good people in positions of ‘power’.   It would seem that those in Hollywood who scream the loudest likely have the most to hide;   Baldwin, Cher, DeNiro, Debra Messing, Roberts, Alysa Milano cookie, Jane, where is Jane, Penn, Looney – Clooney, etc… etc…etc…

And it is also somewhat common knowledge that the blackmail involves some sort of pedophilia.   Boys. Girls.   Other beasts.   There is also belief that human and child sacrifices are a part of the blackmail logs.

Which I imagine, is a bitch to manage.

Someone has to keep track of the perhaps hundreds of thousands of blackmail; documents, videos, evidence, testimony, messages… Which gives thought to – I wonder if there is a master list floating around in the ‘cloud’.   Hackers? Anyone?

Imagine owning the blackmail list?

Which brings us thru the backdoor to Cuomo.

Why is everyone turning on him – a devout evil person with absolutely no integrity, truth, honor, or positive quality, value or virtue – Cuomo?   The sacrificial lamb.   His ego got too far out of control.   Making too many mistakes.   A meeting was held. Cuomo was elected – the lamb.

He will fall and be eulogized as a man devoid of anything positive or beneficial to society.   He is a man so vacuous of humanity it is as though his brain is reptilian. And the transformation physically will erode what is left as the blackness of a hollow existence bruises and sours his literal flesh. A disease.   Evil is.

Chase Brandon was purportedly the ‘first’ CIA operative to infiltrate the entertainment industry on behalf of the agency.   His official title, “Entertainment Liaison Officer”.   His purpose?   To secure reliable sources within the industry that could be tapped at any moment for any length of time via a dangling participle – a compromising video.

And well Hollywood being so scrupulous and all, they were an easy yawn.

Politicians had more to lose.

Legacy. Prestige.   Reputation.   All goals completely devoid in the world of Hollywood.

And so, thus, the Operation was set into full tilt.   The damage to the Agenda would be measured by how far they were off the algorithms of success.   If the majority decried FREEDOM – that was not a positive for The Cult.   Which required alternate measures as outlined in Plan B.  Death.

The CIA’s strength – is also its weakness.

The people it courts may have money but they are not the brightest and thus much more prone to making really largess – mistakes. Blunders.   Denouncements to the Plan.   And that strength suddenly devolves into a – weakness.

An Achilles Heal.   Don’t forget!

As for Politicians, well, they may have a law degree, but the don’t know squat about anything outside of Washington Politics – and that makes them falter, misstep, and fall on the tarmac.   That is their Achilles Heal.

The CIA relies on idiots. There has to be a good Mark Twain  in there somewhere…   And yet, while I think the idiots could easily be beaten should a rebellion rise, there shifts back to the very distressed John Kerry proclaiming that his carbon footprint is meaningless and something very devastating is going to happen in ‘9 years’.   Not ten. Not five. Not an even number.   More like a prophesy fed to him. From somewhere.

And I think we need to be paying attention to that…and see, what else, they give. Because there are always specks of truth in every lie!

Politicians – Lawyers Ethical Training To Lie.

In a recent conversation about politicians, a woman stated that it was too bad that University Professors didn’t run for office, because they are educated, level headed and far more worthy of the ruling title…  I sat perfectly still.

I don’t think she thought through her comment, nor do I think she has read of the scandalous commentaries emanating from haranguing, unbridled, anger spewing professors under the guise of ‘freedom of speech’.   The latest coming from a Georgetown University Associate Professor who took to Twitter to vomit her rage with expletives and behavior that might align with a three year old having a tantrum at the candy line in the supermarket checkout line.   BLECH!  According to the American Psychiatric Association, her rage, intolerance, anger, odd behavior, and illogical thinking would qualify her as mentally unstable.   Unsuitable.  Can we Impeach Professors?

Georgetown’s response, “We don’t approve or endorse every statement made by our faculty members…”  for a law school – that’s pretty lame.

Of course, should anyone take a gander at some of the crazy UK Parliament sessions, they quite parallel this Professor multiplied by 20+.   It used be that someone who spoke and acted in such a way was immediately carted off to ‘anger management’ classes, their tongue a fork of bitter evil. A psychiatrist might declare they have no ‘filter’.

