Democrats Being Taken Down by FBI – Smells Like Soros…

The Grand Canyon of revelations bringing down numerous democrats is monumental!   So much so, it seems possibly manufactured.   Is Soros destroying his own?     Biden is getting slammed, but the root to his demise is his own son – Hunter.   Zelenskyy is going down, and the root is Hunter.   Fauci went down and the root was China.   Kamala is being shred.   Omar and AOC have links with China.   Swalwell – out!   Schiffless – out!   Senator Jones indicted for bribery. TJ Cox indicted for fraud.   Rep Clinton Collamore down for forgery.   Pete Lee indicted on felony charge. Waters outed as a Socialist.   Newsom’s wife outed for forcing schools to buy her documentary and pocketing $1.4 million…

Recently, Human Rights Watch, a Soros organization, revealed that in violation of International Law, Zelenskyy’s ‘Nazi military’ had spread land mines across corridors of Ukraine ostensibly to ‘get the Russians’.   In fact, Zelenskyy killed mostly Ukrainian civilians.

Yesterday, Zelenskyy’s government arrested his biggest benefactor, Ihor Kolomoisky, on charges of embezzlement and fraud.   Kolomoiskyy was Hunter’s entire connection to Burisma and the trail of money.   Is Kolomoisky being taken out of circulation so he can’t make a deal and out Big Daddy and Hunter?

Netanyahu is back in power and suddenly he is bombing the heck out of everybody!   Is it a distraction to cover his allegiance to Biden?   Netanyahu is considering giving Ukraine the Iron Dome which would heavily escalate war atrocities and spur Putin to take more drastic measures. Meaning Netanyahu would be supporting – Nazi’s!  And Mafia Biden would amp up even more ‘aide’ redirected to President Biden.

Politically, Israel is an infinite mess.   Five elections in 4 years and Netanyahu wants to war with Iran, Russia and Palestinians.. simultaneously.

General Mike Minihan is telling recruits to prepare for ground war with China in 2025. Is the general rogue, or tilted in the head?   I predict mass exodus from all military branches December 2024.   In terms of active personnel, China is 2:1 to the US.   But then, all the rhetoric about ‘bad, bad China, seems to be a distraction.   US hedge funds continue to pour Billions into various Chinese companies.   Particularly – AI.

According to Forbes, China’s AI industry has far surpassed the US.   Could it possibly be because US scientists are too busy arguing over whether the robot should be a him/her/or It?   While China can now build a robot that melts itself in order to pass thru walls, and then solidifies on the other side, while the US buys stock…   including the CIA Hedge Fund.

“Psychological warfare involves the planned use of propaganda and other psychological operations to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behavior …”   Perfected by our illustrious CIA – it would seem it is more important to use this warfare against US citizens than actual enemies.  Why is that?

Relations between the EU and US are traversing a tightrope as the play for tanks is front and center.   Germany will give tanks if the US does, but wants to be compensated for the tanks it gives. Poland will send tanks if Germany antis their demanded WWII reparations of some $3+Trillion –  It is like an elementary school game between global powers with the end game being annihilation of Planet Earth.

Take a stroll thru Ukraine via it’s Polish border as German, Polish and US tanks caravan into Ukraine – and they think they won’t be noticed?    Russia will pick them off like Blue Jays fleeing BB Guns!

Everyone is operating on DEBT.   Germany is expected to double their debt this year.   According to CEIC global data, Poland’s total debt is equal to over 313% of GDP.   At some point – governments just don’t care any longer. Print Money.   Eliminating debt is NOT possible.  Therefore, Die with as much debt as possible – and no assets…

The same mantra could be said of Biden’s ‘debt ceiling’ debacle in which he claims he will not concede an inch!   Meaning the US economy will collapse and pull every other economy with it – particularly those holding US debt, aka, Japan.

The attitude is – The Game Is Over.

All those millionaire and billionaire dollars, pounds, euro’s will be just as worthless as well – the dollar.   Does not matter if you have $100 billion or $1.   Some recognize this truthism – however the Harvard Graduates lining the walls of Congress with chewing gum who bought their fancy degrees – seem clueless.

Of course, given the newly released level of information regarding the Mafia House of Biden, all weaponry slated for Ukraine could conceivably stop on a dime!   Which is fine with the Handlers given they likely used a generous portion of the Ukraine aide to create a new “Ukraine” somewhere else – fully stocked with newly minted biolabs!   Africa.

Perhaps Soros is simply fed up. He specifically inserted puppets that had the brains of the Tin Man.   Now that is coming back in aluminum to haunt him. The book deal laundering wasn’t enough to satisfy his ‘subjects’.   And now they are being caught.   Given Soros controls the FBI and CIA – he has unleashed his fury – and takedowns are target.

Although Soros realizes that taking out Biden means he’s left with Kamaltoes, I ‘predict’ she will soon become the target of criminal activity allegations. Along with her glorified nonjew, Jewish husband.   EU Commission, Von der Leyen, is also a viable target for corruption by Soros as he seeks to reimagine the globe before the bucket kicks him.  

And Just Like That – Turkey is now a Western Target…  Guess where their allegiance will move to?

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