Democrat Debate – Candidates or Shills?

SHILL: A hawker, a gambler, a swindler who likes the way he/she does business… in other words, they revel in the shakedown, the game of making someone believe a total lie, just for – funzies.

That was the Democratic debate.

The shills showed up to flank Hillary, to make her ‘look good’ compared to their crazy agendas. The Shill Technique… The Shill Agenda… C’mon!

Did you even know who the Democratic candidates were outside of Bernie and Hillary? I doubt it, no one did, because it doesn’t matter, they are fill, shill, diversions, people who would never have any chance of winning anything. They are used to create a false aura of a true party.

In fact, it’s Hillary vs Bernie, but Bernie doesn’t have the monetary savvy that lords over Hillary, and thus, will Fall.

SO, we are back to the beginning – Hillary.

And we have as viable Republican contestants: Carly, Trump, Carson, Rubio. Which one could beat Hillary? It would have to be a conjoined effort. It would have to be two of these four – one to agree to be second in command. Although VP is really just a title with little actual work, it is symbolic. Carly is the one put in a fix. All of the alternate presidential candidates would be strengthened by her as a VP – no doubt.
She just doesn’t have the umph to be her own – yet. Most see Trump as fizzling, but it’s interesting to note the ones making the prediction are all over 45. He has a large contingent among the younger folk. Carson is considerably less volatile and more rooted. Rubio speaks well, and could rebut Hillary easily, but his political stances are more poll oriented than truth, and that is always worrisome.

Shill. Using the presence of someone else to create an agenda of your own. To create a false truth through the use of a person who will act a pre-prescribed role.

By the numbers, the shill becomes even more obvious. We all know that while campaign contributions, ie money, shouldn’t make the vote, in reality we also know – it does:

Hillary – $47,500,000

Sanders – $15,200,000

O’Malley – $2,000,000

Chafee – $30,000

Webb – $-0-

In the Republican race, we all know too well the candidates, each one, by face, by thought, deed, arrogance, entitlement, attitude, behavior, we know them all. But enter the Democrats and we know – two, Exactly, precisely, two. That’s the beinning and the end, and we are to create a comprehensive comparison between those that know and those that don’t

Topics? We can specify, such as early childhood education being Clinton’s solution to the inability of blacks to rise through the ranks, and foreign policy in which Clinton stated that Russia needed to take the responsibility of cleaning up the mess in Syria, to climate change as a foreign policy by Sanders. But while the media would create a manipulation of thought by having us believe Hillary ‘won’ the deabte, she really was just mouthing rhetoric with a lot of applause to boost her ego. A stacked audience, were their signs set up like at sitcoms, “APPLAUSE NOW”.

Knowing who Hillary’s backers are takes a lot of the attempt at honesty off the table. And that’s the shared vision of a lot of people right now who want someone who isn’t just another puppet. Hillary is. She will take any side that she is instructed to take. She will ignore her own hypocrisy and when confronted with it, simply deny it.

Hillary’s past is chock full of so much garbage from defending a rapist as his attorney, to enabling her husbands flagrant affairs, to a Foundation mired in Grease, to the potential illegal employment of Abedin, to email irregularities, to Benghazi and the controversial comments she made before the House, to her Saudi connections, to – the list goes on quite laboriously.

The point. Trust is at the forefront, and rhetoric, and words, and promises are empty when coming from a place where Truth has no value.

And when you surround yourself with shills, well, that doesn’t bode well for a Commander In Chief…

US Foreign Investment – DEBT Rising

Every so often it’s a good idea to check who owns America.

While the Middle East spends about $15 billion annually on foreign investment, that is spread out between Paris, London and New York – predominantly. And while this may sound like a lot, it is projected to rise considerably as oil prices continue to lag and the money looks for alternate places to build wealth.

But that’s just a fraction of the true picture. US debt owned by foreign investors is not a new phenomena, it only becomes fearsome when the percentage begins to leave US internal investment in the proverbial dust… The greatest foreign investment continues to be held by – Japan at over $900 billion as of 2011.

As of 2011, America owned foreign investors $4.5 trillion in debt and Americans owed America $9.8 trillion in debt, which translates to a foreign ownership of about 31.5%.

Nothing to sneeze at. Nearly a third of America is owned by foreigners.

When it comes to real estate, the Chinese still lead the pack with the most foreign ownership. In just one quarter of 2015, Chinese real estate investment topped nearly $2 billion. They are followed by South Korea, United Arab Emirates, and Canada. And the top three markets have been the US, the UK and Australia. Anglo country.

The markets being tapped are not just housing real estate, but have exploded with office and commercial real estate as well as equities, treasuries, agencies and corporate bonds.

But this is just the crumb of information, the true fear is in Net Foreign Investment. The U.S. net international investment position at the end of the second quarter of 2015 was -$6,688.3 billion (preliminary) as the value of U.S. liabilities exceeded the value of U.S. assets (chart 1, table 1). At the end of the first quarter, the net investment position was -$6,801.4 billion (revised).”

For the unlearned, the number translates to 6 trillion 804 billion. In the hole. In case you don’t get it, this is NOT good.

And these are the numbers released by the Department of Commerce. Who knows how accurate they are given they come from the government, it may be safe to say that they represent maybe 75% of the true number…  BUt we can safely assume, that in either case, it is not a good number…

In their statistic, the US is nearly $7 trillion in the hole. Baddaboom!

