GLOBAL CORPORATISM – Directed by the United Nations

CEO’s are moving closer to center stage in the Shakespearian Event of America’s Coup.   While us peasants are continually mortified that CEO’s and Boards are jumping into the political firestorm, we may have missed the point.   Because THAT is the point of the Coup.   Our political system is shifting to a Fascist Corporatism.

US SUPPLY CHAIN – The ten corporations that own/control just about everything we buy rule via:   Pepsico, Coca Cola, Nestle, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft-Heinz, P&G, General Mills, Kellogg’s, MARS, and Mondelez – (which is a spin-off of Kraft).

ALL these companies were initially formed in the late 1800’s thru 1920’s.

  1. CEO of PepsiCo is Ramon Laguarta from Spain has been CEO since 2017.
  2. CEO of Kraft/Heinz is Miguel Patricio from Portugal, he has been CEO since 2019.
  3. CEO of General Mills is Jeff Harmening who was appointed in 2017.
  4. CEO of Nestle is Ulf Mark Schneider from Germany. He was appointed in 2017.
  5. CEO of Johnson & Johnson is Alex Gorsky appointed in 2012.
  6. CEO of P&G is David Taylor appointed as of 2016.
  7. CEO of MRAS is Grant Reid from the UK – appointed in 2014
  8. CEO of Unilever is Alan Jope, a Scotsman appointed in 2019.
  9. CEO of Coca Cola is James Quincey of the UK appointed 2016.
  10. CEO of Mondelez is Dirk Van de Put from Belgium appointed in 2017.

These CEO’s that own the US food chain of supply were all recently instituted.   NOT coincidentally.  

TOP TEN GLOBAL BANKS – Of the top ten banks in the world, five are owned by China, 2 by the US, one by Japan, UK and France. Of the two in the US, Jamie Dimon is CEO of JP Morgan Chase, a lifelong democrat who supported Obama … and Romney.   Brian Moynihan is CEO of Bank of America and a grounded supporter of all things Obama.

MEDIA – Five Corporations own the vast majority of US media: Time, Comcast, NewsCorp, Disney, and Viacom/CBS.   ALL are liberal democrat sustainers.   Disney CEO Bob Chapek was appointed in 2020.   CEO of Comcast has been an avid supporter of Obama and Hillary.   Ditto Time, ditto NewsCorp, ditto Viacom.

NGO’S – The top 20 NGO’s have one common thematic – adopting, promoting and implementing the UN/WEF Sustainability Development Goals.   This would indicate that in fact the instructions for corporatism initiate through the UN.   The UN’s tagline would be: Peace, Dignity and Equality on a Healthy Plant.    No mention of financial security, Unity, Liberty, or Fair Justice.  

The last EO instituted by Biden on April 16th is deemed to be a sanction on Russia however it states that all property shall be confiscated by the US Government for any person who is deemed by the Secretary of Treasury (Janet Yellen) to have:    C)   engaged or attempted to engage in undermining democratic processes., and F) activities that undermine the peace, security, political stability, or territorial integrity of the United States.   In addition, should any individual as determined by Janet Yellen be blocked, their spouse and all adult children will also be blocked.

If a person is blocked per Janet Yellen’s order, any person or organization which provides funds, goods or services to that person is prohibited and they too will be ‘blocked’ if they do.    The entire Order is – retroactive and NO NOTICE is necessary before the blockage.

This means that one person has the power to make a determination of ‘undermining’ without ANY judicial process and confiscate all your property and prevent your future sustenance and healthcare.

Oddly, there are US companies currently doing business with Russia that could be ‘blocked’ and confiscated as subversive according to the EO, including:   PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, Cargill, Alcoa, GE, Proctor & Gamble, GM, and Mondelez.

Unfortunately, Biden’s EO has other unintended ramifications.   In 2019, Tatiana Valovaya of the Russian Federation was appointed as Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva.   She formerly worked for the Russian Federation from 1989 thru 2012.   Thus she could be BLOCKED and all her assets, those of her husband and children – confiscated.  I don’t think she would be very happy. Oops.

