China’s Communist Manifesto

The BBC has published a harrowing story of the plight of the Uighurs in prison camps within China.   Highlighting the accounts of two women, one of whom escaped, the other was released, the stories abound of rape, torture, electronic rods, chairs, helmets, and gloves. Gang rapes.   Many women went insane. Many died.   Three million is the estimate of the number interned in these ‘re-education’ camps, housing 14 per cell.

Yet the United Nations, WHO, and DAVOS all recognize China for their advanced human rights.

China’s coal output for 202 was 3.84 billion tons, slightly higher than the previous year.   In fact, their ramped up new coal capacity is 3x the rest of the world.   While the rest of the world cut coal production for environmental protections, in 2020, China ramped up its coal production adding 38.4GW new coal capacity.   Continuing its expansion, China has under development an additional 247 GW – enough to power all of Germany.

But according to DAVOS, China is a model of environmental security despite the fact that they are the largest polluter in the world.   As such, pinky swear, Xi Jinping announced that China would be carbon neutral by 2060 – well after everyone at the summit is dead.

China claims their economy grew last year during the CoVid crisis by 3.2%.   every other country in the world contracted significantly.

China recently devoured the sovereign state of Hong Kong collapsing all notions of freedom, including British passport reciprocity.

China infiltrated the US and Canadian universities with government CCP scientists in order to steal intellectual property under the guise of the Thousand Talents Program.   The universities were more than happy to comply given the stipend that the government provided to the tune of $$$millions. Many of these ‘scientists’ have been expelled from the US – some carrying viral samples of SARS.   As in the SARS Cov-2 PCR test and the SARS Cov-2 – vaccines that are the mainstay for our current pandemic crisis.

But the United Nations continues to embrace all things China given their stellar reputation and contributions to society.

China shut down the entire city of Hong Kong with over 7.5 million residents after 52 people reportedly tested positive for CoVid most recently.

90% of people in Hong Kong live in dwellings less than 750 sq ft, with the average cost of a home over $1.2 million.   The cost per sq ft is nearly 5x times that of LA.   Hong Kong was considered one of the wealthier countries across the globe far surpassing that of mainland China.  But upon it’s absorption, Hong Kong is spiraling quickly into oblivion economically and financially.

Cage Homes range in size from about 25 sq ft, or 8’ x 8’ and qualify in the depiction of ‘home ownership’ which China boasts is 90%.   And despite China’s Communist equality – the wealth gap is tremendous!

Buildings frequently simply collapse, their structures poorly designed, and poorly built.   It is this poor construction that gave China an edge in product development at a lower cost.

China’s product quality control is so defective that recalls are common, breakage is common, and as was seen in the Wuhan lab – even in a highly sensitive biohazard atmosphere, accidents are rampant – and fatal.

I remember reading just 3 years ago or so of a train that derailed.   One car fell from the bridge.   Instead of spending the time, money and angst pulling up the wreckage and helping the remaining lives still clinging, China buried the car.   Out of sight – out of mind.   The survivors still living were thus buried alive.

This is the Bernie Sanders/AOC Communism held in such high regard.

In 1950 Senator McCarthy brought to light the infiltration of communism in the US government.   Particularly the State Department and the CIA.   McCarthy was ultimately demonized, vilified, and history was less than kind.

But today, it would seem that McCarthy was quite right.

Records reveal a host of confirmed Communists from both the Soviet Union and China who had in fact infiltrated or defected including, Alger Hiss, Frank Coe, Annie Lee Moss, Elizabeth Bentley, William Remington, etc…

Facing the Biden/Gates/Romney/Kerry/Sanders/Feinstein/Swalwell etc… entrenched in our government, aiding and abetting the CCP, we are reliving an awakening that has likely thrived for 70+ years.

The Communist Manifesto is all about lying.   Deception.  Falsifying reality.   The first order in absorbing the US was chaos and revolution.   We are now in the midst of the ‘second order’ which is silent infiltration.


