Hillary Corruption: “The Italian Job” A CIA Glitch

A CIA agent is being prosecuted in Italy for following orders – and the CIA, the President, the State Department are completely totally silent. Why? Because she, Sabrina de Sousa, is implicating Hillary Clinton in turning her back on a female agent of the US during her tenure as Secretary of State and doing absolutely nothing to protect and defend her. Not only is this indicative of Hillary’s role in the State Department, this is indicative of a woman snubbing her female counterpart.

In the magical, fantasy, nether world of Hillary Clinton, she believes that ignoring this woman and allowing her to languish in prison for up to six years, is by far more honorable than actually righting a wrong and giving her immunity.

And that is exactly how she will treat you and I.

Osama Mustapha Hassan Nasr, better known as Abu Omar, a radical Egyptian cleric whose fiery anti-American speeches in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 attracted the attention of the CIA, was abducted by the CIA, detained and tortured.

In 2009, de Sousa appealed to Hillary in a letter drafted by herself and her legal team after the Italian government decided to charge 22 agents implicated in the CIA operation. Hillary never responded.  De Sousa would be the only agent to actually serve a prison sentence as a result of these charges even though her ‘purported’ role was relatively insignificant – a role that she adamantly denies.

The Italian Job, as the rendition was called by the CIA, involved the capture of extremists, their extradition to another country, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Morraco, Afghanistan, Poland and Uzbekistan, where they would be ‘detained and tortured’. This CIA methodology began immediately after 9-11. It was during this time that Syria aided the CIA, and Assad was our good buddy…

One agent was quoted as saying that if you want serious interrogation you send the detainee to Jordan, if you want them tortured send them to Syria, and if you want them to permanently disappear, you send them to Egypt.

While this CIA tactic went on for years, and a number of agents were charged in absentia, only one, Ms. Sabrina de Sousa, will be the scapegoat as the State Department and President have turned their backs.

I imagine this would not go over well with the female voters should they become aware of exactly how supportive our female Democrat elect has acted in ‘reality’. It is no different than Hillary’s comment about the Benghazi victims, “what difference does it make, they’re dead.” To Hillary, de Sousa is ‘dead’.

I remember a saying years ago that was applied to the mafia. “There is no honor among thieves”. The purpose of the saying was to show that honor can only be attributed to those who are of a respectable nature. The quote actually originates as a reference to the Bible; Proverbs 21:10-11. It would seem to embrace the attitude of Hillary in rebuking her responsibility to defend and honor agents of the US that were working within the scope of their duty as assigned by the President.

Osama Mustafa was no gem. He was involved with an Islamic organization that successfully over-threw the Egyptian government of President Morsi, the murder of Anwar Sadat, and the November 1997 Luxor Massacre in which 62 tourists were gunned down and butchered with knives. It was determined that Osama bin Laden financed the massacre.

But hey, let’s make sure to defend this man and let the CIA agent – burn.

So why is Hillary mum? Because for her its just politics.. and lives, well they are secondary to her agenda.