Rothschild & Co Privatizing With Saudi Oil Prospects!

The Paris based Rothschild Banking and Financial Industry is going private.   Its largest shareholder has put out a buyout bid to purchase and delist the conglomerate.   The effects include the potential for greater profits, less government scrutiny, and the ability to money launder with considerably less oversight or interference.  

Concordia, the family’s holding company has put forth a tender offer of $51.60 per share.   Brunswick Group manages Concordia which holds nearly 49% of the Rothschild’s banking conglomerate.   Brunswick’s partners are primarily based out of London, US, and Hong Kong with additional locations in Singapore, Milan and Dubai.

The CEO of Brunswick, Neal Wolin, has a long history engaging and working with both Clinton & Obama in various capacities at the US Treasury.    Brunswick is most definitively aligned with Liberal causes including WEF, Sustainable Development and Diversity Training… On the proverbial books.

First glance many of these Hedge Funds like Blackstone and Brunswick give the impression they are pro-liberal causes only to play the capitalist markets of oil & gas and the military industrial complex.

October 2022, Rothschild & Co entered into operations in Saudi Arabia along with JP Morgan Chase.   They are continually looking to expand that footprint in the Middle East.   Today, Jeffrie Curry of Goldman Sachs in Saudi Arabia has stated that the price of crude will soar to $100 per barrel in the near future.   Today the price is roughly $74.

While Saudi Arabia has continually claimed they are diversifying their economy to embrace solar and smart cities such as NEOM, the reality is oil, petrochemicals, fertilizers and plastics remain dominant.   Oil and its products account for 87% of revenue and 90% of exports.   Rothschild & Co expanding throughout Saudi Arabia is NOT a coincidence, it is an acknowledgement of where the money flows.

Amidst the Turkey 7.8 earthquakes, Erdogan has stated that oil pipelines have been excessively damaged.   As a result all oil and gas exports have been halted indefinitely. 71% of Turkey’s exports are aviation fuel, diesel and gasoline. The two largest exporters are both owned by the Turkish government. The largest export trade partners include:   Germany, UK, US, Italy & Iraq.  

Erdogan has been under fire lately for his stance on the inclusion of Finland and Sweden into NATO.   As a direct result, NATO recently suggested that ‘options’ be discussed should Ankara remain stoic in their assessment, and ‘persuasion techniques’ might be necessary.   In addition, Erdogan’s somewhat neutral stance regarding Russia and Ukraine has been mis-leveraged by the West which has caused his allegiance to Russia and the BRICS to gain greater traction.

Erdogan’s posture on the integration of Finland and Sweden is viewed as positioning himself as an enemy to the Communist Conversion of the EU. It stalls their expansion and supports an endless military industrial war in Ukraine – ‘until every last Ukrainian is dead’ – per Zelenskyy.

In that vein, it is note-worthy that not one EU country has offered immediate assistance in this earthquake devastation.   Instead, old allies have come to the plate including Russia, India, Iran, and UAE, while others have offered pledges to NGOs, and the UN and WHO ‘voiced solidarity’…

The mirage portrayed by western governments across the globe is truly a checkers match – but with privatization we will be LESS informed of their realities.   For example, Rothschild’s second largest holding is in Chevron.   It’s largest holding is in US JP Morgan Chase.   Its newest acquisition was in DOW Chemical.   Notorious for funding both sides of wars, hedging their bet, their affiliations have NOTHING to do with sustainability or the environment of equity – and everything to do with making more money.

Thus, the privatization of Rothschild & Co, is likely for that singular purpose only.

Various high profile companies have been privatized only to go public again some years later including, Hilton bought by Blackstone, Kinder Morgan bought by a pool of Hedge Funds, Dell Computer, and Burger King. Others have simply privatized permanently – such as Twitter.

Historically, ‘nationalizing’ a company was considered the Marxist rule.   Those companies considered most valuable and profitable were the target – such as Jack Ma’s Alibaba.   However, in a New World where governments are obsolete and Stakeholders rule – privatization would be – the best means of securing power.  

Watchful waiting – META, Google, JP Morgan,

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