While the US is shocking the world with its rampant claims of sexual assault, the UK, Sweden, Spain and Germany are grappling a growing trend of gang rapes that go unpunished while a blind eye is turned.   Although the police are blamed, they take their orders from the government heads, Merkel, Macron, May, etc…  who with every person’s knowledge within the country suppress and censor judicial action.

In the UK, the Rotherham Gang has been allowed free reign for decades without police or government intervention.  It is estimated they have raped over 1500 young girls ages 13 to 18.

This summer in Germany, 8 boys gang raped a 13 year old girl in the town of Velbert as she was walking home from the swimming pool.

And in Spain, the New Wolf Gang is lauding their exploits as they rape and plunder without consequence. Despite a recent gang rape involving 5 males an one female, aged 18, the court determined that the woman approved of the rape – but disapproved of the sexual assault, a lesser charge.  They were all released.  The country is protesting, but the government remains mute.

Notoriously, these assaults are video-taped by the perpetrators, as a sort of bragging conquest or knightly rite of passage.

Of course Sweden has now taken the forefront for all of Europe as the Rape Capital, in fact it now ranks third in world, following South Africa and Lesotho.  Unfortunately, in Sweden profiling and statistics are disallowed as they might create an atmosphere of targeting…  So the suppression is huge, can’t have the world knowing of this caustic and vile information…

In Rotherham, a brave Pakistani who is actually a relative of one of the gang members, has come forth and claimed that White women are specifically targeted because they are considered the sloth of the world, trash, and worthless.

The Catholic church is in the midst of a royal epidemic as thousands upon thousands of Bishops and Priests are found guilty of pedophilia and rape.  Attempting to defray the damage, the Vatican is considering eliminating the vow of chastity for Priests.  But if, as it has been stated, 1/3 of all Catholic Priests are guilty of pedophilia, how does relieving them of the vow alter their raping of young boys?

Here in the US, the media is obsessed with the idea that a drunk 17 year old boy allegedly groped a drunk 17 year old girl 36 years ago.   The irony of hypocrisy screams from the bleachers as real rape assaults are not even discussed.

Bill Cosby is not enjoying his prison term for raping multiple women, and so his attorney’s want all charges dropped.  Why?  Because Cosby is sad.   Where was the Hollywood outcry during his tenure?  During Weinstein’s tenure?  During the rampant sexual abuse that occurs daily in Hollywoodumb?

A beautiful, 30 year old Bulgarian newswoman was brutally raped, beaten and suffocated recently on her way home from work.  Despite the fact that she is investigating EU corruption, the media, including Deutsche Weil, claimed that it was random.   Today they are backing off that claim and acknowledging that maybe this woman was targeted.

In Iraq, four young beautiful Iraqi women have been assassinated over a two month period for their outspoken societal beliefs.   But Hollywood remains silent.  Their crime? They are considered ‘rights activitists’, not because they are feminists, or protestors, or spewing vile obscentities demanding the beheading of their President (As in the US), but because they protest power cuts and water shortages…

This is the real news that is avoided, censored, dropped, in favor of a worldwide daily cut-throat agenda against a man and his family in the US, who was accused and found innocent of claims of groping.  For two entire months, this has been the daily news.

You want to know what RAPE looks like:   “On October 2, 2016 in the town of Visby on Sweden’s Gotland island a wheelchair-bound woman was gang-raped by up to six men at a Swedish migrant center. The woman who was in her 30’s was sharing a taxi home when she asked to use the toilet. Her fellow passenger invited her inside and with five of his buddies viciously raped her in the bathroom for several hours. The six men who were all asylum seekers in their 20s were arrested but released a few days later…”

“On January 21, 2017 in Uppsala, Sweden three men broke into a woman’s home armed with guns, tore off her clothes and gang raped her for three hours while livestreaming the whole attack on Facebook. Similar to other horrific rapes, the liberal mainstream media refused to unequivocally identify the offenders as Muslim immigrants. Jihad Watch reported that “The Swedish publication NyheterIdag says that the attackers were “nysvenskar,” that is, “new Swedes,” which is the establishment media euphemism for Muslim migrants.” A 21 year old woman came forward after she saw the Facebook broadcast and stated that she recognized one of the perpetrators who raped her 15 months earlier.”

