Trump vs DeSantis Distraction. COP27 = Climate Migration & Reparations

Once again the Deep State reveals their lack of intelligentsia acumen and is making a fatal flaw!   Trump attacks continue unabated.   And like Ukraine, the fools are using up all their weapon stash early while the real battle has yet to be waged.

Feigning a DeSantis win, the left is relying on a social media tool that is no longer viable – propaganda.   The election is nearly two years ahead, and despite spending the last 7 years attempting to demonize and criminalize Trump – every single attempt backfired miserably.   The result?   Voters on the fence jumped down into MAGA territory.

With mic-drops of Pelosi and Schumer congratulating each other on their partnership takedown of all things Trump, with the MUSK Twitter dump revealing the FBI thought censoring MAGAt’s was more important than actually catching murderers, criminals, the pedophiles, and the child sex traffickers, their position is crumbling.   And despite all the supposed military leftist generals and thousands of intelligentsia at the disposal of the Deep State, diligently colluding to take out Trump – the lone wolf remains standing & intelligentsia looks more and more like a contest between dumb, dumber and dumbest.

This is Their Version of Winning.   Let The People Be Damned.

The “Criminal” charges being recommended by the Jan 6th Committee are rather lame – as expected:

  1. Trump was repeatedly told he lost the 2020 election, promoted false claims of fraud anyway, and then tried to pressure government officials to overturn the election
  2. The potential misleading of campaign donors, who the committee said had been led to believe they were supporting election-related litigation when the money, in fact, went to a pro-Trump PAC.
  3. The Committee subpoenaed five republicans and none complied…
  4. The committee wants lawyers affiliated with Trump disbarred…
  5. The panel has described top Trump administration officials as improperly focused on securing Trump’s reelection at the expense of their official responsibilities.
  6. The panel is scrutinizing the secret service actions around Jan 6th.

The only charge that really involves Trump is #1.   However, pressuring people is NOT criminal – otherwise every member of Congress would be in Gitmo.   But the mere act of referring these incredibly lameduck accusations after two years of investigation costing $10million while NOT fulfilling their obligations and duties in office, should be the criminal charge!

The Polls being cited as proof positive that Trump would lose to Biden and DeSantis, is a Propaganda Tool that is so perverse as to be funny!   The “Polls” are not polls but online surveys wherein there is no control of who, what or how.   Using a classic 1000 person attribute, cherry picking the answers, and then releasing the data as though it is representative has the same impact Cher threatening to move to Canada…

So what is the Reality this ridiculous Distraction hopes to shroud?

COP27 finally came to an end with all in attendance agreeing that countries which most egregiously add to climate catastrophe will pool $100 billion annually that will be redistributed to those countries whose carbon footprint is negligible.   Climate Reparations.

Apparently, nothing has been done to reduce the continued warming, time is running out, and taxpayer money spread around amongst elites will solve nothing, aka everything.

Other initiatives of COP27 include:  

  • Adaptation Agenda – racial injustice in climate.
  • AWARe – promotes sustainable inclusive water…
  • Carbon Market Initiative – is about using mind control hype and propaganda to achieve a group think along the lines of lizard brain usage.
  • Insurance Adaptation Agenda – is about regulation, modeling risk, and insurance rate hikes for everything deemed a climate risk.
  • Global Renewables Alliance – a committee which will aid in the transition from fossil fuels to renewables
  • First Movers Coalition – the replacement of asphalt roads with cement

ALL these Committees require new budgets, more money and more employees.   ALL these committees will spend the vast majority of their time doing nothing but making reports.   ALL of these committees come under the auspices of the UN.

Climate changes.  SCIENCE and climatologists have reported on this phenomena for multiple decades, dating from the beginning of time – roughly 5trillion years ago give or take a standard deviation of +/- 95% . The Scientific Consensus for nearly every ancient or historical civilization ‘moving’ or ‘disappearing’ is ‘climate change’.

The previous Gates science of literally “Changing Climate” has catastrophic effects on nature’s natural evolution process.   We have definitely muffed it!   But the muffing wasn’t carbon or cow farts, it was manipulating weather patterns.   They GOOFED.   Therefore, the true solution is ‘move’.

Instead, our egocentric determined deep state mafia wants to evacuate those countries which it deems will support survival – for them.   They call it migration.   When analyzing which countries the deep state deems will host the greatest survival ratio, look to the countries the same deep state is evacuating – Central America, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, and Africa.

By contrast, the countries the deep state envisions will be uninhabitable – look to the countries they are destroying; North America, Europe, and The Middle East.

Responses to Other UN Initiatives:
#2.   They desperately need Russia’s Lake Baikal – world’s largest freshwater lake by volume.  #1. 3. 4. 5. 6. – HYPE. However, the infrastructure of African and South American countries, the agriculture, and the fossil fuels need to come under the jurisdiction and control of the Powers.   And this shortfall needs to be the last drive to bankrupt every last citizen who is not on the LIST toward this end.   Forced Migration.


Trump & DeSantis?   DISTRACTIONS.

4 thoughts on “Trump vs DeSantis Distraction. COP27 = Climate Migration & Reparations

  1. Yes, distractions like getting left and right at odds, CRT, groomers, and the other stinking claptrap they are foisting upon the gullible. They successfully got the regressives whpine for the days when somebody takes the burden of actually thinking (or even praying!) from them and tells them what to do. Mask up, use two masks, no make that three, don’t get too close too anybody, especially your Grandma, no kissing (except for one-nighters), take the jab so you don’t get covid, okay, now take the jab so you don’t get covid worse, take the jab so you can keep your job.

    All of that was to get the eyes of the Tea Party, Occupy, blacks and whites off of the monster billionaire oligarchs like Soros, Bill Gates, and the Swamp in Washington, and the execution of their plans to destroy the USA and kill the economy, and kill the hoi polloi with the jab and its secret ingredients in numbers that at Black Plague scale.

    God is not mocked. Sow and reap. God will collect. Even of the Beast it says in Daniel 11, “he shall come to his end, and none shall help him”.

  2. There are a number of reasons, I think, Trump is likely to have lost favour with the electorate. The first being his connection with those who cannot be trusted – Zionists. Even his own family is heavily connected in this area. The 2nd being his very strange turn around in regard to vaccination. ‘Operation Warp Speed’ was a catch phrase of his. It made no sense to me that throwing money at a particular medical conundrum would somehow solve the problem. Apparently, it does in Trump world, or so he would have us believe.

    Look, I would love for Trump to become president of the US again, but only if he is true to his word; but, let’s face it, the world he inhabits relies on the perpetrators of all the conflict around the world to an nth degree. He is a money man after all.

    Desantis has spoken out about vaccine injuries. Do I trust Desantis for that matter? Nope, sorry, I don’t. Every sod under the sun is compromised, if you ask me, if they are players on the western nonsensical political arena. Why? Because these are the only people allowed to be so, as long as they are compromised in some way.

    Call me skeptical, call me paranoid, whatever. I don’t trust anyone these days. I trust Nigel Farage, though.

    How the hell do you stop the rollercoaster to oblivion we are on, I would like to know?

    Keeps me interested in life, though, which is probably the main thing at my age (65) 🙂

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