The countries with the best statistic were Japan and Canada. But the statistics vary depending on what you are looking for. For example, Hong Kong came out on top when the parameters were Net Investment Position as a percentage of GDP. Using that same parameter, Iceland, Greece, Iceland Cyprus and Portugal came in last. Don’t like this record. Does not bode well.

AND this represents what has occurred in just the last … few… years, interestingly beginning in – 2008.

A steady, straight, crash.

BY comparison, the EU showed a surplus in excess of 212 ½ million Euros. China’s was an astounding $1.97 trillion – surplus! YES! As much as we vilify the country we could perhaps learn a few … Canada has a surplus of $231.7 billion, and while this is good for Canada, this is panning out really, really bad for the US.

To put some perspective to the number, Nigeria has a better structure than we do. As do Russia, Argentina, Venezuela and India. There is an adage, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” I think the US might fit the alternate universe, “It’s broke, so you better damn fix it!”

And obviously the tactics that have been in place since 2008, in which we saw a continual plunge into poverty, is perhaps, maybe, not the right course of action…just a thought…

I don’t curse, but expletives are coursing my tongue right about now. How dare we put our country into this position! What the frickin…?

How dare we hide this information! How dare we manipulate the American people to such an extent that this would be considered the most devastating Ponzi scheme in the history of mankind! I imagine those that orchestrated this ‘shift’, are laughing hysterically at our absolute idiocy in accepting this – like sheep.

Just sayin’…

The French Connection: Tolerance or Hypocrisy

The French PM is meeting with the Saudis to secure the sale of one of the largest military weapons deals. This, despite the Saudis bombing Yemen. This, despite the Saudis beheading more citizens this year than any other,

At the same time, an activist group in France wants to ban all hunting on Sundays as this contributes to accidental deaths.

Is their more than a bit of hypocrisy here?

There is a Treaty, The Arms Trade Treaty, that forbids the sale of weapons that can be used to commit violation of international law. What? I would venture that most weapons are used in violation of the law of life. But when the law is invoked, it is with an agenda. And when it is not invoked, it is because of – an agenda.

Because it has nothing to do with human rights, or international law, or murder, it has to do with money, $2.7 billion Euro’s to be exact. How many citizens have been killed in Yemen? $2.7 billion Euro’s more than -0-.  The ‘estimates’ as usual vary widely from about 2500 to over 5000 civilians. The number displaced is now 1.5 million. The number wounded tens of thousands.

Where is the activist group?  Why is this – tolerated?

France has sold the mistral warships originally destined for Russia – to Egypt. And this is okay? Egypt which accidentally killed 9 Mexican tourists. Egypt where British tourists have been warned not to visit for fear of terrorist attacks. Egypt where Sinai bomb blasts kill Americans. Egypt who violated ‘international law’ when bulldozing homes along the Sinai border with Gaza. Egypt who jails reporters from international borders. Egypt condemned over human rights issues.  HELLO?

It is okay for France to sell warships to this country…it is okay to sell more weapons to the human rights violators of Saudi Arabia… why?

Because as French media pundits state:  “France welcomes the cash.”   Yum, a fine wine or desert, – CASH.  But what about Russia’s ‘cash’?  Is not all cash equal?

Where does the EU get it’s oil? Three dominant countries; Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq account for 14% combined. So why bite the hand that feeds you and give handouts to the hand that smites your neck?

Egypt controls the Suez Canal. Over 4% of the world’s supply of oil and 8-12% of it’s trade must travel through the Suez. If that route were cut off, the cost of all goods would potentially skyrocket as transportation, time, and tumult would factor into the end value. It isn’t just oil, it’s Natural Gas. Some of the European countries rely on imports through Egypt up to 80% of their total tally. France and the US rely on about 25% of their gas imports coming through the Suez. That is not a small number. Upset that apple cart, and things begin to spiral.

So France is schmoozing for it’s imports and willing to sell their soul in the process. But that still doesn’t explain why activists are silent. Why are activists so concerned with a few hunting accidents and absolutely mute when it comes to the murder and violent deaths perpetrated across Yemen and Syria? Where is the ‘CRY FOUL’?

Lest we forget why the EU and US want Syria so badly devoid of Assad, it is because that’s what the Saudis want. And in order to give the Saudis ultimate control over all the Middle East, their enemies, the Shi’a, must be destroyed. That’s the agenda in a nutshell.

We support the Saudis to continue their oil deliveries and inr eturn support their agenda for full control of the Middle East.  We support Egypt despite their terrorist agenda because the Suez canal has the power to tip the balance of trade and create economic chaos.

It’s not about ‘we hate the west’, it’s internal, the west is a diversion. Power grabs. The Saudis set their sights on the entire Middle East and the west agreed to help provide that power in return for $$$$, lots of dollars. But it’s not just oil anymore, the Saudis have bought up a chunk of real estate as well. They pull their $$$$, they simply forfeit or renege on their holdings, they don’t care, it’s a game of chess, and we have lost our queen. Pawns are attempting to protect our king, but they too will fall as the juggling becomes more and more precipitous, and our power kegs in the US too stupid to see the leaning tower is not leaning, it’s falling.