Instead – Hollywood is bemoaning that a producer forced her to reveal her breasts…  And yeah she got the part.  But now $10 million later, she is upset, she has ptsd, she wants the world to cry for her…

PTSD!  Go live in Syria for a day!

What the Hollywood story does not detail is the fact that ‘many’ of these actresses had a choice – they could say, “no”, and walk out of the studio, but they CHOSE not to because they had no intention of leaving $1 million, $5 million on the table!

Now we are left with the political forum.The Hillary’s and Billy’s and Feinsteins and Warrens and every sniveling goofball that wants their name in lights no matter if it is ‘good news’ or ‘bad news’, because ‘any news’ is ‘news’!

We seem to have lost the nuance of – perspective.   We pick at someone like vultures creating sores, bleeding a prey, until they can be ultimately devoured – like road kill.

And while that may sound callous – to you… imagine how it ‘feels’ to them… the falsely accused, and the real rapist victim?  Because they both exist.  They both – are real.

The Fall of Europe – Rape, Immigrants, Blackmail – It’s Just The Beginning

Socialism and the Swedes. They are held up as the prime example of a perfect society, wealthy, insured, happy and productive. They also happen to have one of the highest rates of rape – in the world at 66 per 100,000 and growing. Worse, the courts rarely imprison the rapist and find that the victim ‘asked for it’. Socialism at its best…

A Swedish woman was gang raped by 7 – the rapists received sentences of 4 to 6 years which will be reduced by 1/3 as is typical. They were all refugees.  This is just one of the 77% stories.

The papers and the courts all seem to be of the mind that rape statistics should not be discussed or researched. Such is true in The Netherlands, Denmark, and Finland where convictions are low and thus the numbers muted by women who don’t bother to report the incident because the crime will go unpunished. Why bother. Apparently even in gang rape cases, the courts will rule that the victim asked for it. The law would seem to mirror Sharia law. And that is what they don’t want to advertise.

Statistics in Sweden, outside of the government, conclude that 77% of rapes are perpetrated by Muslims. But even that figure is questionable because in Sweden if a Muslim has citizenship, they are no longer identified in any statistic as Muslim. Secondly, all 2nd generation Muslims automatically are termed Swedish and thus the Muslim label is dropped. As such, the rate attributable to Muslims is most likely to be significantly higher.

One problem with reporting such a statistic is that under Swedish law, making such a statement can be considered racist, and a crime, punishable with imprisonment. Ironically, the rapists go free, while the reporter goes to jail for stating what is a fact.

With Muslim refugees crashing the gates of Europe, they bring with them their laws and ways as well. In Saudi Arabia, a 19 year old girl who was gang raped was sentenced to 200 lashings and 6 months in jail. Why? Because she was unaccompanied, and thus asked for the rape. The US State Department response? They expressed ‘surprise and astonishment’.

Rape is occurring at high rates in the German Refugee camps, but there are no prosecutions, no punishment, no law.  Did Merkel sellout Germany? Muting the truth, obliterating comments on Facebook, denouncing fact, Merkel has sold her country and its people to Sharia Law. Speaking out against Muslims and their means of rule, is considered prejudicial and racist, a discrimination crime. Most of the refugees are male. They state that coming to the EU would have been too dangerous for their wives and children. But if they are fleeing ISIS and death, then how could it be that leaving their wives and children at the hand of that danger is less dangerous than coming to the EU?

Because it isn’t the truth.

Governments throughout Europe have already declared that the way to contain the rape problem is not to go after the rapists, but to have all the women and girls dress more modestly and make sure they are always accompanied… sounds like Saudi Arabia to me. The press is warned to downplay rapes. The media is told to coverup stories. And Zuckerberg finds himself a newly ordained puppet in the mix of censorship.

Merkel is said to have a heart in allowing the migrants to drop like tons of bricks on Germany. Really? Allowing rapes, terrorism, and entitlements to a select few, to immigrants, to Muslims, while Germans pay hardly seems empathetic. In fact it is heinous.

