After a siege and surge of China demonizing by the WH handlers controlling the media, they think threatening China with sanctions for not flying the Ukraine flag in honor of the government’s Nazi Military will somehow – work.   The blackmail hasn’t worked with Venezuela, the Middle East, or India so of course it would work with Xi Jinping… Especially after Soros called for a China Coup!

Miffed and muffled, the Cabalist Mafia is left with its tail between its legs and limping.   Once again critical thinking wins over whining, bullying and ineffectual threats!   Old geezers united losers club.

Germany is investigating whether Bosch parts in Russian tanks violates sanctions and Swiss traders continue to trade Russian commodities.   All blood is red and all money is money.   You would think half the globe is eating magic mushrooms given the insanity of tears.

Historically, the only way to bring down the Mafia is via a bigger bloodier Mafia to replace them.   At least that has been the means of Cartels – and the Cabal is most definitely a cartel running every major drug, trafficking, and criminal activity.
If Russia can destabilize the largest cartel on the globe within a matter of weeks, imagine what the BRICS could do as a singular entity?

Politico ponders how to capture the hearts and minds of Russians to rebel against Putin by offering Russians an open border for defection.   The fact that the US is likely more soviet than the Soviet Union at this point alludes these critical thinkers.

With 31 Democrats choosing not to seek re-election, many disillusioned and leaving the party, the illusion of winning is – losing.   And the only game plan left would seem to milk the last drop of $$$$$ from US coffers to the point of no return.

Deutsch Welle cites the BAFTA’s as proof positive that Russia support is flailing.   Given I didn’t even know what the Bafta’s was, and that it is a consortium of Hollywood neocoms, I doubt they have any intellect or intelligensia of anything outside of the pretend world of make believe. But apparently Germany thinks that these jesters of kings are now the source of populace opinion.

But that would align with the Cabalist Mafia in desperation.   Utilizing a barrage of eighth grade jesters to create a meta world of intellectuals – is the joke of the century to be sure. Because certainly their fashion acumen is the basis of all things political and economic in the salvation of the US.

Except – the world at large is awakening.

And realizing the illusion is a fabrication of betrayal and manipulation.   Within this manipulation and awakening the control is beginning to fray which makes for even greater Media invasion –

YET, they seem somewhat oblivious to this shift – and in so doing have lost the Art of War – underestimating their enemy – The American People.

From the onslaught, the American people were considered the most difficult obstacle to their Agenda due to our resilience.   And so the focus was on us in devouring that resilience thru youth re-education.   I am reminded of a ‘friend’ on Facebook whose daughter threatened him with withholding her son, his grandson from his life should he continue to acknowledge my blog.   He caved. And I do not judge him at all.   But I imagine she has used that threat for every person he knows.

Bill Sardi’s funeral is scheduled for this Sunday, the 20th.   I think of him often.   And hope that I will continue to make him proud of my contribution to his cause. We had a share of discussions over many personal and political topics.   It is a strange world we live in to be sure – but I am sure he is watching us as is my Father, and my Dad.

AVIAN Bird Flu Requires Culling of Millions of Chickens

Ukraine labs were ‘studying’ Avian Flu, among other pathogens, specifically how to infect wild birds and transmit the disease to domestic birds and humans.   This week, the MSM has announced that avian flu has mysteriously appeared in the US, and no one knows how that could be possible…   Millions of chickens and turkeys are being culled across the US to mitigate the potential for a greater spread.   Shortages of eggs and chickens will cause prices to skyrocket…. On cue.

It isn’t just Ukrainian labs playing with H5N1, in 2018 NIH reopened and began funding labs in the US.   The purpose of the studies is to manipulate the flu variant to make the virus more potent and lethal.   In 2019, a “US government review panel quietly approved experiments proposed by two labs that were previously considered so dangerous that federal officials had imposed an unusual top-down moratorium on such research.”

To date, over 7 million domestic birds have been killed in anticipation of an outbreak in 2022. The price of eggs had already risen 22% year over year, while the price of chicken had risen roughly 70% before the latest outbreak.

The coincidence of lab studies seems a bit too keen.  

An NIH study in 2007 stated, “Since 2003, there have been many small outbreaks of human cases (H5N1)around the world, and the reported mortality is greater than 50%.   Current evidence suggests that the human-to-human transmission of avian influenza is rather inefficient, but mutation might occur in the future resulting in improved transmission and possibly a pandemic in humans.”

“Mutation might occur in the future”.  Given that the mutations are occurring in NIH funded labs across the globe, the prediction has come true.

According to the USDA tasked with observing wild bird H5N1:   “It is not uncommon to detect avian influenza in wild birds, as avian influenza viruses circulate freely in those populations without the birds appearing sick.”   Asymptomatic Birds are observed to be ‘sick’!   Follow The Science.

Wild birds show no symptoms of the virus, ‘asymptomatic’, but ‘can’ supposedly spread the virus to domestic birds.   Sounds a lot like CoVid!   Thus when NIH and the CDC ‘test wild birds for the virus’ they require regional poultry farms to cull their entire farm.

