AI To Eliminate 85 Million Jobs by 2025 ~WEF. A China WIN!

In 2018, China debuted their first AI Newscaster.   The US is still in catchup mode and five years later, AI news anchors are looking likely to come onboard.   That will open the realm of AI actors who don’t demand $20million per picture.   AI art is set to turn creativity into an obsolete ideology.   AI music – eliminates the costs of instruments, recording studios, royalties, etc…   Machinists.   Bookkeepers.   Writers. Gone – Gone – Gone!  

And you can’t stop it because it is technology.

An AI President could be used for speeches and media presentations.   Allowing the real president more time at the ‘beach house’…   The WEF claims that 85 million jobs will be displaced in just the next 2 years.   This will support the depopulation agenda as they prepare a new and improved Pandemic.

While claiming that AI will actually provide over 97 million new jobs – there is absolutely no basis for the number. In essence that would defeat the purpose of AI – which is to reduce the number of necessary workerbees.   Although the elimination of Hollywood as we know it would certainly be a BONUS.

The WEF claims that engineering jobs, data science jobs, and medical tech personnel will see upticks in need. The number of engineers (excluding sales, locomotive & ship) is roughly 152,000 in the US according to BLS.   A 10% uptick would add 15,000 jobs – hardly a blip in the market of pending unemployment.

Other new positions that the WEF suggest will become available include:   computational intelligence, machine learning, mathematics, psychology, linguistics, and neuroscience. All requiring heavy degrees in American institutions too busy teaching about 1000 genders and racism to have any impact.   So where will we find these mathematicians and neuroscientists?


For over a decade, China has consistently expanded their schools academics. The basic takeaway?   Critical Thinking is an exponential outcome. By comparison, a quick walk down the streets of LA with Jesse Waters and a microphone – we laugh uproariously as such questions like ‘how many moons does earth have?’ dumfounds 21 year olds.

Not exactly material for an engineering degree or degree in computational intelligence.   But Americans still shell out $200,000 for a degree in CRT or BLM severing any hope that the US will be part of the future. Unless – they work for a robot …

While the superficial surface of US/China relations attempts to demonize the CCP, in reality more and more US businesses are opening offices and plants in – CHINA.   The game – is the pretense. US Law Firms in China is a burgeoning business. Their expertise?   Helping American companies in China navigate the CCP laws and regulations.   For example: Starbucks has 5000 stores in China. While the frivolous KFC, McDonalds, etc… have all set up thousands of locations, our US defense companies operate in China as well:   Lockheed, Raytheon, Boeing, etc…

Why?   Because they don’t have to deal with equity and diversity and racism, and unions, and ‘attitude’.

So while the US via Google is opening AI ChatBoxes – China is making AI robots that are so technologically advanced they are now able to even – emote.  US investment firms have been plowing billions into the China tech industry for the last decade. While US tech companies are busily laying off workers.

Last year, 600,000 Chinese graduated with an engineering degree, 350,000 Indians graduated with an engineering degree – and 1.4 million have an undergrad degree in Engineering in China. The discrepancy is vast – 1:10 ratio vs US where less than 4% are attributed to black graduates. Health Techs in the US are even more abysmal coming in at a mere 142,000.

The debacle of the dummy down diversity and equity agenda – is failing ALL Americans. And universities are not budging.   Federal, state and local spending on colleges and universities is in the range of $190 billion. Total revenue for these institutions was $1.04 trillion on expenditures of $671 billion – a hefty profit margin = 35%.

As of 2021, the top ten Universities in the US are sitting on nearly $300 billion in accumulated endowments.   Why?   It serves no real purpose for the school or the students. Harvard, which ranks as having the highest endowment, records the vast majority of degrees in social science and economics – mathematics is 4% and neuroscience is 3.8%.   Harvard is DRAGGING. Yale doesn’t even RANK in those programs!

Instead these churn factories continue to push degrees in political science and law.

It is questionable as to whether the Klaus Schwabbers of the world have any ability to speak truthisms, but it is coming down to an imperative!   American Universities are criminal. And if in fact 85million jobs are slated to disappear in 2025 due to AI, we are at least a decade behind in our ability to close the gap of incompetence.

WEF Chris Wray: Purpose of FBI is to Arrest BEFORE A Crime is Committed…

The Conservative Treehouse has made a good point about the FBI’s somewhat new definition of the job of an FBI Agent. He notes that in speaking to the WEF, Christopher Wray stated that the mission of the agency is to ‘prevent crime’.   But the entire point of a crime is its commission.   Arresting people on suspicion that a crime might occur is exactly the prosecutor’s entire case against the January 6th Capitol protesters.   Police routinely stated what ‘could have happened’, and thus the protesters were arrested based on an opinion of what they might do.  When in fact, no crime was actuated.

