Guns and Homicides – World Statistics

Gun ownership around the world is not exactly what has been presented by the media and Facebook memes. For example, I recently was spirited a meme that talked about how Canada and Australia are gunfree, guns are illegal, the US should follow their lead because they don’t have mass shootings… But that simply isn’t the case.

  1. 30.8% of Canadians own a gun
  2. 24.1% of Australians own a gun

While that ratio in the US is 100%, the argument fails because there is no correlation that ‘more guns’ = ‘more shootings’, the correlation is much more complicated.   For example; Mexico’s gun rate is 15% – but their murder rate is 6.34 per 100,000 population or nearly double that of the US.   In Serbia nearly 38% of the population own guns, yet their homicide rate is .61, or 10% of Mexico’s. Iceland has a gun rate over 30% and no homicides by guns.

So what are these countries doing that is right and wrong?   What other factors give rise to the problem? If we truly wanted a ‘solution’ wouldn’t it make sense to analyze their strategies instead of making a false correlation that has an obvious ‘agenda’?

In Iceland the recent introduction of foreign gangs has been the predominant driver of crime. As a result, the police and government routinely follow guidelines which include immediate deportation and the exclusion of visiting support elements such as friends and family members. But Iceland also has a relatively low to non-existent drug use problem, that is until more gangs began moving into town bringing with them prostitution and human trafficking as well. As such, the crime rate schematic has changed to reflect the growing menace of gang warfare.

With over 1.5 million gang members in the US, representing 33,000 different gangs, we have 32,990 more gangs than Iceland.   In March 2017, Mexico had 2020 homicides – all gang/cartel related. Serbia has a history of Mafia gang connections involved in protection rackets, smuggling, drugs, burglaries and arms trafficking. But they don’t have ‘rival’ gangs.

When making statistical comparisons, it is important for the reporting country to be ‘honest’.   In 2011, the German government claimed the murder rate was .8 per 100,000 when in fact the police department claimed it was 2.7.   Germany routinely would seem to ‘manipulate statistics to provide a view that is a false narrative’.   FYI: a recent poll purportedly shows Merkel’s advanced favoritism over Trump – when in fact her ratings are lower than Trump’s ever were in the US – below 30%!

In addition, the gangs in Germany are also predominantly Mafia related including; the Arab Mafia, composed of 7-9 Arab Families, the Albanian Mafia, which controls billions in banks and real estate, the Russian Mafia, which is mostly composed of Aussiedlers, ethnic Germans that were born in the Soviet Union, as well as Turkish organized crime, Middle Eastern Clans and a spattering of motorcycle gangs.

Many of these gangs are fairly new to Germany, specifically the rise of Turkish and Afghanistan populations dominant in Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen. According to Die Welt, Arab Families control most of the organized crime and solve disputes internally. As such the statistics of these Mafia’s are not includable in the government statistical accounting.   Currently, most of these Mafioso gangs have established territories and disputes are not common, however, mass immigration is triggering a shift and bloody battles

According to Transparency International, political parties and businesses are the most corrupt institutions in Germany with 11% of respondents admitting to have been asked to pay bribes.  So is Germany a false narrative of goodness?

Despite these numbers, in 2014 the German police identified only 9155 suspected gang members…   or 1,490,845 less than we have in the US.

So while ‘gun related deaths’ is somehow the topic of choice, statistics reveal that in the US roughly 67% of gun related deaths are suicide, 72% of gun deaths were committed with a handgun, mass shooting in the US tripled during the Obama administration, and 60% of mass shooters identified in the US since 1900 were carried out by people diagnosed with a mental illness or who demonstrated significant mental illness prior to the shooting.

Is it a gun problem? Or is it a gang problem? Or is it a drug problem, a mental problem, a PTSD problem, a corruption problem, who killed Seth Rich problem… What we do know is that suicide tops the list, handguns are the weapon of choice, and a conflaguration of ailments contribute to the Fall.

So. Are we looking to find a solution?   Because it would seem that the overwhelming evidence for homicide growth is always targeting – Gangs. Here, in Europe, in Iceland, in Australia, in Canada. What creates gangs? The desire for money with an absolute vacancy of ethic or morality.   What creates a vacancy of ethic and morality? Values. Who should instill values? Parents. Who is instilling values? The state. The media. Hollywood.  

Gun Control: Hillary – It’s About Gangs not Guns

Guns. They kill…

Well, yeah, with the help of a trigger happy individual on the target end, sometimes in defense and sometimes in offense, sometimes gang on gang, and sometimes heinously on innocent victims.

