Israel’s Slave Trade & The Pentagon’s Failed Audit

The Construction industry in Israel is short 100,000+ workers because they fired all the Palestinians in the labor market.   Now they are looking to replace the Palestinians with Indian laborers as in Israel’s slave trade, an ongoing trafficking business that has existed for over 30 years.   Common in the Middle East, Israel sought the same leverage of underpaid, undocumented, trafficked labor from eastern Asia, in particular India.   Now that Gaza has been razed to rubble, the need for bulldozing in preparation for the Ben Gurion Canal is amplified.

“In early November, thousands of Palestinian workers were forced to return to Gaza on foot after being dropped off several miles from the Israeli-Gaza border wearing numbered tags on their ankles.”

Human Rights abuses have been documented for decades and yet nothing is done.   Agriculture settlement farms use Palestinian children as young as 11 to pick and clean vegetables for Israeli’s.  Many children don’t go to school.   They get paid $19 a day, 6-7 days a week, 8—12 hours per day, in violation of every international labor law.   For Palestinians, education is superfluous because there are no jobs.   They are the peasant workers and the Israeli government condones this.

Foreign workers, including Palestinians, must pay a monthly work permit fee of $780.  In addition, labourers from India typically are charged $25,000 payable to an employment agency which provides loans at 8%-10% interest for repayment.   If the slave reports the blackmail, they are deported.  Forced prostitution is rife in Israel with the vast majority of women trafficked coming from Ukraine, Russia, and Palestine.

The Police are ordered to ‘stand down’ and do nothing.

In the words of Ben Shapiro, these people are simple minded barbarians who deserve nothing better.   Dehumanization.

Palestinian men working in Israel are paid roughly $77 per day before deductions for fees and taxes.  They represent roughly 70% of Israel’s Construction labor given the vast majority of Israeli’s work in professional occupations.

The War by Israel has opened a Pandora’s Box that can never be resealed.   Netanyahu has managed to reveal a system of criminality, persecution, and genocide amidst a regime based on rules of supremacy.   The Ashkenazi’s unveiled is a far more totalitarian engagement than the mass hypnosis presentation filtered through rose colored glasses.   It has been known by the US government, the UN, Amnesty International and many other human rights organizations for decades, and yet – Israel specifically chose to ignore reality and continued its pretense.   Subjugating any foreign worker to slavery, the pariah is exposed.

Today, South Africa called for criminal investigations into Israel’s proxy genocide by the ICC, backed a motion to close the Israeli Embassy, and called for the complete suspension of Israel ties.   Of course, anyone who makes such a motion is immediately labeled a terrorist backer or a Marxist to discredit, demonize and dehumanize.   A liberal tactic employed on Russia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and any country that so agrees.

Despite claims of a massive tunnel system under hospitals, the IDF has failed to show such a network.   By deflection, the patients in such hospitals, mostly children and women are bombed relentlessly as cornered casualties of war – unable to flee.

Taking its toll on media positions, another story is buried:  The Pentagon FAILED its sixth audit.  Inventories are fudged.   Money is unaccounted.   “With $3.8 trillion in assets, $4 trillion in liabilities, and little meaningful oversight, the potential for waste and fraud is immense, according to the Government Accountability Office, which has included the department’s business systems modernization and financial management initiatives on its “High Risk List” – a list of federal programs most susceptible to fraud, abuse, mismanagement, and waste – for nearly 30 years.”

Accounting for funds sent to any country, including Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, and Israel will never occur.  Despite consuming over 50% of the discretionary budget, they are in the hole.   The $3.8 trillion in assets – cannot be accounted for.   Yet Congress wants to send more funds to ‘everywhere’.   A Deep, dark HOLE.

The US and Israel have destroyed their respect as more media journalists open the glass doors and the parasites are unleashed.   Our Intel agencies are staged.   Our justice systems are purposefully stained with the foibles of Ashkenazi disciples.   And still – The Rothschild Economist Screams from rooftop to rooftop, “Trump Poses The Biggest Threat To The Globe in 2024”.  WHY?   Because Trump will upend America’s World Order.

The fact is, The World Order as perceived by the Cabalists is already dead.   It was not brought down by President Trump, it was brought down by corruption at an unprecedented level among governments and NGO’s.  Trump will take the reins of an America that is significantly poorer than revealed with debt that can never be repaid and a monetary system that has bankrupted the American Citizens.   Not one US Agency is a legitimate procurer of fiscal responsibility.   The Books are COOKED and CROOKED –  The GOLD is gone.

The Economist believes this can be blamed on Trump.   But their short-sighted death march has spiraled the global economies devouring the West.   And The People across the globe know it.   We see it.  We report it.   And We hate it.  What Donald Trump provides is an old school Military Soldier mentality.   He is fighting this destruction with every fiber of his existence and winning.   No one is afraid to call out the Ashkenazi’s any longer.   Their victimhood has been played out.  And The Protests Reveal PEACE is the overriding Agenda – Labeled Marxist.

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  1. Keep screaming out against the darkness and corruption, Helena. Some/many are reading you here, and I’m seeing that you’re getting picked up on various other sites as well. I know your present protocol is to not include any references, but I hope you will slowly reconsider, as there are other sites whose owners, I would bet (some for sure), are reading you, but want to be able to produce cited articles for their own readers. Most would credit and reference you. Some might be self-serving scumbags, as always. You will do what you choose obviously, but, in any case, keep on doing your thing.

  2. The vortex circumferencing the drain will increase in velocity. Hopefully those responsible will be expelled, but people need to awaken, or they will continue to support this despotism.

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