UN: Biden Ushers a Global Government With Hillary At The HELM!

Apparently team Biden has once again been unable to contain their dervish delight exposing the agenda of how a Hillary Clinton could be installed with more power than the President.   As US Ambassador to the UN, and a UN Global Government Agenda, Hillary would be an anointed queen. 

Merkel has already stated that she may fulfill her term ending in 2021, however if a snap election is held she will not stand in the way.   So essentially, Germany is also positioned to have a long standing leader either fade into the woodwork or take a position at the UN.

The UN has five ‘permanent members’ selected as the victorious winners of WWII; China, Russia, France, the US and the UK.   These five members are given sole veto power and are stipulated to be the only five nations in the world recognized as nuclear weapon states.

In addition, there are four nations which have jockeyed for permanent status; Germany, Japan, Brazil and India.   They are referred to as the G4.  While they are given privileges, they do not have the status power imbued upon the Five.

It is no coincidence that NYC is being destroyed through anarchy and crime.  It is the central location of the UN.   And once they determine their position as the global power, the city will be rebuilt to conform to their New Green Deal design.  Police will be replaced with UN police vetted according to militia standards.

If the UN were to become the central command of the globe, it would be logical to assume an appointment from each of the five permanent members would become the representative government.   And likely the G4 members would become lieutenant governors.

Thus Hillary would be in a position of power in the upper echelon.   In the egocentric world of Hillary, anything less would be beneath her.

Bojo may believe that as long as he toes the line for Gates, he’ll be the anointed one for the UK.   But it’s doubtful, he is too weak minded and doesn’t fit their typical intellectual.   In fact, Bojo and Kamaltoes are similar entities;   loud, obnoxious, uncouth and classless.   Useful idiots who are also dispensable.

In order for this Transition to take place, CoVid cannot disappear.   CoVid is the most valuable tool they have to maintain control and dictatorial status.   Without CoVid they face the inevitable civil war scenario.   Therefore, the first Executive Order that Biden will impose is the long awaited – gun confiscation. Liberals will reluctantly comply, but MAGA’s are not so easily duped.

But Biden has promised he will rule exclusively by Executive Order immediately upon taking office.   Those orders will include national lockdown, mandatory vaccination, and a complete economic collapse.   The government will rule the people as chattel.

At the same time, China will open and expand its economy thereby rising up quickly to overtake the US.

Time is of the essence, which is why a Biden transition is being ramped up so quickly despite the voter fraud allegations requiring certification.   MSM outlets continue to proclaim there is no voter fraud, there is no voter fraud, there is no voter fraud.   With the same Mark Twain quote, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the Truth is still putting on its shoes.”   Or, “…a truth is not hard to kill, but a well told lie is immortal.”

No Voter Fraud is a Mantra to create division and hatred as President Trump and his team continue to reveal how massive the corruption has spread. From actually training poll workers how to commit fraud, to teaching them how to manipulate the Dominion voting machines, the Order needed this scale in order to achieve the votes for an absolute wreck of a candidate – Biden.

Obama said it when he noted that Biden could easily eff it up, as in the plan.   Hillary coached him to never secede the election.   And Biden announced that if he effed up they would kill him – “you think I’m joking”…

Again, what so many liberals don’t seem to grasp is they will be part of the nonessentials.   We won’t need media – we’ll join the ranks of Germany and China in offering government controlled media – One outlet.   Crime will escalate exponentially as people go literally – nuts!

And the Economic Forum in which the Great RESET was announced will implement its design in a fast-track manner so The People have little to no time to react.

Giving the Election 2020 to Joe Biden will not result in a Biden Presidency, it will result in a UN Order with Hillary at the helm purging everyone who interfered with her 2016 win…

4 thoughts on “UN: Biden Ushers a Global Government With Hillary At The HELM!

  1. Hi

    This is an insurrection from within the rogue government,,, the UN,,, and several oligarchs, Gates, Soros, etc.

    I don’ t think any legal solution can be found as the primary problem is from agencies within the government that are bought off. This will require more definitive measures kinetic in nature. If no one is found that has the intestinal fortitude to do what has to be done then memorize the following pledge:

    I am a Communist, in the heritage of millions that fought and died before me.

    I serve no country, the world is my home and birthright.

    I have no possessions, we Communists have nothing but our lives.

    I have nothing, yet know we shall have everything.

    I seek no glory outside of that which belongs to our class.

    I see pain, suffering, sorrow and strife.

    I apply our weapon of theory like a surgeon’s knife.

    I teach like Sison.

    I fight like Che.

    I explain like Sankara.

    I serve like Mao.

    I rebel like Jiang.

    I struggle like Lenin.

    I analyze like Huey.

    No work is beneath me, if it is in the service of my class.

    No work is above me, if I can learn it.

    I am better than none except the enemy.

    I eat with the homeless.

    I walk with the masses.

    I learn so that I may teach.

    I lay down my life so that I may live.

    There is no I, only we.

    Millions dead and alive walk with me.

    And we will be victorious.

    And if I fall.

    Pick up my gun and my flag.

    Written by
    Black Marxist-Leninist-Maoist. STL based. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/blackredguard


  2. Biden will be no more than a Marxist sock puppet. When you are using theft, corruption and fraud (all central hallmarks of the Dem agenda), it matters not who the actual president is. All you need is enough fraud to control the Congress along with the position of president. The real power base is made up of the super rich elite and the Deep State who have the power to buy everyone else, especially Congress and the fretful Repunlicans. Hopefully, the corruption will fall in upon itself, the world’s financial system will collapse to rubble as the debt is no longer able to be whisked under the carpet. Most people will be severely hurt, but it may be the only way to purge the world of these dreaded idiots who hate all of mankind.

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