Media reports declare this mass immigration as like nothing we’ve seen since WWII. But there is a difference that goes unreported. At the end of the war, most the the immigrants were ‘repatriated back to their home country’, with the exception of vast numbers of Jews who were given Israel as their new home country. Does that mean when the Syrian conflict is over, all the Syrians will be sent back? The Somalis?  The Iraqis?  No, they are assimilated into their new host country and given free money, housing, food, clothes, and allowed to assert their own lawlessness.   Why would they want to go back to their home country?

Where are most of the immigrants actually originating from? Turkey. Erdogan is sick of housing the 2 ½ million in camps and shooed them to the EU. He’s angry and this is his vengeance.

And how is the EU handling Erdogan? Why they have agreed to give him $3.4 billion ‘to start’, grant Turkey EU membership status and ease restrictions on Turks traveling throughout the EU. In addition he is demanding that a safe zone camp be built on Syria’s northern border with Turkey. Energy, will of course be on the table – who gets it, who owns it and whose will be ‘confiscated’.

Who is the puppet now?

New Hampshire Rape or Media Shark Frenzy?

Fair warning – my position on this may not agree with you ~

Rape. A heinous crime indeed.

A New Hampshire college graduate, spotless record, conducting himself inappropriately with a too young girl has made national news. His guilt has been levied by a number of people simply based on the accusation. The fact that he is the male confers upon him an automatic entry of guilty. Comments abound that this girl is so brave for coming out. But no one is listening to the circumstances, the facts, the emails, the Facebook posts or the friends testimony. The one-sided, single minded mentality refuses to consider he might be innocent not just of rape but of assault.

He claims that there was no sexual intercourse. Well, where is the rape kit test? What is the girl’s sexual history? An accusation IS an accusation until proven true or false. The media and the bloggers and the commentators should follow this innocent until proven guilty adage right now. Because the harm they do in assumptions could be even more damaging.

Rape, by definition, requires sexual intercourse. The boy claims there was none, that it was consensual touching, but that actual intercourse did not occur.

Was the girl tested? Did she go to a rape crisis center immediately afterward? Did her parents file a police report immediately? If she knew the culture of the school, why did she go? Is she a virgin? If in the US a 13 year old can be tried in a case as an adult, why is it that a 15 year old is under-age? With the media and entertainment and music cultures that pervade and invade, why are we surprised? Why is the age of 18 an adult, but under 18 is sometimes a legal adult and sometimes not? And just because younger girls are targeted, by no means makes them all ‘virgins’. In fact, 1 out of 4 girls age 15 are not virgins.

So many questions, and not enough answers to make an absolute decision. Obviously the girl was not a virgin or that would have come out in the media already. A rape test report has not been released. She laughed about their encounter online, but now she says that was just protectionism. She shared details with her friends. They both stated that intercourse did not occur on their emails.

What could she gain? There are multiple potential factors – her mother’s empathy, a tale gone wild that she doesn’t know how to retract, attention, hiding the lapse of virginity with another boy, or even retribution because he didn’t want a relationship.

Why are specifics important? Because our culture is not puritan. Because this type of encounter is very prominent globally. Because we need to look at the entire context instead of the poor girl victim scenario. Nothing is quite that simplistic any longer. And the boy’s entire future could be completely and irrevocably ruined if the girl is not the sweet virgin she would suddenly like to portray herself as.

This is a bigger issue – and rape may be a very inappropriate charge in these circumstances. Morality is the issue. And Hollywood has absolute responsibility for altering perceptions of morality into a completely topsy-turvy value. Hollywood routinely shows couples slapping and kicking each other, battling aggressively, screaming, hitting, punching, and yet in real life everyone would be in jail. Hollywood shows young people engaging in sexual activity, oral sex is viewed as non-sex (just ask Bill Clinton), and it is even framed in a fantasy of flowers and meadows and purity. Even at the age of 15.