The hypocrisy is so starkly shameful, not simply for the political games, but for the activists who seem to blindly follow without thinking of the bigger picture, faithfully banning this and that out of idle yawns for some ideal that doesn’t exist.

When the government talks of a global society, intertwined, this is the tangled web, it is not some pristine honor, or regal respect, or human rights, or humanity, it is the power and lust and greed of a few that now controls the masses.

Like sheep. We are led by the herdsman. We don’t know his call. We follow blind, deaf and dumb. Without respect. Without integrity. In search of some minutia sense of happiness that seems so ever elusive.

Gender Pay Gap – Nahh…another hoax

Gender Pay Gap – a statistical MESS

The White House continues to launch press statements claiming that women earn 78 cents on the dollar compared to men. Relatively the same statistic used 40 years ago. Has nothing changed?

As I have said numerous times in my commentaries and blogs, statistics can easily be manipulated to support a false premise, a very dangerous course of action. What the White House number fails to address in their presentation of discrimination is more important than what it does address.

The White House number is a simple gender average. It covers all jobs, all employment, without factoring education, experience, of industry. In fact, it factors nothing but gender which has always been a skewed number. But it isn’t just the White House arguing these numbers, there are multiple organizations that project a false reality of the discrepancy – and there is a discrepancy. But the answer is that only a small portion can be attributable to actual discrimination while the remainder has to attack all, ALL, relative factors that comprise the whole.

Factors to include: Industry/occupation, education, experience, age, location, attitude, ethnicity, hours per week, and marriage status and children. If women choose careers that typically have a lower pay scale, then there is no discrimination, no gender pay gap. It is a matter of choice. Which is why industry should be the number one factor when creating a statistical analysis. Football players… -0- women, 100% men. The sports world would have to be set aside, taken out of the equation completely. But comparing firemen to newscasters or financial advisors to school teachers has no relativity and completely distorts the picture. Hey, I want to make what Robert DeNiro makes… but that doesn’t mean we have a comparable gender gap in wages reflecting discrimination.

Education is the second factor that would have to be added to the pool of factors. In the real business world, when choosing between a high school graduate and a college graduate, one is going to make more than the other, otherwise we wouldn’t have education.

Location is a factor when creating an analysis. For example, if it were found that in New York state the pay grade was skewed, what if the demographics of city vs rural found a skew in male and female percentages? For example, Colorado is 49.9% female compared to the national rate of 50.8%. Not a huge difference, but when you look at Vail, the percentage changes to 42% female, and Steamboat Springs is 45%. These factors change the skew.

Age, Ethnicity, and Marriage Status and Children. Age relates to possible experience, or it can relate to ‘too old and not worth putting in the effort’. Ethnicity can help distinguish if it is a discriminatory factor or not. Marriage status and children can account for the emotional skew which is to say that many women choose lower paying jobs, or even turn down promotions in anticipation of being more flexible for a home life balance.

Nothing is so simplistic as the White House rhetoric which states: “On average, full-time working women earn just 78 cents for every dollar a man earns. This significant gap is more than a statistic — it has real life consequences. When women, who make up nearly half the workforce, bring home less money each day, it means they have less for the everyday needs of their families, and over a lifetime of work, far less savings for retirement.”

In a study in which hours worked per week and industry/occupation were inserted into the equation as variables, the gap lessened to 91 cents. Imagine factoring in choice, location, education and experience. IS there a gap at all?

In a study done by the American Association of University Women, they found a 7 cent discrepancy in pay among male and female graduates one year out of school, when controlling for occupation and college major. Imagine how much more closed the gap would be if controlling for ALL factors instead of cherry picking a select few?

A report given to the White House by CONSAD Research Group, adjusted for one factor, industry, and found the gap narrowed to 5 cents and 1.2 cents for mining to real estate. The one ‘industry’ not mentioned in the report was ‘government’. A curious omission.  I wonder what those statistics would reveal…

The Census Bureau is the source for much of the information, but even on their site they tend to compare apples to oranges. In Colorado, within the same data field they will use 2007 as the latest source AND 2013, AND 2009…because their data is not ‘up to date’.   In addition, the numbers don’t add: when giving the total number of businesses in Colorado as 547,770, the percentage of minority and non-minority owned added up to 514,702… If you are not a minority or a non-minority, then what are you?  An alien?   When given the number owned by men vs women, the numbers added to 424,372.  So if a man doesn’t own the business and a woman doesn’t, we are left with animals and children… Huh. Obviously the statistics are less than complete.

It’s like a poll, when the variance is +/- 8% and the result states that candidate A has 40% and candidate B has 34%, the real number may be that A has 32% and B has 42%. The picture changes considerably when considering ALL the relative data.

Is their a gender gap in wages?  We don’t really know because no one is willing to actually consider all the factors, adjust for the proper comparisons, and put an emotion factor into the skew. Why? Because, sometimes Truth just doesn’t sell as well.

The Atlantic Council, NATO, and ATA, a New World Order

A blogger, a think tank, NATO and a boatload of non-transparent political mucking… who, what where, how?

The blogger is a one man show in ta-da, the UK, same UK that sponsors the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights and the Syrian Network of Human Rights. Coincidence? Hmmm. Blogger name is Eliot Higgins, blog is Bellingcat. He is a stay at home mom with no background in anything who is a self purported ‘expert’ at finding which videos and photos have been manipulated and then guessing by whom. His claim to fame? The Atlantic Council endorses him.