It is essentially the marking of the beast.

Global Corporatism has been systematically crafted, staged and implemented over the last decade.   They are now all in place awaiting instructions.

Corporatism is a political ideology with roots in the Catholic Church, Monarchies and Fascism from the Middle Ages. Today, engaging in social aspects of society is the Hammer. Instead of simply being a consumer entity, Corporatism advocates for their power to be directed as the Keeper of Humanity.   It is something of a god like dominion.   By contrast the Federal Government was created to support Justice, Liberty, Defense, and General Welfare.   General Welfare has been a common cause for legal action in its over-stepping the bounds as stipulated in The Constitution.

None of these clauses are mentioned in the UN Sustainability Goals.   Which leads to the assumption that all Constitutions globally will no longer exist should the UN determine itself to be the Global Governance under a Corporatism structure. No states or countries will have sovereignty.   And all peoples will be required to hold to one universal thought as promulgated by the UN.

How delightful…

Obama as UN Secretary General?

So, Obama wants to be King of the World – as in UN Secretary General. General? Interesting given Obama’s only role in a military strategy was listening to the anarchists during his college days while smoking pot and snorting cocaine. Not exactly good resume qualities.

While the UN continues to put on excessive weight, leaning towards obesity, it’s success has fallen on an almost identical parity. It’s staffing has become so bloated that 75% of it’s funding simply pays for their salaries and benefits, which are apparently quite generous! It has been described as inefficient, ineffective, weak, fragmented and a total failure. It employs over 41,000 and easily spends through an annual budget in excess of $45 billion (the number is an estimate since they refuse to provide budget transparency).

And while its budget has been compared routinely as ‘only half’ that of New York City… NYC employs nearly 328,000, as of FYE 2012, – 8 times the staff! An obviously ridiculous comparison.

All of that changed January 1, 2016, while we lay sleeping.

Obama has categorically announced his intention of ruling this organization once Ban Ki Moon’s term is up as of December 31, 2016, coordinating with the day Obama hands the baton to his successor.  Why?  How could Obama’s rule undermine our core? The UN already oversees the World Court which is charged with deciding disputes between countries. But there is something else, something so insidious that has already transpired, while we lay sleeping, that will alter every aspect of our world – forever.

In 2015, a little reported document was signed by the UN and its Member nations; Transforming Our World; the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It took effect January 1, 2016 with little fanfare because our esteemed media chose not to inform us. You see, while we’re still talking about a One World Order. It is now a far gone conclusion, one our presidents and prime ministers agreed to behind our backs.  We were sold out:

The document purports to represent the Greater Good of all populations and states that they will act on our behalf to create a complete transformation of the world as we know it to one they feel is decidedly more fair, more socialistic, more equitable, ruled by and for our benefit.  As Secretary General, Obama would have the power to appoint ALL other heads of offices within the UN.  The POWER would thus be – over the world.  They refer to this design as the New Agenda where we will all live in conformity with their laws, or else:

Equitable education – as in they decide

Sexual and reproductive health care services – as in they decide

Shared wealth – as in what has not already been committed ie, the Gates/Buffett Giving Pledge which removes wealth from the individual into a Foundation controlled by the individual under the auspices of charity – these funds will not be confiscated

Fundamental changes in the way societies produce and consume goods and services – as in we will be told what to produce, when and for whom

Positive contribution of migrants – as in greater welfare recipients and more terrorists

States that do not comply – will be penalized – as in the mark of the beast

Climate Change mitigation – as in rammed down our throats

Rule of Law will hold any individuals not conforming to these promulgations as a possible criminal or terrorist – as in if you do not accept the mark, you will not be permitted to buy and sell.

The Third International Conference on Financing for Development, held in July 2015, outlined the means for sustaining the cost of The New Agenda – public taxes and ‘mobilizing public resources’. As in, your assets will be confiscated.

It has already begun, while we lay sleeping…signed, sealed and accepted for you, on your behalf.  Are you ready?

William Casey, CIA 1981:  “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

BIBLE:  “And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.”