FBI & NSA Recruiting THOUSANDS amidst Tech layoffs…

In the midst of massive surveillance and censorship revelations, the FBI is doubling the size of their office building in Langley, and NSA is on a hiring spree looking for 3000 IT Specialists…   In a world of ‘timing is everything’ what exactly are they conveying in these two scenarios?

The 80,000 IRS agents who were to be trained at CIA Farms in Virginia is our first clue.   They never were intended to be – IRS.   The intent was/is to expand the internal dark web government that will rise as the ‘new world military’ and invoke some Martial Law over a completely demoralized and incompetent military.

NSA can simultaneously interrupt our internet- aka communication – with their recruits from Twitter, Google, Apple, etc…   And our own traditional military will have been so expunged into a world of CRT Training, and gender identity, their acumen in terms of strategy, physical training, and tech will have been paralyzed…  a void part of their brain.

Apparently, the Hunter Biden Laptop treason, the Daddy Joe treason, the drugs and mafia laundering takes a backseat to whether George Santos took $3000 meant for a dog’s surgery and spent it on himself.   This is the FBI.   In any organization, prioritizing is a mainstay of survival.   Those that fail at this fail their business, lose their money, and are never heard from again.

UNLESS, you are the FBI!

The FBI currently has 56 field stations, 11 Divisions, over 10,000 ‘special agents’, and totals approximately 35,000 to 40,000 employees – because the exact number is a ‘secret’.   Their last reported ‘over-the-counter budget’ was $9.7 billion, their last request was $10.8 billion.   They are actively recruiting.

The last FBI Agent I knew retired a couple years ago – a good guy.   The last CIA Agent I met also retired about 2 years ago.   A bad angry guy.   And the last Mercenary I knew came out of retirement about 2 yeas ago.   Bad dude.   The black book, semi-private companies are the go to – not the regular military – not the police…
Police answer to their in-house boss who answers to the District, The City, The State, The mayor, Governor, and every wannabee in-between.   And when it gets really bad, that police dude is now answering to some FBI or CIA narcissist.

The Perfect Hierarchy as envisioned in The Mafia.

The Military is some special kind of torture.   They reel in good men, on the cusp men, men who want to do the right thing!   And then they break them into a thousand pieces.   They bleed them like leeches.  And when there is nothing left, they toss them into the streets of NYC or Chicago.   “How do you apply for a regular job when your resume lists killing as your best skill set?”

Some are recruited by the CIA, some by the FBI, some by NSA, and some by mercenary negotiation contracts.   Previous training must include – Special ops-.

With the Militaries under Austin desperate for recruits to destroy, many are opting instead for training in the ‘para-military’ that runs our country.   Better pay.   Better accommodations.   Not the greatest ‘advancement’ capabilities.   But these guys thrive on the adrenaline first, the pay second.   Everything else is just fog.

My guess would be that the FBI expansion has to do with consolidation of blackbook contract ‘employees’, military ops, and even police officers who have been resigning en-masse amidst mayors and DA dictums in favor of criminals.   It would follow within this logic that military personnel forced to a disciplinary discharge for nonvax status are the ones recruited for the most sensitive FBI and NSA positions.   This would align with WEF attendees demanding ONLY nonvaxxed pilots for their polluting jets.

Of course, building up an underground military whose objective is to attack US civilians is subject to much debate and contention – obviously.   However, there are threats and carrots that could certainly create an adherence.

In the days of J. Edgar Hoover, the extension of the FBI was massive.   That would be nearly 7 DECADES ago.   To think they are less than they were is seriously naive.   To assume they are 7 times stronger to an nth degree of exponentially calculus –  is more likely reality.   Trump made a devastating reference this past month.   He claimed that he has seen weapons and technology that we can not even imagine…

While this is accepted… to have a former president acknowledge it is a bit more disconcerting.

So.   For the FBI to build a new fortress is likely to take at least 2 years – to 2025, the same year some perverse general declares that the US will enter a ground war with China, is somewhat a comical story of the Three Stooges…  Kyiv, in the midst of bombing an decimation is opening their Arizona University Kyiv curriculum to outside students for a Fall rate of $4000 per Semester.

Without notating that the risk of sending your child there is met with the side effect of DEATH.

In the meantime, Russia has stated that as a result of Ukraine’s ‘destructive bombing’, they will be relocating their services to Moldova.   The same Moldova which fell to a corrupt Socialist/Marxist government trained by Harvard – to Romania, a communist regime trained by – Harvard.

Both are former Soviet nations siphoned off by the US, UK and France after WWII.   Socialist meets Communist, Moldova is seeking ‘reunification’ with Romania as a singular anti-Russia, Romani Nation under the EU and NATO.


The balloon took the heat instead of Biden’s Mafia House of Horrors and Hunter’s Laptop that strips every government agency of authority – or misuse of authority… would be more appropriate.

The ‘Balloon’ paradigm was an interesting marketing propaganda attempt:   A non-security balloon is suddenly brought to the attention of the media via a random camera.   Said camera is somehow able to take pictures 65,000 in altitude.   Said camera reveals a nonmarked stratospheric balloon drifting around ‘aimlessly’.   The Pentagon immediately called it Chinese without considering the ramifications.

The Propaganda Media immediately took Chinese to mean SPY BAD GUY.

The remaining three days were spent in various modes of damage control and the ultimate destruction of Chinese property flying ABOVE FAA regulations or neutral territory …became the solution.   Problem:   US, Israel, Germany, France, Australia all have similar balloons flying around the globe… previously considered nonlethal.

All said balloons can now be ‘missiled’.   Legally.   VIA Precedent.

This is what happens when lies precede, dominate, and encompass every aspect of our government, economy, and politics.   Even the most strident fall victim – to The Lies.

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  1. I had to laugh every time I read about the ‘spy balloon’ Are americons this stupid I asked myself. The answer was a resounding Yes! And our trillion dollar military using a 200 million dollar jet and a likely million dollar missile destroyed a almost hovering huge weather balloon. Must have required much skill so I am sure they got their Top Gun Maverick to do the job. I am sure that foiled the Chinese invasion plans for a month or two. We can all sleep better tonight because of these hero’s

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