Our Universe; A Hologram of Reality Within 1 of 6 Dimensions

I am now labeled a Marxist because my anarchist view is the belief in PEACE.  

Post WWII when the CIA covertly brought Nazi’s to the US and planted them inside our most secretive military installations, the onset of the ideology of transhumanism was born.  Altered brain behavior was trialed by the CIA utilizing techniques adopted from the Nazis.  Conspiracies proven true under code names that became a part of the Church Committee investigation that included not just the CIA, but NSA, the IRS, and the FBI as well.

The ultimate purpose was to alter human behavior.   To create minds that could be bent by machine.  To effectively, eliminate humanity as it is known in its present existence.  A new species.  Bred and born of slavery.   A species that would never revolt.   Never question their lack of humanity.  Wherein death was simply a switch turned – off.

While the transhumanist’s declare the purpose is to expand the physical and mental power of a human, the lesser expounded values include;  1.  greater productivity – people will work as an automaton.  2.  Nonsensical things such as vacations, travel, art, writing, music etc… will no longer be necessary within a virtual reality of existence.  3.   Conversation and applied thought will become unnecessary as our feed dictates.

The Trans Movement is simply another experiment in redefining humans into nonhumans via mind and physical trauma.   Having perfected the behavior transformation disguised as Big Pharma, the AI evolution is designed as the final stage with an end date of – 2030.

Despite the Church Committee findings of rampant torture, corruption, and abuse, none of the intelligence agencies or personnel were charged with a crime.   And despite pinky swearing to cease and desist from these criminal actions – they expanded exponentially.   Including biowarfare against every citizen across the globe via diseases, vaccines, and prescription medications.

Havana Syndrome is simply another CIA intelligentsia trial to deactivate brain function via sound waves or pulsed microwaves, or laser technology.  Despite claiming the syndrome was caused by the Cuban government, the US intelligentsia later retracted that statement claiming it was not initiated by foreign adversaries.   Since then, the entire conspiracy faded rapidly as some turned their fingers on the CIA and the issue was shelved.

Much of the work performed for our intelligence agencies is commissioned and coordinated thru NIH, Stanford University, Johns Hopkins, DARPA, Salk Institute, the Allen Institute, the Kavli Foundation and The Rockefeller Institute.

One such development that was sponsored by the US intelligentsia and the Kavli Foundation is ‘terahertz’, a nonionizing form of radiation that can cause damage/death to cells and DNA and has been shown to alter behaviors at high powerAka, Havana Syndrome and aggressive behavior syndrome.   “Terahertz-based EW systems can potentially disrupt or disable enemy electronics by generating high-power, directed energy pulses that can cause physical damage or induce temporary malfunctions.”

Since the closure of the Church Committee, the power of the US intelligence apparatus merely expanded exponentially until it became the blob covering planet earth.   In 2021, Johns Hopkins spent $3.18 billion on R&D.  Total R&D spending by Universities was $90 billion, the vast majority of which is taxpayer government funded.  NIH spends over $30 billion on R&D.   Amazon spent $73 billion.  The DoD spends $96 billion. The 2022 US government budget for R&D was over $171 billion.  Black Book Accounting….

In 1978 one such experiment created by the DIA in collaboration with the CIA was called StarGate:

“Drawing on ideas of quantum entanglement, the report claims it may be possible for human consciousness to profoundly alter the universe since reality is holographic projection; the part encodes the whole. In this understanding of reality, everything is deeply connected in a matrix of interconnected energy vibrations, from your consciousness to the depths of the universe.”

A form of – Gestalt.

The Project focused in part on ‘Remote Viewing’.  While the official statement is that RV was discontinued in 1995 as a failed experiment, an NIH paper released June 2023, discusses its ongoing research and the empirical evidence of – success.

In 1983, the CIA created a paper discussing the Gateway Process.  US Government once attempted to research “altered states of consciousness,” using brain hemispheric synchronisation, or “Hemi-Sync” techniques.  The purpose was to separate from the hologram reality and escape restrictions of time and space.   And contemporary theoretical physicists say the holographic universe theory is not only entirely possible but a probable explanation for our universe at large.

The Holographic Principle

The holographic principle, first proposed by Nobel prize-winning theoretical physicist Gerard ‘t Hooft, is one of many theoretical explanations of our reality.  Hooft is a Dutch theoretical physicist whose work has concentrated on gauge theories, quantum gravity and black holes.  Gauge theories encompass dimensional regularization and holographic principles.

“The three-dimensional world of ordinary experience––the universe filled with galaxies, stars, planets, houses, boulders, and people––is a hologram, an image of reality coded on a distant two-dimensional surface.”  It was from this theory that the ‘flat earth’ concept was created, albeit without the entire scientific philosophy attached.

The concept of the Holographic Principle was combined with the CIA’s Gateway research to discover how to breech the hologram reality and see what is reality.   Enter CERN.   In 1997, the US entered Observer Status with CERN in a $531 million agreement package.  The same ‘string theory’ that was used to support the Hologram phenomenas espoused by Hooft, was also applied by CERN.  The ultimate discovery  revealed there are at least 6 dimensions of reality.  These six dimensions may be opened to the naked eye via the Gateway Process.

May 2023, CERN announced it had opened a portal into another Dimension.

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  1. “Set-up, like a bowlin’ pin, knocked down, it get’s to wearin’ thin, they just won’t let you bee-eee.
    Truckin’ G.D.

  2. Well, let’s arrange to move all of the nefarious and noxious members of government and other oppressive institutions into that other dimension so they can leave us alone to live our lives in peace.

  3. Clif High’s latest is that the whole UFO story will explode in early April…we’ll see. Per Clif, sightings have increased by 10X+ since 2021, with accelerated activity in 2023. Sure dovetails into the CERN Announcement.

    Remember well the CERN “dedication” ceremony. Beyond weird. Satanic, to say the least.

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