The Think Tank is Atlantic Council, a non-partison organization that promotes ‘constructive leadership’. It claims to ‘shape policy choices and strategies to create a more secure and prosperous world’. In other words, they tell everyone what to do. The umbrella organization is the Atlantic Treaty Association which also oversees NATO.

The non-transparency is their refusal to provide a complete list of the names of all donors. Leading to the obvious conclusion that they are hiding someone or many someones.

But for a non-governmental organization, the Atlantic Council would seem to be in everyone’s proverbial pocket from Turkey to Azerbaijan, to Syria, to Iraq, to Poland, Norway, Ukraine, Croatia and beyond. Their past and present name dropping includes the infamous Susan Rice, Chuck Hagel, Henry Kissinger and a host of past Defense Secretaries, NATO commanders, RAND Corporation executives, former CIA Director, National Security Advisors, etc…

It’s funding sources include; George Soros Open Society, Hewlett Packard Foundation, Ford Foundation, Cuba Policy Foundation, US Department of Defense – Army, Navy, NATO and the UN. While corporate donors include; JP Morgan, Lockheed Martin, Goldman Sachs, MSNBC, Time Warner, Toyota, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kazakhstan, and the UK, etc… All of the above foundations are far left leaning and sponsor a good deal of George Soro’s agendas.

Heavily involved in energy strategies… ie, where there is an abundance of oil or natural gas, we find a new civil war just around the corner, including propping up the Kurdish Regional Government in Syria and Iraq, who happen to be quite friendly toward a joint relationship with Chevron, Exxon Mobile and Total, who also happen to fund the Atlantic Council.

But one of their greatest roles has been in their stated need to realign and change the face of NATO in order to ramp up its power, control and world dominance. If NATO were able to become the global military,

Biden and Clinton regularly speak at Atlantic Council forums, pushing for Russia to ‘play by their rules of order’ in the oil wars and promoting the Caspian pipeline which will potentially traverse thru Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan before passing thru Turkey thus providing oil to Europe and bypassing Russia. Blocked by Russia and Iran, the pipeline is somewhat tabled.

In 2013, the Atlantic Council awarded Hillary the “Distinguished International Leadership” title which was presented by Kissinger, and in which she vehemently pushed for the TPP Agreement. Apparently, she no longer endorses the TPP as of last week. And apparently, nor does Soros. It may well be that in expanding NATO and The Atlantic Treaty Association this will carve a way of incorporating it automatically thereby bypassing a voting process that has fallen on its face for the TPP. Any country that is a member of NATO would then be obligated to a trade agreement stipulated by the ATA.

For a New World Order to exist, per Kissinger, the Islamist view, Chinese view, Western view and Russian view must all join together as one global common. Where that leaves Africa and South America would seem to be a mystery. Whether this can be achieved through ‘chaos or insight’ would seem to be his reference. And his common view with Soros would be that people are expendable and a nuisance in the implementation of their goal for a Global Order. They both would seem to believe that people are merely pawns to be used and exterminated.

Kissinger is also a Bilderburg Group Member, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and a ‘participator’ in the Trilateral Commission.

Henry Kissinger Quotes:

It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.”

The issues are too important to be left to the voters.”

The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional take a little bit longer.”

ISIS or Russia – Who Is the Biggest Enemy?

The world debates; who is a worse enemy, Russia or ISIS?

Unfortunately, the question is not posed to people, it is posed to governments and to media to spout. Not exactly a fair agenda. But then, agendas are rarely – fair.

So, if you were to ask this question of the US or French government, the answer might well be – Russia. But if you were to ask the people? I don’t know because no one wants to know this truth. And so, the government speaks – for the people and the media panders like some bizarre marionette. Who are you?

Picking the lesser of two purported evils is like picking between Trump or Biden, or Biden vs Hillary. There is no answer. Its like asking, ‘do you support Fox News or MSN?’ Well, not really either, I just grin and bear it… And that’s the real sad commentary, because we have lost – faith.

Faith as in belief and values. Faith as in heros and good guys. Faith as in our government is for the people and by the people. Faith as in my heads not going to get knocked off my shoulders by a cop. Faith as in that strange person in the parking lot is not looking to steal from me or put a knife in my gut. Faith as in, if I park in a covered parking garage I better carry a can of mace and brass knuckles unless I have my Glock handy.

But this is where we are now. A sad commentary to be sure.

So who is the enemy?

We are the enemy. We as in the US, France, Australia, Russia, China, Korea… we are all the enemy. And that is why as children of Israel, we are called back, to find a common community within which there is faith, and hope, and belief, and truth. And when we can point the finger back at the log in our own eye, then we can begin, just begin, the trek along the long arduous road, the journey back to a land where people covet the walk of Christ. And that becomes the entire journey, without tributaries, without diverted paths, a single walk.

But we’re not. Not yet able to be a leader. We still talk a big streak. We elaborate and expound, we create fantasy and fakery, we speak without the integrity of the word. Without hypocrisy. Don’t talk about the lies of Russian when the US lies routinely… don’t talk about the lies of governments when our own is so lavish in lies. Don’t talk about freedom, when our own is closing in on us as we continue to fall within the international scale of economic freedom.

