Joe Biden’s CoVid Director – A Bill Gates Failed Con Job

Joe Biden’s Pick for his CoVid Reaction Mitigation, whatever head guy, is Dr. Michael Osterholm.   Doctor as in honorary PhD!.   He is an ‘adjunct professor’ at the University of Minnesota.   The University of Minnesota gleefully brags about its long history with China citing successful collaborations and Strategic partnerships.   Such as China’s Thousand Talents Program.  Huh.

“Certified by the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs of China, the University of Minnesota’s Mingda Institute for Leadership Training was founded in 2001 to conduct training programs for Chinese professionals. The Institute has provided training for more than 2,900 Chinese education administrators, faculty, government officials, and business leaders.  As an arm of the U of M China Center, the Institute implements the mission of building US-China bridges through training Chinese talents and developing partnerships with Chinese organizations and the Minnesota community.”

So exactly who picked Michael Osterholm for Biden?

His bio on Wikipedia has been completely revamped since January 2020, and reflects a very different propaganda picture of who he is, where he came from, and what he has accomplished.

That being said – he is not a doctor of medicine – his PhD was honorary retroactively, and his degree history is ‘environmental health’, not the updated version of biology, not political science, and not epideomology as his corrected Bio would advertise. In fact, it would appear that the massive majority of his corrected bio – has been significantly inflated to correspond to a Joe Biden Appointment.   Whereas, in reality, he is little more than a quack whose actual accomplishments are – zero..zilch.   But hey, he did time at NIH during the Fauci regime – so this unkempt, nobody who came from an alcoholic family is an easy – buy.

One of the fun things about Wikipedia that many people are not aware of is the fact that they maintain a ‘History of Edits’. So a person’s biography before they are suddenly launched into Limelight Zone – is modified to the nth degree – and all those edits are available for anyone to view retroactively.

Michael Osterholm is no exception! 

Having served as a consultant for NIH (Fauci), CDC, Department of Defense (Under Bush), and WHO, his degrees have garnered him recognition for his opinions regarding “biological terrorism”.   Oddly, that bioterrorism specialty should have implications in the China induced CoVid – and nothing to do with mandating masks, and lockdowns.   But that fact seems to be muted.

I am reminded of the astute and ignorant panel on The View when they surmised that Dr. Jill Biden was a doctor of medicine – as opposed to having achieved a doctorate in education.

There is a difference.

But it is interesting that within the Biden China corruption scandal, Mr. Joe Biden would choose an honorary PhD with extensive ties to China and China’s Thousand Talents Program to head his CoVid Mandate…

SO who really chose Michael Osterholm – China or Biden?   My money is on China.

Osterman served on the Institute of Medical Forum.   But according to their website – Osterman does not exist in the data bank.

He is ‘past president ‘ of CSTE – but according to their website which lists – past presidents – he doesn’t exist and never has.

He sits on the “Board” of organizations that don’t exist as organizations   –   Board member – Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology and Microbial Drug Resistance:   There is no such organization.

Is his biography real?

One would think that if the Cabal was going to create a fake biography, they would at the very least match their accreditations and accomplishments to real organizations – and edit Michael Osterholm’s name into the ménage BEFORE making the claim that he was associated in any way whatsoever!   But the Cabal continues to make Fatal Flaws – and this is no exception.

Biden’s CoVid dictator has obviously been preened, primed, paid, and vetted of his alcohol, but his bio is so magnificently edited, they forgot to edit his name into the agencies he purportedly worked within before going public. Instead we are left with agencies that don’t exist, agencies that have no record of Mr Osterholm, honorary degrees, and an adjunct professorship working part-time at a University that caters to China.

Could it really get any more SLOPPY? 

I would suggest that Bill Gates is slothful and careless – and these failures will be his demise.

3 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s CoVid Director – A Bill Gates Failed Con Job

  1. Hi

    Article 3 Section 3:
    “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open court.”

    What we are enjoying is an orchestrated planned overthrow of the constitution and the government it created by foreign and domestic organizations.

    Bill Gates, Soros and other wealthy oligarchs,,, the democratic party, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, and others in lockstep with BLM and Antifa,,, governors, mayors, commissioners, print media heads and their cowardly payed off journalists,,, social sites such as F-book, twitter, linkedln and their CEOs,,, the medical mafia along with many military personnel active and retired,,, the fbi,,, cia,,, nsa,,, doj,,, homeland,,, many people in the present executive, former presidents and staff,,, are a SHORT list of those trying to overthrow the republic. Gee the list is LONG!

    The virus which has not been isolated so therefore questionable it even exists, is the tool, weapon being used by the groups mentioned above and many others to bring the country to its knees. Whether viruses, bombs, invasions, the result to the country is the same. The virus real or fake was used to justify mail ballots which are being used to to steal an election and take down the republic.

    Posted Nov 12, 2020 by Martin Armstrong on his site:
    “I have been warning that this was not a simply Republican v Democratic election. There is a major foreign globalist agenda and the United States has been invaded NO DIFFERENT THAN A FOREIGN ARMY.” my caps.

    A foreign invasion would not be covered by Article 3 as treason is normally applied domestically. BUT his point is valid. We have groups of US citizens warring on the several states and their populations at the behest of foreign groups such as Klaus, WEF, WHO, UN. Lockdowns, destruction of small businesses, loss of jobs, refusal of the right to work, forced masking even though it doesn’t work, no right to assemble, no right to free speech, religious assembly disallowed, normal medical procedures disallowed, etc are acts of war. Can be compared to sanctions of foreign nations.

    We have politicians that force(?) the police to stand down and allow criminals to burn, destroy, loot, injure, murder are traitors to the people and the constitution as well.

    In my opinion Article 3 was written for this very reason and therefore can be applied. Both charges apply,,, Levying war and giving aid and comfort.

    If the office of the president, the doj, homeland, etc do not take action against these groups and their leaders then they too are treasonous.

    If all else fails it is up to the citizens to take action as stated in the Declaration. If they stand down, (complain but go along), then they deserve what they will get.


  2. Fake election, fake pandemic, fake virus, fake vaccines, and if I get sick with the fake thingy, for me a fake death! There is so little to trust any more other than one’s self and maybe a few close friends. Deception, propaganda, threats to our way of life and irresponsible government and institutions all have destroyed or are destroying confidence in a free world.

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