These are facts and must be considered when putting the value of life on display in a trial for rape. Even Google gets on the bandwagon with articles like; What’s the Right Age to Lose Your Virginity? And, What’s the Normal Age… These articles have nothing to do with legality – they are offering up a new morality of ‘when’ – 16, 17… Why is 16 okay but 15 is not? How can a blogger possibly justify such a statement? Cosmo says a good age is 15. A 13 year old wants to know if she is too young…

This is the reality we live. Any one who pretends it is anything less, anything more moral or ethical is living in an alternate universe. We created this! Us. All of us.

The ideal of taking your 16 year old son to a brothel to allow him to come of age is still routinely done, thought of, processed and considered. Where will he go the next day? Next month?

I imagine half of all eighteen year olds could be brought up on rape charges if we really wanted to know the Truth. But we don’t, we hide and shrug and hide some more, we don’t want to talk about it, we don’t want to think about it, and suddenly it is blaring us in our proverbial arses. What can we possibly expect?

The legal age in the US actually varies by state from 16 to 18. In Central America it is 15 to 18. In Canada it was raised from 14 to 16 just seven years ago. And in the UK it is 16. This is not as simple as 18-15 rape. Badabang!

Wake UP!

The discussions after numerous articles and blogs constitute a “he said – she said” legality that is not proof, it is conjecture. Although there are text messages and facebook and other friends whose testimony gives a far different picture than one of purity and ‘innocence’, the media has already convicted the boy.

Despite the fact that she apparently had stated that a blow job was on the table before she even went to meet the boy, this is subtext because it would indicate that rape was possibly NOT a viable criminal charge.. This does not mean his actions were right, it means that his actions were in line with the social attitude of the school, and society in general. Her claim that she said ‘no’ is also met with his claim that they did not have sexual intercourse. More – he said, she said.

Her claim that she told a friend of hers she would go as far as a blow job was met with – I have no recollection of saying that. We have outdated ideas of the teenage culture and pursue vengeance without considering the entire context. In a culture in which pornography is considered a natural outlet for teens, why would sexual intercourse be unnatural? According to an article published by Family Education, boys between the ages of 12 and 17 are the largest consumers of pornography. And who is crying foul? No one – in fact psychologists are espousing its normalcy.

Did this 18 year old boy rape the 15 year old girl? I don’t know – and neither do you. To make the assumption is a dangerous road. Was there consensual sexual stimulation – actually yes – she knew exactly what would take place, she was willing to go so far as oral sex, and that is documented. We do not know if she was a virgin, nor do we know the results of the rape kit that she took home with her days after the event. All we know is that she was pressured by the school counselor to take this to the police.

Is this attitude in this school abnormal? Unfortunately – no. It is common in our culture of easy sex, casual sex, sex for fun, pornography unlimited, sex by consent. Ask Amnesty International – they are a leading proponent for legalizing consensual sex globally. And therein lies a new legal definition – what constitutes consensual? Hollywood tells us – no means yes if you three times…

DO NOT condemn a boy child simply because he is a boy – his life has value too – and if you are wrong, shame to you for judging.  And while we don’t know all the facts, all the Truth, we do need to consider Both as potential victims until the Truth is known.

Germany – Legal Prostitution and Rape Crisis

Flawed theory – legalizing prostitution will create a healthier environment, less rape and less std’s.

Prostitution IS Sex Trafficking.

While Germany would like to promote itself as being forward thinking and liberal in it’s legalizing of prostitution, I doubt the children and adults of sex trafficking are applauding. I doubt the victims of rape are cheering.

Germany wanted to be progressive. They thought that if prostitution was legal, it would be cleaner. They thought that it would promote better health and less disease among the prostitutes. They wanted the clients to feel more comfortable. They thought legality meant capital competition. They did no research. And now they are one of the world leaders in the business of sex trade.

The perversity of the decriminalization by three women in the German Bundestag has seen the growth of an industry so dehumanizing girls rarely escape. Reports now abound that provide evidence that when prostitution is legalized, trafficking inflows increase dramatically. Those inflows include children. Having full knowledge of the trafficking problems in countries like the Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia, Germany chose to ignore the obvious and go for the resulting $$dollars.

