Democrat Debate – Candidates or Shills?

SHILL: A hawker, a gambler, a swindler who likes the way he/she does business… in other words, they revel in the shakedown, the game of making someone believe a total lie, just for – funzies.

That was the Democratic debate.

The shills showed up to flank Hillary, to make her ‘look good’ compared to their crazy agendas. The Shill Technique… The Shill Agenda… C’mon!

Did you even know who the Democratic candidates were outside of Bernie and Hillary? I doubt it, no one did, because it doesn’t matter, they are fill, shill, diversions, people who would never have any chance of winning anything. They are used to create a false aura of a true party.

In fact, it’s Hillary vs Bernie, but Bernie doesn’t have the monetary savvy that lords over Hillary, and thus, will Fall.

SO, we are back to the beginning – Hillary.

And we have as viable Republican contestants: Carly, Trump, Carson, Rubio. Which one could beat Hillary? It would have to be a conjoined effort. It would have to be two of these four – one to agree to be second in command. Although VP is really just a title with little actual work, it is symbolic. Carly is the one put in a fix. All of the alternate presidential candidates would be strengthened by her as a VP – no doubt.
She just doesn’t have the umph to be her own – yet. Most see Trump as fizzling, but it’s interesting to note the ones making the prediction are all over 45. He has a large contingent among the younger folk. Carson is considerably less volatile and more rooted. Rubio speaks well, and could rebut Hillary easily, but his political stances are more poll oriented than truth, and that is always worrisome.

Shill. Using the presence of someone else to create an agenda of your own. To create a false truth through the use of a person who will act a pre-prescribed role.

By the numbers, the shill becomes even more obvious. We all know that while campaign contributions, ie money, shouldn’t make the vote, in reality we also know – it does:

Hillary – $47,500,000

Sanders – $15,200,000

O’Malley – $2,000,000

Chafee – $30,000

Webb – $-0-

In the Republican race, we all know too well the candidates, each one, by face, by thought, deed, arrogance, entitlement, attitude, behavior, we know them all. But enter the Democrats and we know – two, Exactly, precisely, two. That’s the beinning and the end, and we are to create a comprehensive comparison between those that know and those that don’t

Topics? We can specify, such as early childhood education being Clinton’s solution to the inability of blacks to rise through the ranks, and foreign policy in which Clinton stated that Russia needed to take the responsibility of cleaning up the mess in Syria, to climate change as a foreign policy by Sanders. But while the media would create a manipulation of thought by having us believe Hillary ‘won’ the deabte, she really was just mouthing rhetoric with a lot of applause to boost her ego. A stacked audience, were their signs set up like at sitcoms, “APPLAUSE NOW”.

Knowing who Hillary’s backers are takes a lot of the attempt at honesty off the table. And that’s the shared vision of a lot of people right now who want someone who isn’t just another puppet. Hillary is. She will take any side that she is instructed to take. She will ignore her own hypocrisy and when confronted with it, simply deny it.

Hillary’s past is chock full of so much garbage from defending a rapist as his attorney, to enabling her husbands flagrant affairs, to a Foundation mired in Grease, to the potential illegal employment of Abedin, to email irregularities, to Benghazi and the controversial comments she made before the House, to her Saudi connections, to – the list goes on quite laboriously.

The point. Trust is at the forefront, and rhetoric, and words, and promises are empty when coming from a place where Truth has no value.

And when you surround yourself with shills, well, that doesn’t bode well for a Commander In Chief…