How is testing of wild birds performed?

According to the USDA, surveillance of dabbling ducks is the means of determination.   Dabbling ducks are the primary reservoir of the virus, according to a USDA report. The surveillance method is to view watersheds across the US where the virus has been found in ducks historically.   Band some ducks – and then wait to see how many are alive the following year based on finding all banded ducks at any given watershed.   The numbers are then inserted into a program based on ‘estimates’ using the “Bayesian BetaBinomial model”.   This model was developed in 1948 as a simplistic means for estimation and prediction.

And suddenly this avian flu is sounding a lot like the prediction methods employed to determine CoVid cases and deaths.   Wild birds are not actually tested, and the annual culling of chickens and turkeys could just as easily be a means for creating artificial price controls and food shortages.

It is estimated that 22.275 million ducks are killed every year by hunters. The states with largest quota include: Mississippi, Tennessee, Oregon, Louisiana, Idaho, Washington, Arkansas, and California. This culling would likely be included in the Bayesian Model – right?

Despite the avian virus rarely infecting humans, the bio labs have manipulated it multiple times to try and make it possible for the virus to be transmitted more easily to humans.   As such, Sanofi developed a vaccine for H5N1 in 2007 – just in case.   The trial study of the vaccine effectiveness involved a total of 103 adults and was ‘estimated’ to have a 45% effectiveness. Side effects were not available because the potential risk of a pandemic outweighs the risk of potentially fatal side effects – according to the FDA.

According to WHO, between 2003 and 2013, there were 627 laboratory confirmed human cases of H5N1.   As a result, the federal government keeps a stockpile of these vaccines. Of course the fact that a mutated form would be required for the virus to infect humans in a pathological manner seems to have alluded the ever scientific intellect of scientists.

Because vaccines are based predominantly on the original spike, and given all viruses mutate thousands of times, this stockpiled vaccine would be wholly worthless.

Once again our esteemed government is found to be creating what it purports to prevent, and causing shortages and price spikes based on dated, likely worthless algorithms.   Killing an entire chicken farm’s inventory of birds is the means of prevention.   Which is how they prevent viruses in humans – too.

UKRAINE: A McKinsey & CO Restyled Operetta of Corruption

There are two parallel universes operating in Ukraine:   The one presented from 2014 to 2021, and the one rewritten like a Hollywood movie with CIA input/guidance.   This grandly orchestrated McKinsey & Co restyled operetta would also apply to Saint Zelensky, his wife, and his friends who all became cabinet members upon his election.  Fun Fact!

In 2018- 2019 Zelensky’s ‘sprawling network’ of offshore accounts became the subject of the Pandora Paper Scaper scamerati. Later the Panama Paper Caper also named Zelensky. All accounts were co-owned by Zelensky with four members of his Sitcom crew and friends; Shefir, Borys, Yakovlev and Bakanov.   They were opened in 2012. His election platform was that he would not be as corrupt as his predecessors – so he transferred title to his wife and his friends for some of these offshore accounts.   While the valuations are not known, The Guardian reported some properties in London and Westminster were valued at $1-$2 million each.   The accounts pay dividends to Zelensky’s wife.   None of the funds paid Ukrainian taxes. To date, Zelensky has refused to provide data on these offshore accounts.

While claiming to have a net worth of $1.5 million, Veterans Today claims Zelensky recently bought a $34 million villa in Miami. When Zelensky was elected in 2019, he immediately appointed his benefactor, Kolomoyskyi’s lawyer as head of the Presidential Administration for Ukraine. Kolomoyskyi is reportedly worth $1.8 billion – give or take… Not including Zelensky, there are exactly 7 billionaires in Ukraine where the gdp pp is $3727.

The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the Opposition Platform – Party For Life Ilya Kiva, claims that Zelensky’s offshore accounts hold more than a billion dollars. They go through banks like First Union Bank, Deutsche Bank, Banque Nationale de Paris. According to the deputy, the movement of such funds would be impossible without the control of the authorities of Germany and France:

“Zelensky has accumulated $1.2 billion in the Dresdner Bank Lateinamerika in Costa Rica during the two and a half years of his presidency. This money was transferred to the president by Ukrainian oligarchs, such as Rinat Akhmetov, Viktor Pinchuk, Igor Kolomoisky.”

Hardly the working class Hero Sainted across the US and EU!

While the Ukrainian president continues to conference via video, there is never any noise interference that would indicate a war was just outside his window.   The reception is clear, without static, and could easily be a stage set in Zelensky’s Miami villa.

WHY?   Why would the EU and US masquerade this president who has obviously raped his country?   Biden et al. The et al being all the Corporations that wanted access to the resources of Ukraine including giants such as Lockheed Martin, Monsanto, Raytheon, NIH, etc…

In 2016, Oliver Stone created a documentary on the corruption, torture, and depravity that is – Ukraine.  

