Iran Deal – Merkel Bows

Iran’s relationship with Germany, and by default the EU, is precariously preposterously muddled in piddle.   Iran is calling the shots. Iran is denoting the ‘additional’ terms that the EU must follow if Iran is going to continue holding to the Obama terms of the Iran Deal.   And Merkel looks like a wimperton.

Khameini has provided five additional pledges that the EU must incorporate into the Deal or else the deal is off:

  • They will pledge to avoid opening negotiations over Iran’s ballistic missile program or actions in the Middle East.
  • European banks should “safeguard trade” with Tehran.
  • They should continue buying Iranian oil and should, if necessary, also buy Iranian oil the US decides not to buy.
  • They should “stand up against US sanctions” on Iran.
  • They should condemn US for allegedly breaking a United Nations resolution that supports the nuclear deal.

IF the EU does not accept all of the above, Iran will “continue its enrichment of uranium”.   What this reveals is the fact that a renegotiation of the original deal Obama and Kerry drafted, is off the table.   Iran is holding firm. It also reveals that uranium enrichment is and has been a long term commitment in Iran.   Despite the pinky swear that Liberals and Libertarians hold on to feverishly.

By defense, Pompeo has stated that unless Iran renegotiates the deal, they face the strongest sanctions ever stipulated in history.   And of course, that ultimately would include ‘regime change’ by the Iranian people, or by coup.

Like the governments of each and every country across the globe, it is unclear whether they represent the will of The People, or the will of The Government, and Iran is no different.

Unfortunately, trying to access Iranian blogs is much like trying to access German Blogs, repression of the media and censorship reign.

Interestingly, in 2017, a number of prominent Iranians sent Trump a joint letter urging him to ‘keep the Iranian Nuclear Deal’, these prominent Iranians, were all artists, actors, with the exception of one scientist who went to Harvard, the school of ir-repute and Open Societies.

The letter apparently sparked a recourse of dissidents who claimed that the views of these select artists did not represent the will of The People.   And it is upon this Will – that I believe we must focus.   I have met a few Iranian converts over the course of my years, and they have all – without exception – been the best of the best.   Educated, philosophical, and well informed, their voices were subjugated until they came to the states.   Still, they were not of the Liberal ilk wherein they fumed and fret and made a nuisance of themselves demanding this and that entitlement. Instead, they dove into the world of business, and made their mark.

I think too often we lose sight of the diction of the government vs the diction of society. It is easy to see it in our own country, but when a country is demonized, too often, we marginalize the people as well. It is and has been the fate of Syria, of Yemen, of Russia, of Germany, of the US, and of Iran.

Oddly, we are quick to understand there are good cops and bad cops, good politicians and bad politicians, good actors and bad actors, and yet when the media wants to indoctrinate an agenda, the evil is profoundly – all.

And without the proper guides, the People – believe.

If we were to impose that same way of thinking upon the US, we would assume that all women were just like Hillary, all men were just like Epstein, and all others were – deplorables. We don’t accept that here, so why in the world would we accept that anywhere else – including – Iran?

Maybe, just maybe, Khomeini is as lauded there as Obama was here… just a thought.

IRAN Sanction Deal – A Business Bonanza!

Why The Iran Deal Had To Go Forward –

It wasn’t really about the actual deal, it was about opening a new business market. Flocking to Tehran, EU businesses have already cut deals, secured contracts and readied for the blitz while US counterparts hedged their bets waiting for Congress to aye or nay the deal.

A baby’s bottom, the Iran deal is a business bonanza!  Iran opens the door to $$$$, and in a stagnant economy, any new market poses the possibility of generating beaucoup profits. The lobbyists could care less about the hostages, the prisoners, the ethics or even the risks, because that’s their game – shoot the moon.

Before the sanctions, France, Germany and the UK were Iran’s biggest trading partners, and by golly, they aim to be again! The French have already lined up a delegation of over 100 firms including automakers, plane makers, oil companies, agriculture companies, banking, pharmaceuticals and construction firms. Italy has already set up a memorandum of understanding for business dealings.

The EU wanted the Iran deal, and by any means possible, they were going to force the hand of the US. It was never about the terms, it was about just getting a deal signed so that businesses could reopen and the flow of money could be reinstated. Only two countries opposed the deal – Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia doesn’t want an economically strong Iran, they want a weak neighbor, one that they can destroy, one that has no power. Had Iran the strength, the Saudi’s would never have been able to annihilate Yemen. Instead of a ‘coalition’, it would have amounted to an aggressive war. A distinction that is ridiculously waived by the EU and the US as the Saudi’s continue to bomb civilians daily. Yemen was closely aligned with Iran. Giving Iran more power could easily disrupt the power plays that riddle the Middle East.

Israel. While Netanyahu lobbied for a more transparent deal, as in don’t have the wolf guard the chicken coop, it was a lost cause. Iran is not a negotiating country and President Rouhani made it quite clear that this is the deal, take it or leave it. But for Israel, it is not just about nuclear, it is about the influx of billions of dollars of revenue and how that will be used to bolster Iran’s military as well. It’s about a country that has adamantly proclaimed its desire to destroy Israel and the stress that threat invokes. Changing the balance, Iran will most likely use it’s new found cash flow to bolster Hamas and Hezbollah, further putting Israel at risk. It is incredibly short sighted to simply focus on nuclear energy when the entire economic balance will change, albeit not too rapidly, but certainly within the next decade.

There were some opposition forces that wanted the US to drop a partial list of sanctions, but the EU had already readied to drop theirs entirely, which would create an imbalance of trade for US businesses and further alienate the US economically. In addition, the mud effect this would have on multi-international businesses could prove a legal nightmare bordering catastrophic.

So while pundants are busily talking about how Iran will use smoke screens and magic tricks to hide nuclear advancement, no one cares, because when weighing business vs security, security looses every time. And once businesses start back up in Iran, the cost of imposing sanctions again at some later date will be met with fire and brimstone.

Of course, from a White House position, this is just another tick mark for the history books lauding President Obama and giving him a written legacy from which he can gain one giant ego in the name of mankind.