Don’t point a glaring finger of retribution and derogatory vile at someone or some place, while mired in a closet of stolen silk. It is not becoming. It is arrogant.

So while the governments debate who is the worse enemy – Russia or ISIS. Beheadings, rapes, murders, suicides, bombs, children dying, cities in rubble, famine, plague, and the debate is – answer who is worse…? Maybe a better focus might be – what can I do to help the victims? This is not a communist or socialist or Marxist thought, this is a logical care for humanity.

“My enemy is my enemy – until they become my friend…”

Who would you choose to make your friend? ISIS? Or Russia? If you had the opportunity…?   Throughout history, alliances were forged and divested like a dirty cloak. Today we stand upon a precipice, a shift, that will define our future as we speak. We have the choice.

ISIS or Russia?

What if it’s a bet, a gamble, a roulette and the answer doesn’t even matter, it is the idea or ideal of who the world would choose. In the end…what have we got to loose? ISIS, or Russia?

I see Putin envisioning a world ruled by him in a majestic bounty of gilt and gold, everyone lavishing in wealth and luxury.

I see Obama envisioning a world in which we are all workers, slaves to a select few masters who cause us to reap the harvest in pain or in health.

I see Biden envisioning a world like a black and white cartoon, where comedy and stupidity are what makes the world go round.

I see Merkel wishing she didn’t have to lie and cowtow to the lords who are blackmailing her soul.

I see Hillary in an alien warp drive of hate fuming from her mouth like soap bubbles.

I see Rubio as too confident, too assured, too unfazed… as though he knows something,and its being manipulated again, … and I’ll be damned!


And you wonder – has our world always given in to this emotionally cold shoulder, to government, before? IS this the norm? Sometimes, it takes the sting away to know this is just simply – how it has always been…

Of course, the answer to the riddle is ‘yes’, this is a cycle, a recurring pattern that rises like a moon and is blackened from view within the ‘lunar cycle’. This is how society cycles in it’s norms and rules and conditions. To which we now face a cycle of depravity. Utter, complete, inner, emotional, spiritual – depravity. How utterly, completely, innerly, emotionally, spiritually was found such depraved thought… But it is this cycle that will hopefully bring us just a bit closer to the brass ring, the light of God, the heaven in glory. Because, it is not just a circle, it is an ever closing circle in which the lines grow tighter and tighter in knowledge and understanding of each variation of self. An infinite circle.

ISIS or Russia?

Think about it. It may be the choice. What will you pick. Its a fair question. It says a lot. And the path we take on the journey of our future is – thus – defined.

Syria – End Times Prophesy?

Ezekial’s prophesy of end times can become obsessive. Over the centuries, as wars erupted and evil men rose to power, they were thought to be the signal that we had entered into the end times prophesy. Today is no different. But we need to be careful, then and now, in pointing a gnarly finger at the supposed perpetrators when we simply don’t know for sure.

Scholars are divided over interpretations of land and peoples and who exactly God has said through Ezekial will be the ones responsible for bringing about end times. References to Ethiopia and Persia are fairly direct encompassing nearly all of the middle east, with the exception of Saudi Arabia, and a fair portion of northern and eastern Africa. But division reigns when defining Phut, Gomer, Meshech, Tubal, Rosh and Beth-togarmah. Some scholars put these places in Turkey, others claim they were all ancient Iranians, and still others argue that they include Ukraine and Russia as reference to the ‘northern parts’, when in fact Turkey was the area north of Israel.

Why is this important? Because when looking to the people that the Bible prophesies will bring about end times, it is important to know how that relates to current warring.

At issue is the fact that multiple times in history, from the Mongols to the Turks and Ottoman Empire, to even Hitler, these people have been said to belong to ‘end times’ prophesy. With Syria now at the forefront, parallels have been made. One such parallel is the destruction of Damascus. The Bible prophesy declares that its ruin will be so complete that it will cease to be a city at all.

Isaiah 17:1-3 reads, “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins. The cities of Aroer will be deserted and left to flocks, which will lie down, with no one to make them afraid. The fortified city will disappear from Ephraim, and royal power from Damascus; the remnant of Aram will be like the glory of the Israelites,’ declares the Lord Almighty.”

The cities of Aroer? The literal Hebrew translation of Aroer is ‘ruin’. There were three cities with this name and all have been in ruin for centuries.  Therefore some argue that the prophesy has already come to be, while others argue that Aroer refers to other ‘ruins’ that we are experiencing today.  And while Damascus lies in rubble, it is still thriving albeit precariously. As such, the fate of Damascus is quite clear in the Bible and thus represents a tipping point.

Russia joined the fight against ISIS in Syria with the blessing of all countries. But their stated targets have included rebel factions as well. There are four rebel groups; two are Nusra Front groups affiliated with al Qaeda, the third is backed by the Saudi’s, the East Gouta Council, and the fourth is backed by the US, the Southern Front. Of course, rebels are fighting each other, fighting the Syrian government, fighting Iran, fighting ISIS, fighting, well, just about everyone.

The US has a twofold agenda, to topple the Syrian government and ISIS. Which is probably why neither agendas have succeeded given in a war it is always a good idea to ‘pick a side’, one side, and stick with it!   Initially, al Nusra was trained and armed by the US until it was pointed out that they were actually al Qaeda. Oops.

