Chemo Sensitivity and Cancer Treatment – Healthcare vs Pharma!

Big News For Breast Cancer: a new test can determine whether chemotherapy will have any valuable effect on your type of cancer!

We have medical experts on board, medical centers, cancer centers, National Cancer Institute, etc…, etc…, etc… It is news! And it’s big…

But wait a minute!  What the Heck!  While NIH and various medical professionals are patting their backs in self-approval ratings, there is another agenda…   Chemo sensitivity tests have been used for over a decade in Germany and Greece. This is not new at all, it is only new in that the US is jumping on the bandwagon. It’s not a medical breakthrough, it’s not unique, it’s an old test that is making a media splash.

The test costs about $4000 which insurance companies will absorb, after your deductible and co-pay, which for most is now so ridiculously high a new wave of bankruptcy’s are sure to hit the economy.

So, why did we wait? Why didn’t we allow this test to be conducted in the US? Why subject thousands and thousands of people to the horrific debilitating effects of chemo, when the end result will be no better than if they had resorted to other methods? Why haven’t chemo methods improved their targeting? Why do we rely on old failing methods despite billions and billion pumped into the pharmaceutical industry and the cancer research industry?

Because there was profit to be made in chemo. And now insurers are fighting this cost as it continues to rise. Insurers don’t want to pay. According to a report put out by Kaiser June 2014, when hospitals began buying up doctor’s practices, chemo costs rose because physicians were deemed outpatient clinics and could charge more for overhead. Independent doctors charged less, but as hospitals greed outpaced insurers pocketbooks, the insurers became peeved. In fact, in a 2013 study chemo given by independent doctors cost 53% less than chemo at outpatient centers operated by hospitals.

It got to the point where Wellpoint, an insurer, offered oncologists a $350 bonus to NOT prescribe chemo. With cancer rising to pandemic levels, insurers were frantically looking for ways to reduce costs, and chemotherapy was one culprit averaging anywhere from $6000 to $150,000 per one course of treatment. But that was just for the chemo, the pharma industry was making bank not just on the chemo but on all the added prescriptions that were given to alleviate side effects.

In fact, the drug industry pushed for more and more physicians to recommend chemo and chemo drugs until the insurer finally said – enough! It is estimated that the cost of cancer care alone in the US will top near or over $200 billion per year as of 2020. As of 2010, 40% of Medicare spending was for oncology drugs. And while cancer drugs double and triple in cost, while patients being prescribed chemo has continued to rise, the rate of cancer continues to increase and the cure of cancer is more and more a distant fantasy.

In Canada, more and more utilization of naturopathic clinics are on the rise, including cancer alternative centers. The concept is that by using more and more drugs we have taken away or reduced the bodies natural self healing immune system. These clinics utilize a patient specific therapy program that includes the chemosensitivity test. Just as new information suggests that breast cancer could result from a bovine virus, the naturopathic clinics focus on detoxing ones system and rebuilding immunity to fight cancer cells.

I remember getting a biopsy for cancer. Using a drill to biopsy a lump, not unlike a jack-hammer, the process basically sprays the cancer throughout your body as the drill punches a hole in the lump. The sprayed cancer cells then drift throughout your body, lodging wherever they can be comfortable so as to grow – and multiply. But if your immune system is trained to eradicate these damaged cells, then invasive treatments are not needed – and the pharma industry has a hissy fit.

Since we know that chemo absolutely destroys your entire immune system thereby making you MORE susceptible to cancer and other diseases, and radiation therapy can actually ’cause cancer’, alternatives are an option that other countries find more useful, less costly, and with greater success rates.

So this “NEW” method for detecting chemo sensitivity – it’s not new, it’s been used for over a decade in other countries, it’s use in the US is a direct mandate of insurers not willing to pay the exorbitant chemo costs upcharged by hospitals, and the media would have us believe that all our trillions spent on cancer research has had some impact – when it is middlin’ at best.

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