Since 2001, US ‘economic aid’ to Ukraine has totaled over $4.2 billion representing 68% of the total aid, or $6.17 billion.   Why is the US such a LARGESS benefactor?   Pay-For-Play.   Before the 2014 Color Revolution coup in Ukraine – the GDP pp was $4030.  So despite ALL the influx of billions by foreign government/taxpayers, Ukraine’s economy pp dropped nearly 10%.   Where did the money go?

Obviously NOT into the economies productivity investment – instead it went into the Pay-For-Play investment – 110% for me and -10% for Ukrainians.

A 2020 US Department of State Document outlining the corruption in Ukraine aligns with an Amnesty International document of the same time period.   The summary of abuses include:

“Significant human rights issues included: unlawful or arbitrary killing; torture and cases of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment of detainees by law enforcement personnel; harsh and life-threatening conditions in prisons and detention centers; arbitrary arrest or detention; serious problems with the independence of the judiciary; abuses in the Russia-led conflict in the Donbas, including physical abuse of civilians and members of armed groups held in detention facilities; serious restrictions on free expression, the press, and the internet, including violence, threats of violence, or unjustified arrests or prosecutions against journalists, censorship, and blocking of websites; refoulement of refugees; serious acts of corruption; lack of investigation of and accountability for violence against women; violence or threats of violence motivated by anti-Semitism; crimes involving violence or threats of violence targeting persons with disabilities, members of ethnic minority groups, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex persons; and the existence of the worst forms of child labor.”

YET – The I SUPPORT UKRAINE sheeples reveal exactly what they support – a disgustingly perverse country corrupted for ages without reprieve by any president – including the Saint Zelensky, et al.

TODAY, the sheeple Biden Handlers have pledged an additional $1.5 billion for Ukraine – without accountability or US taxpayer authority.   TODAY – the International Court of Justice determined that ALL this information – all this documentation by the UN, US State Department, Amnesty International, the HMRRU, and all other previously designated authorities is void.   And Russia has no case despite 14,000-24,000 murdered in Donbas by neo-Nazi Ukraine military.

OH – That would include CHILDREN!

WHY?   Why would the International Court be rigged?

Because Ukraine became and is a multinational HUB for all things illegal, corrupt, and MAFIA at the behest of the Globalist Corporate Committee which deigns to become the Global Government. If their reputation is revealed – Agenda 2030 FAILS – per the wet dreams of The Economist.

Ukraine-Russia: Hypnotic Hatred is The Belligerent

Moving from our Hatred for all things and people Chinese, the evil Putin has become the new hated Boogeyman.   The thematic being instilled in the hypnosis is “Hate”.   Americans are taught to hate Central Americans, most Africans, Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil, Columbia, Russia, China, North Vietnam, Pakistan, and the Middle East.   The next isolationism hypnosis is likely to be India. Democrats and Conservatives alike have boarded the Hate Train while promoting Hatred in elementary schools, universities, libraries, and commerce.   Instill the venom while brain is vulnerable to mass hypnosis to infiltrate rational thinking!

Said Satan.

Romney demands Americans be put in Gulags!   Russia is no longer a capitalist Christian nation – it is STALIN – the murderer.   China is Mao!   And the UK is Henry the 8th beheading his wives!   Turn your parents into the Gestapo! And the atheists have given further proof of God in their embrace of Satan.

A Facebook commentator has decried that once the US declares war on Russia to fight on behalf of the Nazi Regime of Ukraine, every person whose ‘narrative’ considers Russia in a positive light is a traitor who will be assassinated by the US Government…

An American Thinker commentator opens his article decrying the evil murderous Putin who grew up in the ‘Soviet Union’.   The Soviet Union of course wants to take over the World!   He exclaims… And the evil satanic Putin is starting this global confiscation by destroying the poorest most corrupt country in Europe.   That’s logical…

A ’devout Christian’ posted a Dear God letter in which he asked God to assassinate Putin.   One would think that the US and EU have NEVER dropped a bomb in the history of their existence, the hypnosis is so thick!   Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen – poofed out of brain cells and into the abyss of psyche MKUltra 101.     Not one child ever suffered in those incendiary cataclysms!   And Obama was praised for every life he tore from existence numbering 600,000 deaths and 13million displaced.   Hurray!   He saved Syria!

Of course these same co-patriot hawks bobbling like a bobble doll at the idea that Biden must declare War against Russia so that we can send troops, aka your sons and daughters, to give their lives for a country they can’t find on a global map – that makes sense.   Volunteer your children and grandchildren!   Hurrah!

And then – the piece de resistance!   A FB male commenter declares Russia is pitifully losing because the incursion is ongoing after 2 ½ weeks – and well,  Fox News and CNN say so…!   Dastardly!   Syria was 11 years – involved over a dozen combined western forces and still failed their main agenda – to save Syria from Assad.   Has he forgotten Afghanistan, the longest war in history with 7-8 western regimes involved – 300,000+ dead with 26,000 children dead or maimed.  Hypnotized!