Why would Russia bomb and destroy targets that were not ISIS? It’s military 101. To eliminate the enemy. The enemy is anyone who poses a risk to their ally, Assad. Whether you agree with this alliance or not, Russia has been very vocal from the beginning, there was no mistaking with whom their loyalties lay.  This was not a secret…Therefore, the defeat of ISIS, al Qaeda and the rebels is the focus.

The US military tactics have not been effective against their targets; ISIS and Assad. Therefore, it makes more sense to sit back, let Russia clean up the mess and deal with Assad – later. If that is in fact even the true agenda…

Let’s not forget the open mic blunder between Medvedev and Obama in 2012. Agendas are behind closed doors, what the president says and what he does have no common denominator. Trying to discern the truth, the facts, is akin to putting together a puzzle of 1000 pieces when some of the pieces are missing, others are from a completely different puzzle, and still others have been cut to no longer fit.

In the meantime, we stand to set in motion the fall of Damascus and thus end times prophesy.

What may catapult the entire scenario is an ‘accidental’ bomb hitting the Russian military by the US, or the US military by Russia. That is most likely what the media is waiting for, drooling with anticipation as shadows percolate a WWIII scenario nudging with just the right amount of provocation and thus enabling Obama a stay of execution so as to remain in office for an indefinite period while elections are tabled. AND setting in motion a war that no one wants. No one believes in. And no one supports.

In the meantime, we will continue to create a villain, vilify and condemn as though we were God, and act in a manner that is abhorrent in pushing towards a re-alignment of nations and a catastrophe that will definitely take millions of lives.

But maybe, just maybe, that is – the agenda.

Gun Control: Hillary – It’s About Gangs not Guns

Guns. They kill…

Well, yeah, with the help of a trigger happy individual on the target end, sometimes in defense and sometimes in offense, sometimes gang on gang, and sometimes heinously on innocent victims.

A better question would be – What causes the violence? The gun is an inanimate object, the person wholly in control. Obama’s speech with regard to the massacre in Oregon was truly pathetically, politically motivated, an agenda without the proper identification of the problem – or the solution. He outright lied. He stated that gun laws have a direct correlation on homicides. Knowing full well this had absolutely no basis in fact, he said it anyway, his speech writers wrote it, and he said it. A bold faced, ugly – lie. SHAME!

Gun laws across the globe are not the common denominator. While homicide stats are used to promote confiscating US guns, violent crime rates are not. Why? Because they tell a far different story. According to Eurostat, the UK has the highest violent crime rate of Europe, far exceeding that of the US; UK = 807 per 100k (Eurostat), vs US = 368 per 100k, (FBI).  Playing with statistics to achieve an agenda is a very dangerous game.

Although the US has a ridiculously high rate of homicides, we are far from the worst at 4.5 per 100,000 (the same rate it was in 1950!), compared to most of South Africa and the Caribbean (a favorite vacation destination, go figure) whose rates top out at 52 per 100k. Or Honduras at 90.4 (not a vacation destination…). Honduras and the UK have the same ‘rate’ of gun ownership – but their homicide rates crack both ends of the spectrum. Why?  Because it isn’t the guns – it’s the people!

Chicago with one of the worst records has the strictest laws and the worst gangs. Honduras is run by gangs. The Caribbean and South Africa have high rates of gangs and corruption. Did we just strike upon a common factor?  A Cause?  A Reason?

Headlines Would Concur:

“Gangs are the new law in Trinidad and Tobago”

“St Lucia, latest Caribbean paradise to turn Gang”

“The rise of gang violence in the Caribbean”

“Fighting the gangs of South Africa’s western cape”

“Inside South Africa’s most notorious gang”

“The Sabela – the Numbers Gang”

Target gangs and you will curb violence and murder rates. Allow them to go unchecked, take away defense from citizens, and murders will rise and chaos will reign like never before!

But gangs don’t explain away school shootings. A wholly different target of violence, and one that has a different source and a different cause. Mental health disorders?  Bullying?  Single parenting? Fathers abandoning? You see, the problem with the media is they want to find a single solitary cause for all distinct problems. It is not unlike our failed prison system – a one size fits all doesn’t work!

Mental health is a huge topic in the US.  It is a catastrophe that is unparalleled and the worst around the globe…  Really?

Exactly how does mental illness compare around the globe? Unfortunately, it is not an easy comparison given each country has different criteria and ratings of what even constitutes mental illness. According to a Science Daily report issued in 2011, each year 38% of the EU population suffers from a mental illness. According to Newsweek, 1 in 5 Americans suffers from mental health disorder. That’s 20%, far less than the EU… nearly half!  Of the total population of Canada, 35.16 million, it is estimated that 6.7 million suffer from mental illness – that works out to 19%, close to the US 20%.  Asian countries are very difficult to tabulate because mental health is such a stigma, most do not report it. Australia reports the same statistic as the US – 1 in 5.

What this indicates is that mental health is a complicated statistic to use as the end all diagnosis of the homicide rate.  Of course, in my estimation, anyone who kills outside of war or in defense, has to be insane, or they wouldn’t kill…  just a thought.

