Presidential Executive Orders

As elections loom for 2020, Democrats are going to have to answer for their accomplishments since taking over the House majority.   Fixated on Trump demonizing, they have failed to actually do much of anything of importance.   While Congress typically averages the passage of 758 bills per session, a total of eighteen bills have been passed this year, including:

1)   Seven extensions of previous bills

2)   Two bills to further budget appropriations

3)   One bill to recognize a ‘reference’ as a bill

4)   A bill to clarify the pay of VA podiatrists

5)   A bill to authorize the honorary appointment of Robert Dole to colonel

6)   A bill to change the address of a postal facility designated in honor of Captain Humayun Khan

7)   A bill that directs the Secretary of Education to recognize school employees award program

8)   A bill requiring the Secretary of Interior to process agreements regarding Colorado River drought

9)   A bill to expand public target ranges in some states

10)   A bill to compensate federal employees affected by lapses in appropriations

11) A bill to amend the charter of Future Farmers of America

That’s it folks!

In essence what this highlights is the fact that the bigger the government, the less that is accomplished.   Immigration, infrastructure, Medicare, Healthcare, those issues that are most pressing according to The People, are blocked by the House through Pelosi and Schumer.   The only way Trump can bypass the moronic is through Executive Order.

During Clinton’s term he issued 364 Executive Orders.   George Bush issued 165 Executive Orders. And Obama issued 215 Executive Orders, but altered history by utilizing Executive Memorandums as a means to circumvent public outcry. As such, Obama asserted a historic 644 Executive Memorandums and 1186 Presidential Proclamations through January 19, 2017. A vast number of Obama’s orders included the establishment of new agencies within the government including; Office of Urban Affairs, National Economic Council, Economic Recovery Advisory Board, Council on Women and Girls, Office of Health reform, Commission for the Study of Bioethical issues, Council of Governors, etc…, etc…

Despite the fact that even the most liberal within government agree that Obama crossed the threshold of legality in many of his Executive Orders and Memorandums, these transgressions have gone without consequence.

Trump has signed 109 Executive Orders and 42 Executive Memorandums.

Of course, one of the more controversial executive Orders issued by Obama was the Iran Nuclear Deal and the billions in payments to Iran including a massive interest rate for funds held due to sanctions.   The deal was administered and signed by then Secretary of State, John Kerry. The same John Kerry who maintains a majority of his wealth in offshore tax havens, and the same John Kerry who has been found to be secretly meeting with Iran government officials promising to reinstate the Iran Nuclear Deal, despite this being potentially in violation of the Logan Act.

Enacted in 1799, The Logan Act criminalizes anyone negotiating with a foreign government having a dispute with the United States. In addition, Kerry avoided a $500,000 tax bill on his 76 foot yacht by docking it in Rhode Island instead of his home state of Massachusetts.   A move that was seen as rather hypocritical given his continual cry for imposing ‘higher taxes’.

With 23 Democrat contenders for President in 2020, citing their accomplishments for The People as opposed to their personal gains will likely become a dominant debate.

Despite the more obvious issues abounding, Democrats continue to state as their top priorities:

Kamala Harris:   justice for immigrants, blacks and LGBT

Joe Biden:   A mini New Green Deal, anti-Trump and Make America Great Again

Cory Booker:   Anti-lynching, carbon tax for climate change, and rental control

Bernie:   free everything for everybody including all illegals present and future

Buttigeig:   Medicare for all who want it, Green New Deal, LGBT rights

Of course Medicare for all who want it is essentially the package of socialist medicine for the middle class, while the elite will continue to embrace their own private health insurance. LGBT rights are already essentially in effect.   The New Green Deal is scary given the Roosevelt New Deal was administered via Executive Order…   And justice for immigrants is a bizarre concept that bears a load of question marks.

Unfortunately, none of the candidates espouse anything that would make them unique with attainable goals.   But they are united on one common goal – demonize all things Trump and all Trump supporters.

Orlando LGBT Massacre By Islam

Saudi Arabia (another Clintonite pocketbook) punishes homosexuality with death, fines flogging, life imprisonment, chemical castration and/or torture. But it isn’t just Saudi Arabia, this method of punishment is also held by the UAE and Qatar, Algeria hauls out the vigilantes to take care of it, in Kuwait homosexuality is considered debauchery and punished by up to 6 years in prison, Iran offers fines, torture, lashings, imprisonment and death, Egypt gives you up to 17 years hard labor in prison, in Iraq, despite homosexuality being technically legal, vigilantes typically execute the person and the crime is not prosecuted, and in Pakistan 17 years to life is strictly enforced.

Bottom line? This is not just a radical ISIS attitude, this is a Muslim attitude!

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Algeria, Oman and Qatar have ALL donated to the Clinton Foundation. That would indicate she supports their rules of law, and their enforcement of those laws – including death for LGBT’s.

So, does this radical murder carnage reflect the values of Clinton? It would appear so – when she isn’t crossing her fingers behind her back and blinking rapidly, sweat pouring, did the mic in her ear just get turned off…Clinton.

Would it be different if ‘assault rifles’ were illegal?  Would it change the mentality?  Would it change the desire to slaughter and kill?  No.  When the desire is there, the will finds a way.  Homemade bombs – suicide vests – glocks – and then of course there are gangs, drug dealers and importers that would always oblige for a price.

Would background checks have changed anything?  Maybe.  Again, the underground is alive and kicking.

What would have changed this outcome?  Better FBI …

So exactly how is it that a radicalized Muslim extremist who was on the FBI watch list and was just a year ago arrested and released, how is it that he was able to pass the tests to get a job as a security agent for G4S and licensed for guns?

G4S is a London based security company operating in 125 different countries and raking in over $6.8 billion annually. The stock dropped 5% today and will probably be hit hard as lawsuits converge. Hopefully they have good insurance because they are going to need it to defend their employee – Omar Mateen who just shot over 100 people, killing 49.

According to their latest statement in which they are attempting to deter the obvious class-action lawsuits, they have stated that Mateen was the subject of rigorous checks by ‘a US law enforcement agency’, and detailed screening as of 2013. Of course, he was ‘off duty’ at the time of the mass murder spree.

Their biggest faux pas occurred in 2012 when they were hired to secure the summer Olympics and failed miserably. Inadequate training of staff is a joke – they sent in female teenagers when their own workers simply did a ‘no show’. Ultimately, they sent in 70% of the contracted security team and called it a day.

Recent controversies involving the company have included allegations of use of immigrant-detainee labour in prisons, allegations of misconduct in child custodial institutions and allegations of police telephone data manipulation.”


They claim that all their security agents are ‘well trained and certified’. They claim that their ‘seasoned officers’ are either of a military background, law background or higher education background.

But that apparently did not apply to Omar Mateen. Or maybe ‘higher education’ has different meanings in the security biz, because according to his profile, he had a two year Associates Degree. And despite the fact that he made the FBI watchlist twice and was suspected to be affiliated with an American born suicide bomber in Syria – apparently that meant he was cleared to buy guns.

How? Well apparently, Florida has some pretty lax laws with this regard, it would appear that anyone over 21 can buy a gun – no fingerprinting and the background check is a farce described as a ‘demographic profile’. That means – they don’t profile or background check the individual – just his generic profile (age, address, color, religion, etc…) using a random sampling…

Why is this NOT a hate crime?  Because we are not in a movie plot, this is real life and the bad guys right now happen to be Muslim, following their tradition, invoking Sharia Law, and defending their faith the way they have been taught.

Homosexuality in the Middle East – in Muslim nations is a crime punishable by death.  Period.