Somehow the heroics of these country’s leaders trying to preserve their civilization was not plastered all over the US media.   They were not hailed ‘hero’s’, they were not sanitized, as the US aggressor was demonized.   And OMG Russia is censoring FB – they are communist!   But wait – didn’t you call FB communist for censoring you?   Tik-Tok watch the Clock.

The hypnotic concept is that War is good when the belligerents include the US/West killing citizens, War is bad when the belligerents are everyone else. To be True to one’s soul one must decide;   a) war is bad no matter the initiator, or b) sovereign nations need to duke out their issues without outside intervention of ANY kind.   That would include weapons and ‘contractors’, aka mercenaries, paid for by their governments.

Because as soon as outside intervention occurs we face World War probability and nuclear annihilation possibility.  AND THAT would be on your head.

PELOSI in Violation of Legal Requests By Judicial Watch

PELOSI claiming sovereign immunity in refusing to make public the purported evidence in the January 6th persecution is not viable.   The Legal clause applies to the right to not being ‘sued’ when the government acts “within” the jurisdiction of the US Constitution.   Obviously, the entire process of the January 6th Committee is outside of the Constitution and thus immunity would NOT prevail.   Nowhere in this law does it apply to the right to withhold evidence from the public in the prosecution of US citizens.   It is about being sued.

In 1946, Congress passed the Tort Claims Act. It allowed US District Courts to hold the US liable for torts committed by:

“agencies, officers, and employees just as the courts would hold individual defendants liable under similar circumstances. This general waiver of immunity included a number of exceptions, however, including the torts of Battery, False Imprisonment, False Arrest, Malicious Prosecution, Abuse of Process, Libel, Slander, Misrepresentation, deceit, interference with contractual rights etc…”

Pelosi’s claim that the Committee is immune from transparency applies if they have followed to the letter of the law the US Constitution.

They have Not.

The Freedom of Information Act could possibly have been a card play had Pelosi or the committee followed every rule of the Act to a tee.   Such as providing Judicial Watch with the reasons, providing redacted information, or responding according to the rules of engagement.   Pelosi & the committee did not and instead have attempted to make a claim, sovereign immunity, that is not a part of the FOIA, and have thus jeopardized any means at their disposal to hide the evidence.

In fact they have violated various points of response, contact, and due diligence.

The first trial opened the ‘public’ denial point of FOIA when the judge allowed a media person – public, and the defendants wife – a public person, to attend the trial.   Therefore making the Pelosi violation even more egregious as she claims there is ‘no public interest’.

In a reality outside of Alice’s Wonderland, the request would have been required and met with FULL unredacted documents provided.   Judicial Watch is a member of the media and thus has full rights to the request.   There are also terms within the Act that specify how long they can drag their feet, which they have exceeded.

But the most damning of course is the fact that the Committee has effectively announced they are illegally withholding evidence that could prove innocence – they have completely denied hundreds of US citizens to their right of a speedy trial, held them without charges, and confined them to inhumane conditions which are all violations of the US Constitution –

Tort claims could be levied and having the evidence provides the means!  This is what Pelosi Fears MOST!

UN Built on Communist Ideology to Usher in Monarchial Rule

AFTER 11 years of bombardment on Syria by the uninvited US, UK, Germany, France, Australia and Canadian forces…   the UN has declared:   “We can not fail the Syrian People”.   What-the HECK?   The UN picture shows two women in full head to toe black hijabs.   But Syrian women don’t wear the full hijab they are not Sunni!   They typically wear bright head scarves – the full black garb is typical of Sunni women not Shiite.   So the fake picture blaring across the UN’s opening page is in fact – propaganda!

The UN is now concerned about the ‘economic crisis’ created by western nations in Syria which aligned themselves with ancillary groups associated with ISIL and al Qaeda, including el Nusra.   I imagine that is rather a slap in the face for Syrians given the UN aided and abetted the western bombing.

UN:   Peace, Dignity and Equality on a Healthy Planet.   Of course those words don’t apply to any nation and haven’t since the UN’s inception in 1945.   Like the Federal Reserve, NATO, etc…, their usefulness is vacantly benign – a barren wasteland.   Yet their pockets are quite full.  

According to the last public financial statement for the UN, 2020, 50% of Revenue was allocated to salaries, 10% to Contractual Labor, and 10% to actual ‘grants’.   Their assets stand at $40 billion with $31.6, or 80% allocated to ‘employee benefit liabilities’.  

This might explain why they have achieved – nothing.

Over 21% of their income comes from the US government, and the second largest benefactor at 11.7% is from China.   82.5% of their total Grants went to one organization; International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.

The IUCN Director General, Bruno Oberle, played a key role in the establishment of the Green Climate Fund.  Key partners include France and the Global Environment Facility – GEF.   Key Patrons include: Prince Albert of Monaco, Queen Noor of Jordan, Prince Phillip of Sweden, Lumming Al, President of Wuhan Science & Technology, and among others, Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard who co-chair the WEF, Friend of Ocean Action created by Ghislaine Maxwell!   WEF was formed by Prince Charles.  