A common thread of school shooters historically is a mind frame of hate. Hate is born of a value system. Crumble those values, and hate breeds like mold on cheese. Hate wants vengeance. Vengeance is the mantra of cop killers. Vengeance is the mantra of gangs. Vengeance is born in misguided societies in which individual is supreme. Focus on self, self worth, self obsession, self service, self entitlement, self greed, self, and you create a society bred in chaos. Anything outside of self is worthy of hate.  Self loses family, loses friends, loses honor, loses integrity. Hollywood is the epitome of self service. And in Hollywood, vengeance is portrayed and glorified.

So, we have two very distinct crisis, gangs and a failed value system that finds purpose in hate. Each has it’s impact on society and on violence. Take away the guns from gangs and they will simply find another means of enacting vengeance. It is the band-aide on the broken bone. How do you cure gangs?  Curing the gang culture means giving them another reason to live, giving them something else worthy of life, teaching them a different way of thinking.

Curing the narcissistic vein of self above all else?   It is a monster we created, a Frankenstein.  It begins with re-aligning parenting skills, creating a core value system, and finally it means redefining our public schools in terms of tolerance vs bullying.  Bullying destroys.  But teachers are nearly as tolerant of bully’s as students.  We rarely hear of the bully being suspended, yet we routinely hear of the 6 year old who carved a piece of bread into the shape of a gun, or drew a gun on paper, or who brought a red plastic gun to school and yelled bang.  What happened to playing cops and robbers?  Cowboys and Indians?  Good guy, bad guy?  Soldiers?  This is the ethic taught in our schools… but bullying is ignored or worse condoned.

So guns? Let it be, let it be, there will be an answer… if you really want one to be…

Syrian Observatory and Syrian Network For Human Rights – A UK Hoax

Out of the gate – and barely in the first leg of the track and already the media is crying FOUL!

Russia isn’t striking the targets that the US was striking!  Uh-oh. Russia isn’t playing by the board game rules! Russia has bombed civilians! Russia wants Assad to remain! Russia…messing with Hillary emails!

And the source for all this “newsworthy news”? Unnamed Sources. And the ambiguous “Syrian Observatory For Human Rights”, a one man show with highly questionable information that some believe comes from UK intelligence feeds.

Given the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, France, and Germany combined have managed to escalate the carnage done by ISIS, they will be the first to cry FOUL when trying to ‘save face’. As governments quickly realize that they may be eating mud if Russia has an impact on ISIS, after their own campaigns succeeded only in creating a destitute country mired in rubble creating an immigration chaos all over Europe, Russia might end up looking like the – good guy. And that is a problem.

To think that Russia would step into the muck and use the exact same tactics and strategies employed by the US for two years that has done virtually ‘nothing’, is rather boldly naïve and wholly lacking of an understanding of military intelligence. It’s a Kenny Rogers euphemism, ‘know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to run…’. Holding a hand that has no winning possibility, is tantamount to death in this situation.  Russia is holding its own hand – and it looks nothing like the melee that functioned without proper focus in Syria.

Yesterday the media was screaming that Russia was putting troops on the ground, today the media is backtracking that comment.  They screamed that Russia was killing CIA backed rebels… oh wait, you mean Al Nusra? Because that’s who the CIA backed. So I suppose, technically it’s not a lie… Today, it isn’t Russia putting troops on the ground but Iran, but wait a minute, Iran has had troops on the ground for some time, so what is this media frenzy about?

It’s about creating a false reality.  And its about ridiculously corrupt reporting in which Truth just doesn’t exist any longer.

The media’s illogical logic is to say that Russia is backing Assad… Well, yes, they are, so is Iran, France and the US technically, because you have to pick a side and there are two – Assad or ISIS. Pick one. And since we royally mucked up in arming the bad guys, we are now in the predicament of fighting against our own weapons, and our CIA backed rebels.

Why just a few days ago, France was hailed as a hero for killing 30 14-18 Islamic youth rebels, according to the “Syrian Observatory”.  That was the spin.  These were the first and only airstrikes France had carried out in Syria. And while US military officials tell us time and again it is impossible to know what specific targets have been destroyed and who on the ground are being killed, somehow this Observatory has a crystal ball that tallies up information within minutes of it happening – and even sometimes before it has happened.

How many Syrians have died so far? The actual number is ‘impossible’ to know for certain. We still can’t say how many died in the Vietnam War or WWII, or the Russian Revolution. Technology won’t give us the answer.

The US comprises 80% of all coalition strikes to date. Civilian casualties are estimated to be from 450 to over 200,000. More than half of all claims that US strikes resulted in any civilian casualties were dismissed as baseless.  Phhhyt – gone.

There are now two organizations claiming to have boots on the ground knowledge of every airstrike, every casualty, every name, all knowledge of the events in Syria: Syrian Observatory For Human Rights, and Syrian Network For Human Rights. Both claim to have begun their business as of 2011. Both are based in the UK. The Observatory receives funding from Soros Open Society, the NED (another Soros manufacture), and the BBC World Service Trust. The BBC Trust has come under scrutiny for it’s questionable spending practices. As a charity, it’s funding comes predominantly from the UN, the European Union and Bill Gates.