Nothing could be more humorous than this Professor’s particular area of expertise:  Peace and Security.  She is pro Drone strikes in Pakistan, and has been critical of Human Rights Watch (the Soros funded organization), which makes her statements even more illogical and odd.  A Socialist Hawk?   She was charged with slander by the German government, and has been charged with exhibiting bizarre and errant behavior for many years.  Still, Georgetown embraces such characters as do most universities…

While my colleague’s statement may have been true once upon a time, I can’t recall when it would apply, it has been that long.  I can’t comment on my own professors, I went to school for finance and although it was in DC, politics were not a source of discussion in colleges.

I can attest to the fact that my middle son nearly dropped out of college in Boulder due to the hideously rampant bias of professors in grading based on your religious and political beliefs.  And I can also assert that another son attending college in Fort College attempted to vote on campus when Obama was running and was told by multiple onsite tables that unless he supported Obama, he couldn’t vote there….

There was a time when Hollywood was predominantly Catholic, and there was a time when our school educators – educated.   Those days are gone.  But this evolution does presuppose what industry will be infiltrated next.  Where will the next coup originate?  Will it be our hospitals – will they turn away anyone who is not Liberal?   Maybe Amazon will announce that only Liberals may buy from their site? Grocery Stores?   At what point is the truth realized?  Maybe gas stations will ban all conservatives, or harangue them at the pump?

At what point does the unfestered bias without a filter go too far?   When the mark is on our forehead?

While employers cannot legally fire you for your political leanings, they are free to create false justifications for firing you when in fact their truth is perversely hidden.   Ethics are dead.   Our allies are truly our enemies, and our enemies are our friend – in our neighborhood, at work, in our country, in our world.  And those people we thought were friends we find are our biggest threat to sanity because they represent betrayal.

The mentality isn’t what can I do to be honest, the mentality is how can I lie so that it is unprovable and I am safe?  “How can I protect myself even though I am guilty as sin?”

I don’t follow that mindset. I am the type A that would spend weeks attempting to right a wrong.  I am infamous for writing the CEO of a company because they over-charged me by $46.   It was a matter of “Principle”.    I believe I am an anomaly.  And every time I think I am not, I am proven to be – again.

So using the same psychiatric checklist to determine what comprises a mentally unstable person, why would a person succumb to lying, cheating, and failing basic principles of ethics?

One of the more heated debates is the fact that Liberal woman are ragefully attacking any woman who is not Liberal.   Demonizing. Vilifying.  It is beyond normal opinion, and has morphed into a rant of death threats and assault.  And while the Liberals are not alone in this, they are by far much more demonstrative in their verbal abuse and threats of even physical assault.  They are much more likely to fire employees, rant abusively on Twitter, and in public.

Dialogue, communication, tolerance, the memes they espouse, are suddenly no longer available or utilized.  And instead, they assert a tone, a defense, a reality of destruction without consideration to the ramifications.


Because, as near as I can tell, they really don’t care.   They don’t care who they destroy, why, how, when, or wherefore.  Their only concern is for ‘self’.  It is the ugliest evolution imposed and served to us on a silver platter by psychologists, media, television, and reams of ‘self-help’ books. Everything became “Me”.  And now the “Me’s” have no concept of anything – else.

In the end, I suppose the hard lesson to be learned is that the mentality today is every man/woman for himself, no matter the cost.  And all the values and morals we used to believe in without thought, are radically gone.

The adage, ‘let the buyer beware’  has taken on a whole new meaning… and it ain’t pretty.

Most of our politicians were once upon a time – lawyers.   The Swamp predators.  Their entire education, their mindset, has been predicated on convincing a jury that their client, who is guilty as sin, is really the victim and just needs a hug. And after a while, their ethical morality just doesn’t exist any longer.

Educators?  Their education, their mindset, is predicated on the notion that they are superior beings and that everyone else is an imbecile. And after a while, they begin to see themselves as demi-gods wherein they are the only righteous ones, the only ‘right’ ones, everyone else is beneath them.

So who would make a good politician?