British Royalty and its consorts would seem to desire a return to monarchial rule. A form of communism. Using ISIL, Nazi’s, Antifa, al Qaeda, and their affiliates as their military militia – they have marauded throughout the globe for hundreds of years seeking the absolute destruction of the one colony that defied their Order – America.  The idea was that if America fell, the global holdouts would simply cave.  But that didn’t happen.

It is truly a sad day when one confronts the fact that taxpayers across the globe have been raped of their earnings, their work lives, and their dignity by organizations that claimed to be our ‘Protectors’.   Betrayal is in the top three of most corrupt, nefarious, qualities of mankind.

With its very source Cain & Abel.

Despite Soros announcing that the Clinton, Obama, Biden colony we call Ukraine, must be saved from the deviates China and Russian, US republican hawks continue to defend the appropriation/theft of more taxpayer dollars to fund this colony.     All while millions of children and women die needlessly in the US from lack of proper nutrition and from medical mania malpractice.

China was onboard the band wagon of these monarchies due to a shared goal – the annihilation of America – the evil giant.   They collaborated and schemed for this final necessary coup so as to reap the wealth of the land and its resources.   China was led to believe they were in the top tier of the pyramid. Useful.   Guinea Pig.   But XI was deluded into thinking China would ever be on the elite level within the Monarchial Rule.  For a time, Putin was deluded as well.

But that was never the Royal agenda.   Utilizing their pawns of destruction, including Soros, these powerful, elite sought to recreate and expand the Empire they lost.   At their behest, Soros recently demanded the immediate ‘removal’ of both Xi and Putin from office.   Akin to a pre-conceived coup – or assassination.   And still – citizens follow blindly.  Conservatives rallying behind Ukraine in alliance with Soros, Clinton, Biden et al.

Without ownership of China and Russia, the imperial dynasty would not prevail on a Global Throne.   I am reminded of Hillary prancing about in Cambridge wearing her regal robe and crown as she was named Chancellor!   This was her dream moment.  Ultimately, World Chancellor is Hillary’s goal.   Not US President.   And it appears, this title is used as a carrot by the Royalties to beguile her as their sheeple.

You see, the Monarchial Empire never really fell – it simply was relegated to shadows so as to conflate the facts, and reorganize the structure.  

Whether Hillary too is actually a pawn of the Monarchies is yet to be determined – but it would be quite interesting should she find that her status is in truth ‘peasant’.    

Somehow revealing this bizarre Shakespearean Plot has been transcribed to mean Truth is pro-Russia or pro-China when in fact Truth is simply Truth.   One individual on my FB pages announced that should the US declare War on Russia as a result of the Ukraine colony, anyone who speaks out in favor of Russia would be a traitor and subject to treason, expulsion, and Gitmo.   Obviously, this person has no idea what Treason is defined to be.   In fact, if his definition were correct, in the US, millions of anti-Vietnam protestors would be confined to Gitmo today.

Of course, what this puppet’s definition does support is –  Communist law.

The first Director General of the UN elected/appointed by member states was Trygve Halvdan Lie who is described by the UN as a member of Norway’s Socialist Party.   But the Socialist Party didn’t convene until 1975.   Its predecessor was the Norwegian Communist Party whose ideology was Marxism/Leninism.

Thus, in essence, the foundation of the UN was built by Germany, France, UK, and US on a Communist platform.   Given this was the ideology that the western nations had decided to support and model their economies after.    So it could be no wonder why that ideology is the basis of the Great RESET that will ultimately be led under the monarchial covenant of Rule.

UKRAINE Photoshop Propaganda Winning in South America

The ‘professional’ photo ops coming out of Ukraine have become a Hollywood movie set replete with clean, new clothes, a slight shade off in the photoshop coloring of the people vs the backdrop, and horrendously conspicuous inconsistencies.   The latest is a bunch of men wearing the same face mask, beanies, and spotless ‘ski-suits’ brutally shoving bodies into a grave.   The photo montage then reverts to same grave, same date and time but different men all wearing black outfits looking inside a mass grave… Then there is a shot of a makeshift morgue with a man in a brand new silk suit, arms folded delicately across him with a body bag waiting for his disposal.

But the piece de resistance is a picture of a man sitting maskless on top of a truck full of dead bodies in body bags… Of course, that’s what everyone would do – sit on a pile of dead bodies with one’s feet propped up on another dead body…  for a photo shoot.

Good ole AP – leave it to the professional Hollywood miscreants to create morbidity.  Oh right – Horror Movies!

I decided to lookup photoshop techniques and it was quite enlightening.   One of the most common errors is ‘lighting’.   People in the foreground are sharp, the color brilliant – and the chaos behind them is dull, fuzzy, and disregarded by the inserted people who take no notice of their surroundings.

