The Fall of Europe – Rape, Immigrants, Blackmail – It’s Just The Beginning

Socialism and the Swedes. They are held up as the prime example of a perfect society, wealthy, insured, happy and productive. They also happen to have one of the highest rates of rape – in the world at 66 per 100,000 and growing. Worse, the courts rarely imprison the rapist and find that the victim ‘asked for it’. Socialism at its best…

A Swedish woman was gang raped by 7 – the rapists received sentences of 4 to 6 years which will be reduced by 1/3 as is typical. They were all refugees.  This is just one of the 77% stories.

The papers and the courts all seem to be of the mind that rape statistics should not be discussed or researched. Such is true in The Netherlands, Denmark, and Finland where convictions are low and thus the numbers muted by women who don’t bother to report the incident because the crime will go unpunished. Why bother. Apparently even in gang rape cases, the courts will rule that the victim asked for it. The law would seem to mirror Sharia law. And that is what they don’t want to advertise.

Statistics in Sweden, outside of the government, conclude that 77% of rapes are perpetrated by Muslims. But even that figure is questionable because in Sweden if a Muslim has citizenship, they are no longer identified in any statistic as Muslim. Secondly, all 2nd generation Muslims automatically are termed Swedish and thus the Muslim label is dropped. As such, the rate attributable to Muslims is most likely to be significantly higher.

One problem with reporting such a statistic is that under Swedish law, making such a statement can be considered racist, and a crime, punishable with imprisonment. Ironically, the rapists go free, while the reporter goes to jail for stating what is a fact.

With Muslim refugees crashing the gates of Europe, they bring with them their laws and ways as well. In Saudi Arabia, a 19 year old girl who was gang raped was sentenced to 200 lashings and 6 months in jail. Why? Because she was unaccompanied, and thus asked for the rape. The US State Department response? They expressed ‘surprise and astonishment’.

Rape is occurring at high rates in the German Refugee camps, but there are no prosecutions, no punishment, no law.  Did Merkel sellout Germany? Muting the truth, obliterating comments on Facebook, denouncing fact, Merkel has sold her country and its people to Sharia Law. Speaking out against Muslims and their means of rule, is considered prejudicial and racist, a discrimination crime. Most of the refugees are male. They state that coming to the EU would have been too dangerous for their wives and children. But if they are fleeing ISIS and death, then how could it be that leaving their wives and children at the hand of that danger is less dangerous than coming to the EU?

Because it isn’t the truth.

Governments throughout Europe have already declared that the way to contain the rape problem is not to go after the rapists, but to have all the women and girls dress more modestly and make sure they are always accompanied… sounds like Saudi Arabia to me. The press is warned to downplay rapes. The media is told to coverup stories. And Zuckerberg finds himself a newly ordained puppet in the mix of censorship.

Merkel is said to have a heart in allowing the migrants to drop like tons of bricks on Germany. Really? Allowing rapes, terrorism, and entitlements to a select few, to immigrants, to Muslims, while Germans pay hardly seems empathetic. In fact it is heinous.

Media reports declare this mass immigration as like nothing we’ve seen since WWII. But there is a difference that goes unreported. At the end of the war, most the the immigrants were ‘repatriated back to their home country’, with the exception of vast numbers of Jews who were given Israel as their new home country. Does that mean when the Syrian conflict is over, all the Syrians will be sent back? The Somalis?  The Iraqis?  No, they are assimilated into their new host country and given free money, housing, food, clothes, and allowed to assert their own lawlessness.   Why would they want to go back to their home country?

Where are most of the immigrants actually originating from? Turkey. Erdogan is sick of housing the 2 ½ million in camps and shooed them to the EU. He’s angry and this is his vengeance.

And how is the EU handling Erdogan? Why they have agreed to give him $3.4 billion ‘to start’, grant Turkey EU membership status and ease restrictions on Turks traveling throughout the EU. In addition he is demanding that a safe zone camp be built on Syria’s northern border with Turkey. Energy, will of course be on the table – who gets it, who owns it and whose will be ‘confiscated’.

Who is the puppet now?

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  1. I appreciate this article. It is awful to be foreced to be quiet and watch our societies/civilization being destroyed, but there is some consolation in knowing that others are also witnessing the same reality.

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