Despite claims that The Syrian Network For Human Rights has existed since 2011, observance as a source of information was not marketed until sometime in 2013. And while it claims to have dozens of activists and researchers, and hundreds of members, its website names no one.  In fact, it picks up its stories from other sites.  The founder, Mousab Azzawi, and the onemanshow of the Syrian Observatory, AbdulRahman ( alias for Osama Ali Suleiman), have exchanged fierce barbs each claiming the other is a sham. Abdulrahman, originally of Finnish nationality, was on the board of UK Consulting Centre, LTD for a little over one month in 2008, while Mr. Azzawi is currently listed as this company’s Director.  In addition, Azzawi was listed as a Trustee of the Syrian Observatory in 2012, a tangled web indeed!


The UK Consulting Centre LTD. is listed as an adult education and training center with about 12k pounds in assets. I guess it’s not a lucrative business despite profit being their business training model???   Dr. Azzawi is a pathologist. Really?  The company has two uniquely different websites offering two distinct services both created in 2013.  Neither man would seem to have any background on Syria.  No education to qualify them as human rights promoters, and no history prior to 2013.  A pathologist training and educating businesses to succeed, is a very odd career path to be sure…

Using these two organizations as our source of information from Syria, when they are obviously disinformation fronts created by the UK intelligence, hardly does justice to journalism, news, or the media, much less the conspiracy of the government involved in disinformation.  And for mainstream media outlets to continually use these men as their source of information is a grave voice that distinguishes Puppets from Truth.

Chemo Sensitivity and Cancer Treatment – Healthcare vs Pharma!

Big News For Breast Cancer: a new test can determine whether chemotherapy will have any valuable effect on your type of cancer!

We have medical experts on board, medical centers, cancer centers, National Cancer Institute, etc…, etc…, etc… It is news! And it’s big…

But wait a minute!  What the Heck!  While NIH and various medical professionals are patting their backs in self-approval ratings, there is another agenda…   Chemo sensitivity tests have been used for over a decade in Germany and Greece. This is not new at all, it is only new in that the US is jumping on the bandwagon. It’s not a medical breakthrough, it’s not unique, it’s an old test that is making a media splash.

The test costs about $4000 which insurance companies will absorb, after your deductible and co-pay, which for most is now so ridiculously high a new wave of bankruptcy’s are sure to hit the economy.

So, why did we wait? Why didn’t we allow this test to be conducted in the US? Why subject thousands and thousands of people to the horrific debilitating effects of chemo, when the end result will be no better than if they had resorted to other methods? Why haven’t chemo methods improved their targeting? Why do we rely on old failing methods despite billions and billion pumped into the pharmaceutical industry and the cancer research industry?

Because there was profit to be made in chemo. And now insurers are fighting this cost as it continues to rise. Insurers don’t want to pay. According to a report put out by Kaiser June 2014, when hospitals began buying up doctor’s practices, chemo costs rose because physicians were deemed outpatient clinics and could charge more for overhead. Independent doctors charged less, but as hospitals greed outpaced insurers pocketbooks, the insurers became peeved. In fact, in a 2013 study chemo given by independent doctors cost 53% less than chemo at outpatient centers operated by hospitals.

It got to the point where Wellpoint, an insurer, offered oncologists a $350 bonus to NOT prescribe chemo. With cancer rising to pandemic levels, insurers were frantically looking for ways to reduce costs, and chemotherapy was one culprit averaging anywhere from $6000 to $150,000 per one course of treatment. But that was just for the chemo, the pharma industry was making bank not just on the chemo but on all the added prescriptions that were given to alleviate side effects.

In fact, the drug industry pushed for more and more physicians to recommend chemo and chemo drugs until the insurer finally said – enough! It is estimated that the cost of cancer care alone in the US will top near or over $200 billion per year as of 2020. As of 2010, 40% of Medicare spending was for oncology drugs. And while cancer drugs double and triple in cost, while patients being prescribed chemo has continued to rise, the rate of cancer continues to increase and the cure of cancer is more and more a distant fantasy.

In Canada, more and more utilization of naturopathic clinics are on the rise, including cancer alternative centers. The concept is that by using more and more drugs we have taken away or reduced the bodies natural self healing immune system. These clinics utilize a patient specific therapy program that includes the chemosensitivity test. Just as new information suggests that breast cancer could result from a bovine virus, the naturopathic clinics focus on detoxing ones system and rebuilding immunity to fight cancer cells.

I remember getting a biopsy for cancer. Using a drill to biopsy a lump, not unlike a jack-hammer, the process basically sprays the cancer throughout your body as the drill punches a hole in the lump. The sprayed cancer cells then drift throughout your body, lodging wherever they can be comfortable so as to grow – and multiply. But if your immune system is trained to eradicate these damaged cells, then invasive treatments are not needed – and the pharma industry has a hissy fit.

Since we know that chemo absolutely destroys your entire immune system thereby making you MORE susceptible to cancer and other diseases, and radiation therapy can actually ’cause cancer’, alternatives are an option that other countries find more useful, less costly, and with greater success rates.

So this “NEW” method for detecting chemo sensitivity – it’s not new, it’s been used for over a decade in other countries, it’s use in the US is a direct mandate of insurers not willing to pay the exorbitant chemo costs upcharged by hospitals, and the media would have us believe that all our trillions spent on cancer research has had some impact – when it is middlin’ at best.