I started looking at Syria again, Serbia, and other wars photoshopped by the pro’s.   And soon, even the faces reveal the fakery.   You can discern people smiling and even laughing in the midst of chaos…

One of the more hilarious videos emerging from Ukraine was a newsman front and center agonizing over the dead bodies covered with black tarps behind him – only to have one of the dead begin moving – taking the tarp off, flailing his arms only to have an assistant quickly replace the tarp over him.   And the clip was still – AIRED as though nothing had happened!


The Newest Darling Mariopul picture fits all of the above disqualifications – including the fact that the pregnant woman on the board has to be carried by six men and they are the ONLY ones fleeing the bombed hospital.   But wait.   They are heading ‘towards’ the hospital – not away.  Oh and her occupation is listed as blogger with a shot of her ‘presenting a boob shot’… looking for attention.

The Western dystopia of disinformation and fake news is overwhelming.   Fake videos. Fake pictures.  There are theories that the fakery is now so multiplied that should we learn the Full Truth we would go mad.

The Bioweapon labs have now been renamed/coined by the US to be ‘CoVid Clinics’.   For humanity.   I’m sure someone will come up with some Ukrainian Covid Nurses crying about how fabulous and heroic ‘their clinic was’ in the face of Death!  Despite Victoria Nuland’s statement under oath to the contrary = BIOWEAPON LABS.   And still, our paid for very legalistic diligent UN has concurred – The Documents of anthrax and plague and TB and migrant birds – neeah.   Just a Clinic.

END of Hunter Biden/President Biden’s alliance with the Ukraine “Labs”.   The Cleaners are now back at their desks. hm-mm.

European citizen voices are completely quashed as all rhetoric is espoused by politicians eager to giggle and cackle and demonize the grand Pubah Putin.   Just in time for Zelensky to photoshop himself into a hazy backdrop of Ukraine while looking like he’s in Florida.   His statement?   Russia will find her citizens looking for a humanitarian corridor very soon.

A threat.

And not a threat to take lightly.   If in fact NATO, the West and the desk-idiots decide to send a few missiles and bombs into Russia they will be countered by a frenzy of retaliation throughout ALL of Europe.   Putin has NO intention of backing down.   He was simply PUSHED too far, too often.

And we all understand how that plays out. The only understanding can thus be – it is what the Mafia/Cabal want – to see Europe in rubble.   And somehow each country aligned with this RESET Cabalist designation is willing to sacrifice their country and populace for this achievement.

JUST AMAZING – The mentality.

Today, Chile’s first anarchist/communist/green President was sworn in as he announced the creation of a New Constitution built on a plagiarized version of the World Economic Forum.   In 2014, the voting process in Chile changed dramatically;   everyone is registered to vote, but voting is voluntary.   Ballots are pre-printed for every registered voter.   AHHHHH!    Meaning all those ballots that are not filled in – can be….by whomever.

Since 2012, Chile has documented that the previous voter turnout for decades at 85%, suddenly bottomed out at 45% whereas the registered voters skyrocketed to 103%.   Isn’t That Odd?   It would be in the real world…

In the meantime, Biden has called on Columbia to be our new ally against Russia.   They agreed.   How much did that cost?   COLUMBIA: Capital of the drug cartel mafia, home to a poverty rate of 28% and GDP per capita level of $6400, a country built on African slaves.

In 2021, Soros played a pivotal role in the chaos that engulfed Columbia with riots, guerrilla warfare, violent demonstrations, and murders.

“President Iván Duque is clearly linked to tycoon Soros since he obtained a scholarship from the National Democratic Institute, an organization funded by the speculator, about 20 years ago.

Subsequently, he publicly exalted Soros’ postulates and his model of society. Then, together with Felipe Buitrago, he published “Orange Economy”, written with economic concepts that the consultant promoted in a seminar in Salzburg sponsored by Soros.

Likewise, it is rumored that his vice president, Martha Lucía Ramírez, has also benefited from juicy contracts with Soros’ NGOs.

Among other politicians, the mayor of Bogotá, Claudia Lopez, who holds the second-highest office in the country, has also been visited by Alejandro Soros, the son and apparent successor of his billionaire father, who also visited prominent politician Sergio Fajardo.

Another politician who is part of Soros’ circle is former President Juan Manuel Santos, who is on the board of directors of one of Soros’ New York-based organizations.

To further darken the uncertain future of Colombia, which already seems to be in the hands of the globalists, Duque is strengthening his relations with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), with the complacent eyes of the Democratic Center party, home of former President Álvaro Uribe, who sponsored Duque’s rise to power.” ~ The BL

Communist countries are NOW aligned as Western Allies.   Capitalist countries – are NOT. This is the RESET.


FYI:   Klaus at the World Economic Forum has completely severed any previous, current or future ties with Russia – deleting any reference, picture, award or congratulation of them from all past-present websites and platforms just like a classic junior high school Beeatch might do…  How incredibly immaturely moronic.

SO is that why you left Columbia Schwartmeyer – because you had sowed the necessary seeds?