A better question would be – What causes the violence? The gun is an inanimate object, the person wholly in control. Obama’s speech with regard to the massacre in Oregon was truly pathetically, politically motivated, an agenda without the proper identification of the problem – or the solution. He outright lied. He stated that gun laws have a direct correlation on homicides. Knowing full well this had absolutely no basis in fact, he said it anyway, his speech writers wrote it, and he said it. A bold faced, ugly – lie. SHAME!

Gun laws across the globe are not the common denominator. While homicide stats are used to promote confiscating US guns, violent crime rates are not. Why? Because they tell a far different story. According to Eurostat, the UK has the highest violent crime rate of Europe, far exceeding that of the US; UK = 807 per 100k (Eurostat), vs US = 368 per 100k, (FBI).  Playing with statistics to achieve an agenda is a very dangerous game.

Although the US has a ridiculously high rate of homicides, we are far from the worst at 4.5 per 100,000 (the same rate it was in 1950!), compared to most of South Africa and the Caribbean (a favorite vacation destination, go figure) whose rates top out at 52 per 100k. Or Honduras at 90.4 (not a vacation destination…). Honduras and the UK have the same ‘rate’ of gun ownership – but their homicide rates crack both ends of the spectrum. Why?  Because it isn’t the guns – it’s the people!

Chicago with one of the worst records has the strictest laws and the worst gangs. Honduras is run by gangs. The Caribbean and South Africa have high rates of gangs and corruption. Did we just strike upon a common factor?  A Cause?  A Reason?

Headlines Would Concur:

“Gangs are the new law in Trinidad and Tobago”

“St Lucia, latest Caribbean paradise to turn Gang”

“The rise of gang violence in the Caribbean”

“Fighting the gangs of South Africa’s western cape”

“Inside South Africa’s most notorious gang”

“The Sabela – the Numbers Gang”

Target gangs and you will curb violence and murder rates. Allow them to go unchecked, take away defense from citizens, and murders will rise and chaos will reign like never before!

But gangs don’t explain away school shootings. A wholly different target of violence, and one that has a different source and a different cause. Mental health disorders?  Bullying?  Single parenting? Fathers abandoning? You see, the problem with the media is they want to find a single solitary cause for all distinct problems. It is not unlike our failed prison system – a one size fits all doesn’t work!

Mental health is a huge topic in the US.  It is a catastrophe that is unparalleled and the worst around the globe…  Really?

Exactly how does mental illness compare around the globe? Unfortunately, it is not an easy comparison given each country has different criteria and ratings of what even constitutes mental illness. According to a Science Daily report issued in 2011, each year 38% of the EU population suffers from a mental illness. According to Newsweek, 1 in 5 Americans suffers from mental health disorder. That’s 20%, far less than the EU… nearly half!  Of the total population of Canada, 35.16 million, it is estimated that 6.7 million suffer from mental illness – that works out to 19%, close to the US 20%.  Asian countries are very difficult to tabulate because mental health is such a stigma, most do not report it. Australia reports the same statistic as the US – 1 in 5.

What this indicates is that mental health is a complicated statistic to use as the end all diagnosis of the homicide rate.  Of course, in my estimation, anyone who kills outside of war or in defense, has to be insane, or they wouldn’t kill…  just a thought.

A common thread of school shooters historically is a mind frame of hate. Hate is born of a value system. Crumble those values, and hate breeds like mold on cheese. Hate wants vengeance. Vengeance is the mantra of cop killers. Vengeance is the mantra of gangs. Vengeance is born in misguided societies in which individual is supreme. Focus on self, self worth, self obsession, self service, self entitlement, self greed, self, and you create a society bred in chaos. Anything outside of self is worthy of hate.  Self loses family, loses friends, loses honor, loses integrity. Hollywood is the epitome of self service. And in Hollywood, vengeance is portrayed and glorified.

So, we have two very distinct crisis, gangs and a failed value system that finds purpose in hate. Each has it’s impact on society and on violence. Take away the guns from gangs and they will simply find another means of enacting vengeance. It is the band-aide on the broken bone. How do you cure gangs?  Curing the gang culture means giving them another reason to live, giving them something else worthy of life, teaching them a different way of thinking.

Curing the narcissistic vein of self above all else?   It is a monster we created, a Frankenstein.  It begins with re-aligning parenting skills, creating a core value system, and finally it means redefining our public schools in terms of tolerance vs bullying.  Bullying destroys.  But teachers are nearly as tolerant of bully’s as students.  We rarely hear of the bully being suspended, yet we routinely hear of the 6 year old who carved a piece of bread into the shape of a gun, or drew a gun on paper, or who brought a red plastic gun to school and yelled bang.  What happened to playing cops and robbers?  Cowboys and Indians?  Good guy, bad guy?  Soldiers?  This is the ethic taught in our schools… but bullying is ignored or worse condoned.

So guns? Let it be, let it be, there will be an answer… if you really want one to be…