BILL GATES: Colorado Owned By Gates – Buying Your State Too!

I woke up this morning, perused my gauntlet of websites and was stuck on one in particular that was published in RT by a UK self described ‘journalist’ who went on a seething rant against – Melania Trump!   Really.   This overgrown hate filled beast of a person felt it was his civic duty as a UK patriot to ream our First lady from every conceivable angle.  

I remember when the Brits were considered noble and gentlemanly.   Decorum and etiquette reigned high in their list of values.   The dastardly Americans were considered barbaric sloths by comparison.   It appears a shift of enormous magnitude has occurred and the Brits have devolved into spewing untamed shrewish vents against anyone without a shred of attempted respect.

But the UK has bowed to the Great RESET of OZ – Bill Gates.   And in such a world, there is no protocol, no integrity, and certainly no Truth.

The Cabal vs Trump – winner take all.

My own state newspaper is equally bereft of journalism. So I decided to look up their ownership and found an interesting phenomena:

The Denver Post has been handed off numerous times since its beginnings.   The original owners, Scudder and Singleton scooped up media outlets across 12 states accumulating some 56 different outlets.  But they got greedy and in 2006 Singleton used $350 million in loans to buy 4 more outlets from McClatchy. The major lender was Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a secondary lender was a hedge fund, Alden Group.   When Singleton went into bankruptcy during the recession, a deal was struck with the lenders.   Nice guys that they were, they forgave the loans in exchange for the business. Firing the then current President and Singleton, Gates and Alden Group rebranded the outlet as Digital Media.

Bill and Melinda Gates thus own majority shares of – the Denver Post as well as the 56 newspapers in the 12 states as originally created by Scudder and Singleton. As such, these newspapers print articles that align with everything Bill Gates – including CoVid.

According to the Denver Post, our esteemed Health Department wants our Governor Polis to institute more strict regulations due to increased cases of CoVid.   Those ‘cases’ that have resulted in hospitalizations – ALL come from nursing Homes and prisons.   But that information should not deter the possibility of a total lockdown.

There are three primary people in charge of making recommendation to Polis on our “Pandemic”;  

  1. The Director of our Health department is Randy Kuykendall whose degree is in Liberal Arts – specifically adult education.
  2. Our Chief Medical Officer is Eric France MD whose specialty is Pediatrics and has absolutely zero – ratings. Odd.
  3. Our Chief EMTS is Donny Woodyard whose degree is in Arts.

These are the people tasked with determining Health Recommendations to our Governor regarding CoVid 19;    2 liberal arts graduates and a pediatrician.   Meanwhile our news feed is a Bill Gates blitz.

Our entire state of 5.7 million is relegated to strict rules when the number of actual CoVid/flu/pneumonia/tb/bronchial/lung disease deaths has not budged since last summer at roughly 2100 – .036% of the population.

Obviously, these liberal arts yahoos and pediatrician are not making Colorado’s health decisions. So who could it be?   Said the mouse to the bee?   Why Bill Gates you see, you see, controls it all from sea to shining sea.

The Gates Family Foundation is entrenched in Colorado through Education Grant Making, CoVid Grant Making, Natural Resource Grant Making, and Colorado Newsroom Grant Making.   They have not cornered the market – they OWN the market.

  1. Gates Family Foundation is partnering with Governor Polis in his RISE Education Initiative. Funding is determined based on a Rubric of eligibility designed by Gates to vet who can receive funding. In partnership with Gary Community Investments funding has been allocated to a variety of schools that demonstrate their transition to – reimagining school. The board of Gary Community includes Tom Gougeon, President of the Gates Foundation.
  2.  Rural and agricultural land preservation.   Gates is partnering with CSU, Trinchera Foundation (affiliate is the Moore Charitable Foundation), and Colorado Cattlemen’s Agriculture Land Trust to identify and preserve valuable land across Colorado.   Their stated purpose “ Revitalizing Forests and Keeping Communities Safe With Prescribed Fire”.   What is Prescribed Fire?   Controlled burning – purposefully starting fires in order to deactivate dead fuel.   2020 proved to be the worst year for fires in our history, burning upwards of 500,000 acres. The reason the fires spread so quickly – lack of fire management of dead fuel.   How were the fires started?   Were they purposefully set?
  3. Energize Colorado Gap Fund Awards to 547 Business Owners.   They provide a map of the geographic distribution of those awards or grants, and it looks eerily like the geographic distribution of election votes by party.   Odd. However, a list of who was actually awarded funding is not available despite their Transparency Initiative.     In essence, Gates has positioned himself as Daddy Benefactor. And those who want money need only apply according to party affiliation terms and conditions.
  4. Lastly, The Colorado Gates Foundation supports DreamSpring, an organization dedicated to providing low interest loans to small business owners .   A review of their Federal 990 form as a 501©(3) nonprofit shows $40 million in loans as an asset, and $40 million of loans as a liability with interest income of $6 million.  This would indicate the loans have been pledged to another entity, such as the Gates Family Foundation, and should a default on interest or payment occur, then the business could be absorbed, much like the Denver Post.   In addition, interest income of $6 million on $40 million outstanding loans is a 15% interest rate… which is borderline usury.

Gates philanthropy is anything but philanthropic – and always about gouging because of course, he needs more money to buy that boat he’s always wanted…   Gates has his tentacles everywhere, and it would appear nothing in Colorado is outside of his reach. Coming to a state near you? Or has he already absorbed your state too?

As Always – Follow The Money.

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