RAND Corporation: The Shadow Government

Most have accepted that the Pandemic was ‘pre-conceived’ given the literal bounty of evidence in particular Bill Gates TED references.   In fact, Metabiota, the company implicated in funding the Ukrainian bioweapon labs apparently collaborated with Eco Health Alliance which was funded for gain of research by Fauci’s NIH.   Metabiota’s News Thread reveals Pandemic discussions dating from 2018. They are also aligned with the World Economic Forum. A similar pre-conceived revelation is revealed by the RAND Corporation as they outlined the means to destroy Russia – in a document published May 2019.  

OPENING STATEMENT:   “This brief summarizes a report that comprehensively examines nonviolent and cost imposing options that the United States and its allies could pursue across economic, political, and military areas to stress—overextend and unbalance—Russia’s economy and armed forces and the regime’s political standing at home and abroad.”

The paper details various means to accomplish this task with ratings of high-moderate-low for:   1. Likelihood of success, 2. Benefits, 3. Costs & risks.    It includes scenarios such as: imposing deeper trade and financial sanctions, increase Europe’s ability to purchase LNG from other sources, provide lethal aide to Ukraine, create the perception that Russia is not acting in the public interest, undermine Russia’s reputation abroad, reposition bombers, and deploy NATO forces on the Russian border.

ALL of which and more have already been advanced in order to neutralize Russia.

Suffice it to say, these experts at RAND did not anticipate that their provocations might precipitate a reaction quite as well planned and organized as has been seen in Ukraine.

The RAND documents made no mention of the bioweapon labs in Ukraine nor the Nazification of it’s military.   Two areas which gave Russia credence and sent the DoD into a tailspin of trying to ‘clean’ their preponderance of mistakes.   RAND’s miscalculations also did not take into account the abject sloppiness of Lloyd Austin, Blinken and Nuland, their proteges.

Documents released by Russia detail the moment ‘after’ the Russian advancement began which reveal the  maniacal attempts to dispose bioweapon lab toxins, lab materials and documents and the swift exodus of level 4 vials to Australia, Lviv, and possibly Poland.   Employees left a sink hole of information behind.  And RAND missed the BEAT!

Should a bomb hit one of these laboratories, a detonation could send the remnants of plague, anthrax, TB and other contagions into the atmosphere.   The dominant direction of winds from Kyiv are northeasterly. Directly NE is Moscow.

MAD KING!   To further the propaganda Putin’s mental capacity has now been described as deranged, mad, off the rails, irrational, and a nuclear time bomb.   All in line with the RAND Report to discredit image, reputation and coherency.   It is a tactic similar to the continuous attacks against President Trump as they frequently defined him as damaged goods. Trump had the Red Button!   And was going to destroy mankind –

It was something out of a James Bond movie to be sure.  But then RAND collaborated in one such James Bond movie!

It is difficult to read reports by otherwise educated men who knowingly and purposefully write hypocritical propaganda for the purpose of global dominance.   “A lie must be powerfully calculated to deceive”. ~Twain

RAND has been declared more devious and certainly more powerful than the CIA.    The Shadow Government. Funding is a jungle of US Taxpayers, NATO, every imaginable US University, most European governments, Qatar, Aspen Institute, Hoover Institute, all branches of the military, various ‘water’ agencies, etc… The list is pages long!   They frequent CNN as their main point of media which is simply one of the many CIA operatives.

RAND is the command center for strategy for the US military and NATO.   And their octopus arms spread far and wide including ‘healthcare’, child education, AI, surveillance, and even transhumanism.   Like most government funded NGO’s, their original force majeure in 1945 has extended into the stratosphere of every agency of control.

1944-1945 were pivotal years.   It was when the UN was created, it was the year the spoils of WWII were divied according to the US, UK and France.   It was the year, Patton was suicided.   The World Bank and IMF were created.   And led to the creation by these same institutions:  the CIA, WHO and NATO.

THESE organizations are in sync as our global rulers.  The Shadow Government el al.

Yet even RAND with its 1800+ analysts did not properly predict the relations that would develop as a result of anti-Russia rhetoric.   They went too far utilizing a media force that was derailed by the commoners numbering an 85% disapproval.   They miscalculated how quickly the propaganda would be exposed.   And they pressured/demanded that certain countries fall in line with their thought – or be punished.  Which backfired.

The extent of available data, the extent of global researchers seeking Truth, was severely underestimated.   And these mistakes will ultimately quash their trajectory of the Great RESET and a New World Order.

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” ~Patton

GLOBAL DEBT is Unraveling Global Sustainability

Global debt is unraveling.   With the help of Brandon, the US is now well over 130% of GDP.   The EU is running collectively at just over 100% with five countries between 100% and 200%.   And the money machine continues to crank out paper that has no value.   And yet, the US Congressional pundits think now is a good time to forgive ALL education debt with is approaching $4 trillion.   Ukraine was well into the hole of debt with a Comedic President who had absolutely no idea how to run a country, much less his own meager finances – and became a sovereign debt defaulter.

