TRAIN Derailment Sabotage…neo Nazi’s & The FBI

December 22, 2020, a rail union official detailed the ‘sabotage’ of a BNSF train north of Seattle.   The FBI had weeks earlier arrested 2 people on suspicion of attempting train derailments.   The women were indicted and Reiche was sentenced to one year in jail on domestic terrorism charges, her partner, Brooks was given 6 months. But the story got little coverage. August 2022, Germany declares sabotage caused a train derailment disrupting train service across the country.   A subversive group in Russia created in early 2022 claimed responsibility for derailing over 95 trains.  

The month before the 2020 derailment federal authorities in Seattle charged two people with a terrorist attack on train tracks, saying they placed “shunts” on Burlington Northern Santa Fe tracks. Shunts consist of a wire strung across the tracks, mimicking the electrical signal of a train. The devices can cause trains to automatically brake and can disable railroad crossing guards.

January 23, 2023, Reiche was released from prison.

March 6th another Norfolk train derailed. A witness filmed the disaster as it happened and claimed that debris and metal flew out from under one train car after he heard an explosion.   Classifying the derailment as sabotage.

WHY is the FBI covering up the sabotage?   WHY does the FBI instead claim the derailments are the result of faulty equipment?   WHY was Reiche given just 1 year in jail when the maximum term was 20 years?   The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force had said there had been dozens of such cases involving BNSF tracks.

In 2015, Atomwaffen Division was formally created in the US as a neo-Nazi regiment of young men advocating anarchy.   Known also as the National Socialist Order, the group advocates far-left extremism. Recruiting from the US military and college campuses Atomwaffen soldiers have been documented as being the ones targeting the Baltimore power grid.   They were at the Charlottesville Rally. They were the shooter at the Tree of Life Synagogue.

Atomwaffen are linked to the International far left Skinheads who operate across 33 countries including Ukraine.   The organization alliance in Ukraine is called the Azov Battalion – also known as Ukraine’s National Guard.

The two members arrested for the Baltimore grid terrorism included Atomwaffen’s founder, Brandon Russell.   Despite the Baltimore incident involving Atomwaffen, the FBI has concluded the attacks of the grids in North Carolina and Oregon are not related…

Russell had been released from prison August 2021 after pleading guilty to owning bomb making paraphernalia.   He served 3 of his 5 year sentence.  Why are known terrorists released while January 6er’s languish without indictments or trials?  Unless these neo Nazis are linked to the FBI… 

Alisher Mukhitdinov, was a founding father of Iron March in 2011, a radical group that later helped form the US Atomwaffen.   Mukhitdinov is of Bolshevik descent and looked upon Stalin as his hero.  Their ideology is Globalism via their motto;  One People, One Realm, One Leader – you know Klaus Schwab… WEF.

Yesterday a terrorist anarchist group dressed in black attacked a police training camp in Georgia.   The ANTIFA terrorists used Molotov cocktails, commercial-grade fireworks, bricks and large rocks against police as well as equipment at the site.   Five fires destroyed equipment. One of the 23 arrested includes Tom Jurgens, a staff attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and legal observer for the National Lawyers Guild.   SPLC is a Soros backed leftist organization supporting mass protests and defending such protestors.

The fact that Jurgens was a part of the terrorism would DIRECTLY give evidence that Soros is backing ANTIFA and possibly Atomwaffen.

Soros is the man behind Zelenskyy and the rise of the Azov Battalion in Ukraine.   Nazism has always been Soros Guiding Light.   The methodologies deployed by these neo Nazi’s align with BLM anarchy as well.   Always in the name of Nationalist Socialism and fascism.

The SPLC has claimed that Jurgens’ arrest was not evidence that a crime had been committed but of “heavy-handed law enforcement intervention against protesters.” The same denial of anarchy witnessed across the US for years as cities were entirely destroyed by bricks, fire bombs, and Molotov cocktails with zero consequence to the anarchists.

The same violence that turned Hong Kong into a riot giving the CCP opportunity to form a variance of Martial Law and absorb Hong Kong back into China.

Incidentally, Taiwan also hails a far left neo Nazi organization under the title, National Socialist Association.   Given the heightened number of US political visits, it would seem plausible that riots will be incited inside the island forthwith as the US ramps up War rhetoric between China and the US.

The Capitol protest incited into a police riot had 3 persons who were listed on the FBI’s most wanted list just prior to January 6th.   They were filmed at the Capitol on January 6th inciting anarchy.   Later all three were removed from the FBI list.   Without explanation.   Begging the question… is the FBI using members of these neo Nazi far left groups to incite violence across the US with the promise of lucrative pay and immunity from prosecution?  

How often do we hear about arrests of Antifa or BLM members only to have all charges dropped?   Is the FBI behind the internal anarchy in train derailment sabotage and grid attacks?   Is that why Norfolk Railroad was held 100% libel?   Is that why sentencing of these neo Nazi’s is minimum by law?  Is that why Buttigieg refused to show up at the Ohio scene because it was sabotage from inside the WH?

4 thoughts on “TRAIN Derailment Sabotage…neo Nazi’s & The FBI

  1. Yes, the fbi and their (((handlers))) are behind it. But no, its not ‘Nazis’ , it is bolsheviks. Stop parroting msm buzzwords; tell it like it is. Remember – “Some call it communism, I call it judaism. – rabbi steven weiss”

    • Stop telling me what to do! I am well aware of communists, bolsheviks, marxists, and neo Nazis. They can not be lumped into one singular category that YOU assert. In doing so, you ignore Art of War when understanding that each must be understood for what they are in order to win a fight. Militarily – you would LOSE!

  2. Many americans don’t seem to mind. I see little Ukrainian flags everywhere.By now most know that Ukraine is a sewage pit of nazis. Congrats to the american skrool systems. Without those people and our money given blindly none of what’s happening today could take place.

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