Imagine how this could play out in a Communist Regime America?   A Police Officer gives someone a ticket for speeding because they looked like they might speed based on the make of the car, although they were not.   Or, it looked like you might be a shoplifter, so we pre-emptively arrested you.   Or, you own a gun, therefore you may use it to harm someone given you are an angry person…  Arrest.  Jail.

Despite the FBI being a US Agency tasked with US crimes, Wray chose to go the WEF as a US representative to call for a ‘global FBI’.   But we already have a global FBI, it is called the CIA.   So what is he doing?

Other comments made by Wray include his deep fear of China’s AI.   Why?   According to Wray, China stole massive amounts of data and intellectual property over the years.   Their evolution into AI is now greater than the US industry and Wray is concerned of what they might do.   I mean, I get it to a point, it is somewhat like preventative medicine.

EXCEPT.   The FBI allowed the Thousand Talents Program to infiltrate the US for nearly a decade without any concerns at all apparently.  UNDER Wray’;s watch.  So why was China ‘good’ then and ‘bad’ now?   What changed?   Not China.   China is exactly the same – just as all communists are like stagflation – they don’t move unless pushed.

Wray has been FBI Director for 5 ½ years.   During all that time China was busily gobbling up every piece of intellectual proprietary information from all our Elite Schools, including Harvard.   They were assisted by Fauci’s NIH with funding and grants.   So. What’s the new beef?   Crickets?

Russia was a darling – until they weren’t. Syria was a darling, Iran was a darling, Saudi Arabia was a darling…   once upon a time – before they became enemy #1.   So, what is China’s crime?   They haven’t decided yet, but they will – and then all hell will break loose …

The same pre-emptive logic is being used at doctors offices.   When filling out the questionnaire provided each time you visit the doctor’s office, a new question has appeared;   are you current on CoVid Vaccines?   Are you current on CoVid vaccine boosters, if so how many?

The proactive is to penalize for not doing something – which is outside of our judicial system structure.   Where are the attorney’s?   If I refuse to answer the question what are the consequences?   Apparently, insurance companies could refuse payment to the doctor!   Punishment for a noncrime.

Is it now illegal to take the Fifth?   I refuse to answer on the grounds I might incriminate myself?   Because I am unvaxxed completely?  

The fact that Wray has been attending the WEF annual events in and of itself should be worrying.   But there is another annual attendee – Jared Kushner.

In order to attend, one must be ‘invited’.   It is NOT a show up at will sort of event.   Today’s Agenda began at 11:15am (I guess no one works early) and by 3:30 everyone goes to their respective corners which includes:   a dinner party at Hotel Seehoff, drinks at the Belvedere, and a late  wine forum before the guests disperse to the preferential escort service prostitutes.   LOVELY.

Despite Klaus Schwab pinky swears he is not Jewish, the final event at the WEF is a Shabbat Dinner amongst the ‘chosen 175’.   “It comes at the end of intense meetings over the course of 4 days’ wherein attendees spend upwards of 2-4 hours daily – talking and listening intently.   Very Intense!   Looking for Clients.   Looking for Money.

Not a good look for Kuchner, Trump’s son-in=law.   A look that will drop mud in 2024.

Yet, another name showed up on the Shabbot guest list – Alex Soros.   And once again, Kushner as a Trump representative and relative is NOT looking like a Trump representative at all.   But the spy amongst us!

Alex Soros, a Jew, is supporting the Ukraine neo-Nazi agenda.   He is photographed at the event with Gretchen Whitmer, his inspirational leader, Mark Malloch Brown – his mentor, as well as a slew of Green Party and Communist Party Presidents.   NOT a good look for buddy Kuchner – or Trump.

While there have been various persons who attended the WEF Summit on an occasion – including Elon Musk & Trump, the waning interest has captured the media.   President’s and PM’s from western countries – did not attend.   In fact the overwhelming majority of attendees were CEO’s and ‘billionaires’.  Because those are the Stakeholders the Schwabs of the world insist will be our global government.

If Kuchner declares he is there simply to rev up investment in his company, he has sold his soul to the almighty dollar.   If he is there for the ‘parties’, Ivanka should be ‘concerned’.   If he deflects as a spy – Klaus will have him eliminated.   There truly is no good explanation – including stopping a pre-emptive crime.