Legalizing prostitution created a taxable revenue stream. Topping $18 billion, Germany has now earned itself fourth position in world prostitution revenue. China is first at $73 billion, then Spain at $26 billion, and Japan at $24 billion. How a country, a government, can knowingly decriminalize an industry that trades and exploits children is unbelievable. At the same time, Germany makes homeschooling children a criminal charge. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

In Germany, the majority of trafficked girls come from Bulgaria and Romania. The idea that legalizing would create a cleaner, more efficient business has fallen far from its glory. Still, advocates try and taut it as a success given that rape crimes and gonorrhea cases have been driven down. But that simply isn’t so. In fact, Germany has risen to the rank of 8th in the top ten countries for rape as of 2014. And Spain, where prostitution is also legal, ranks 2nd in the world. Sweden, where prostitution is legal for the seller, ranked 3rd..

Rape has also risen dramatically in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The common factor – in Denmark 50% of the convicted rapists were immigrants despite the fact they make up 10% of the population. In Sweden, 77.6% of the rapists are classified as foreigners ( Muslim immigrants). In Norway 100% of aggravated rapes involving physical violence were committed by individuals of African, Asian or Middle Eastern origin.

It is estimated that only 13% of victims report the crime.

The media is silent, the politicians are silent, fearful that they might become a target, fearful that they might ‘offend’ a culture, fearful that these statistics could create a wave of knowledge whereby citizens actually have access to truth.

What has declined is the conviction rate. Some of our European politicians go so far as to sympathize with the rapist as being a traumatized immigrant who just needs help and a hug…

The notion that legalizing a crime will reduce the ‘act’ is seriously flawed. Legalizing alcohol certainly did not reduce consumption, underage consumption, or over drinking issues.

In places like Cambodia, Thailand, Brazil and the Philippines, the value of human life is low. The value of morality does not exist. Slavery and prostitution are a means to an end, not an industry as proponents would like us to believe, most often not a chosen line of ‘work’, but instead nothing more than a means for survival. Period. The idea that it is anything else is naïve and self serving. Another argument for prostitution claims it is simply ‘a lifestyle’, and we must be tolerant of this way of making a living.

But look at the faces. These are not the faces of choice and lifestyle, these are the faces of slaves.

A sex vacation? Germany offers travel tours for up to eight days inside a brothel, promising 100 sex slaves who will perform anything you want. The latest and greatest escape! How riche, how gauche, how depraved. Who are their clientele?

Koreans continually top the list as the most frequented clients in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines. But they certainly aren’t alone. Sixty to eighty percent of Cambodian men admit to using prostitutes despite having a wife and multiple girlfriends. In Thailand 50% of boys aged 16 and 90% of university students visit brothels. Nearly 65% of young people in Italy want the reintroduction of legal brothels. In Spain, seeing a prostitute is considered an expression of individual freedom.

The thread? The rise of the sex trade is in direct proportion to the internet, and to the psychology of free love. Free love saw the decline of morality. The internet provides discount advertising, free porn sites to get you aroused, and an abundance of girls that tease and tempt. MSN and Fox both aggravate and taunt with headlines of nude selfies. And Hollywood has branded itself as a sex exploitive industry. Money can buy anything in the entertainment world – and in a world without morals, it does. Using prohibition as an example, legalizing alcohol had two impacts; increasing sales, increasing government revenue. Prostitution would be no different.

Busts are rare and although the numbers are high with freeing 106 children or 140 children, the numbers are so insignificant in percentages as to make for no true fear to rise in the hearts of the pimps. Considering that statistics are estimates in this case – the number of sex enslaved children in the US is about 2 million. If 140 are rescued there are still 1,999,860 enslaved.

Does legalizing prostitution do anything for society? It adds revenue to government coffers. We could legalize hit men too, or tax theft, or money laundering, we could legalize fraud and corruption and have a heyday at the bank.

Just saying…