The debt to GDP ratio jumped from it’s normal range to 82% in Obama’s first years as president and has increased every single year since.

And suddenly, Biden signs an EO advocating the research for global cryptocurrency.   WHY? Because the governments know full well, that the RESET fundamentally requires that all outstanding debt has to be extinguished in order to start anew.   All treasuries, all bonds, would RESET to $-0-.  And Control of the form of Money translates to the control of who is allowed to buy what.   A form of rationing.


There is no scarcity of resources. There is oil a plenty, there is bountiful wheat, gold, diamonds, cows, vegetables and fruit. There would even be plentiful God given rainfall if ALL countries actually managed this resource. In the US that would be California where droughts and floods are a typical surge between el Nino and la Nina.   Despite this knowledge, California, an agriculture haven, does absolutely nothing year over year.

The real reason for depopulation is simply because the elites don’t want to ‘share’. Anything. They believe that only they are ‘worthy’ of this planet.   And the riff-raff must be excluded.

Years ago, Aspen Colorado, an elite junkyard, announced they were raising their ski rates – triple – in order to keep out the ‘riff-raff’.   They didn’t want to share the mountain with anyone who had a net worth below their leanest millionaire.   That lasted all of two years before the mountain realized few came.

As we approach the installation of the World Economic Forum’s Great RESET, governments and politicians are scrambling to make as much money as possible so they won’t be considered the ‘riff-raff’ and lose their seat in the NWO pyramid.   They have shown us that they will murder millions of citizens in order to achieve that coveted seat for eternity.  And they know if they don’t achieve the necessary wealth, they will be relegated to either extinction or peasant status.

The plague of money owns them.

Inflation is supposed to be based on ‘supply & demand’, theoretically.   But it isn’t any longer. It is as manipulated as was the election, Covid, the media and coups.   The supply chain crisis was also a created vassal of illusion.

There are 331,500,000 people in the US with a 2.63 count per housing unit,  That would equate to a need of 126,500,000 needed housing units.   According to Statista there are over 140 million housing units.   There is no shortage – there is a surplus of roughly 11%.

The US office vacancy rate stands at 12.5% to 15%.   We don’t need more offices.   Turn the offices into unneeded housing units…

But the concept that everything is a “crisis” is the chaos card played over and over like a record on an old worn out gramophone.   To hide the fact that reality would be just fine – without 95% of federal government, without 95% of local politicians, without CIA proxy media, and without a federal reserve. They have no real purpose – they are unessential. One sheriff, one mayor per town, to report to one governor.

The Department of Transportation employs 55,000 people.   The number of employees of the CIA is ‘classified’ but ‘estimated to be over 22,000’ – locally – meaning agents stationed across the globe are not in that count.   The FBI – ‘approximates 35,000’ – no one seems to know for sure. And still our government hires mercenaries to do what the CIA and FBI are disallowed from doing – although paid from the same coffer – US Taxpayers.

According to our esteemed Economists and Financial Advisors, the advantages of having government debt are:

  • Increased international trade.
  • More companies operating globally rather than nationally.
  • High level of dependence between countries/economies.
  • Freer movement of capital, goods, services and people.

ALL of these ‘advantages’ have proven to be our chaos. Why?   Global MASS corruption.

When the Handlers that run the US demanded that ALL countries sanction Russia and threatened to sanction any country that didn’t – many balked angrily.   Because the demand usurped their power completely and would make them subject to the World Economic Forum’s Reign wherein Committee’s will become the NWO adopted form of government.

What we don’t realize is that WEF ideology has already been dropped and adopted. We keep asking why our US government is doing nothing – Congress drinking umbrella Maitai’s while US citizens are screaming for help when there is no one in the forest to hear.

ALL these government employees do – literally nothing. The Committee took complete control when Brandon was installed. The governments which have been gobbled have no power, they read scripts like a Hollywood actor. And the holdouts are thus – The Enemy.

Current US Dabblings:   There are ten to eleven ongoing conflict/wars that the US has it’s benevolent hand in today: Ukraine, Persian Gulf, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Pakhtunkhwa, Horn of Africa, Maghreb, Sudan and technically Afghanistan.

Why are there no sanctions against the US? Why are US citizens crying desperately over Ukraine – but nary a tear is shed for these other countries? Dead children.   Devastated infrastructure.

Pundits continue to decry that Russia only has 2-3 friends and the rest of the GLOBE are against the Stag – Putin.  

Of all 12 South American countries – two managed to pinker up:   Chile said it would follow the UN sanctions and Argentina said – cease military actions. Not exactly Note Worthy condemnations.   So no Russia has NOT isolated itself from the world – they have simply taken a stand in defiance of the Mafia Committee along with roughly half the globe, including super power China.

And a massive shift is about to take place which derails the Committee at large! These are the STAG Governments.   Not the cowards that inhabit offices throughout the US, UK and ‘most’ of Europe. IF in fact The Committee was so ever assured of their agenda – why do they cower behind children?   Women?   Men of honor?