Was WorldCOM set up by the Jewish Mafia


In 2005 the largest telecommunications company, the Rising Star of Media – went Bankrupt after allegations of fraud – WorldCom.   Founded and owned by a devout Christian Baptist, Bernie Ebbers, the fallout was devastating and complete.   Shortly after, the Jewish CEO of Verizon, Ivan Seidenberg scraped up the remnants and absorbed Worldcom into Verizon.   The Fraud was considered Accounting Failures – the Accountant served 4 years in jail – the Baptist CEO served what became LIFE.

Was the Fraud a setup?

I was intimately aware of the fallout given one of my neighbors at the time who was a Worldcom executive lost everything – his job, his retirement, his shares – which were valued at $-0-.

Ivan Seidenberg is on the Board of BlackRock, chaired the Business Roundtable, and is a member of the president’s export council which monitors ‘national security’. His current salary at MSG Networks (A sports network) is listed at $89,000.   ANYONE who doesn’t see the hilarity of these discrepancies is on opioids. Who the FARK is this man and why did he destroy Worldcom?

I suppose his resume actually defines the answer.   But the question remains, why and who embrace blackmail in our government as a natural means of ‘TRADE & WAR”?

How can so MANY be blackmailed?   HUNDREDS of Millions.   25% of the remaining population would mean that the 75% or 6 billion support the death of Earth.   And somehow their brains have been altered to believe that this is a ‘good thing’.   Is that where Fetterman is right now? Having his brain reimplanted?   At Walter Reed?

Will he emerge a Lizard?

With all the silly games being parlayed by our US/UK Intelligensia morons, it is amazing that they are even willing to be an ameba.   As recorded in the history books of a person’s contribution to society.   But then, it appears, DEFCON 2 has been elevated to DEFCON 3.   And the Mafia is NOT happy.

4 thoughts on “Was WorldCOM set up by the Jewish Mafia

  1. “The company used questionable accounting practices to cover up its losses by making itself look more profitable than it was.” – Investopedia

    The use of the word “questionable” is interesting. The entire article I read never mentioned the word “illegal” so I don’t know.

    That said, note today we have outright illegal scandals such as FTX. The fact they put Worldcom’s CEO in prison is a red flag there. How many times has Wells Fargo and HSBC been fined but never tried.

    Yeah,,, some kind of nasty crap going on for sure. Look at Pedo Joe’s nasty kid. Hell,,, Pedo Joe himself and I estimate ninety nine percent of the US government. There is our Fraud with a capital ‘F’.

    Think Covid. Think Ukraine. Think Nordstream. Think border. Think your gas stove! Hell, they’re running multiple scams seamlessly. roflmao,,, talk about!
    Anyone think they will ever see the inside of jail? But boy,,, forget something on that illegal tax return!

    Verizon now owns tracfone, so tracfone customers, expect some serious service degradation.

  2. Interesting supposition. Knowing all the players, and some of the circumstances, I would agree with everything your hinting about.

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