Socialism and Ocasio: A Soros Nazi Collaboration

Ray Dalio is making headlines for stating that the Ocasio backed ‘economic theory’ is inevitable.   If you are like me you have absolutely no idea who Ray Dalio is and why anyone would care what he thinks?   So, I looked him up.

One of the more interesting points within this headline is the fact that the Green Deal is referred to as a ‘theory’.   It isn’t a plan. And thus has little substance except that ‘those who devised this theory’ believe it is inevitable.   What is the definition of ‘theory’:   “a hypothesis assumed for the sake of argument or investigationan unproved assumption. An abstract thought.” Likening it to the New Deal of FDR is completely inappropriate as the core basis are wholly polar opposite.

Rarely, if ever, has the term been applied to economics. It is routinely used in the philosophy of science to project an idea when the idea cannot be upheld by actually facts and evidence.   Somewhat like – utopia.

Who is Ray Dalio?

A billionaire who espouses the egregious damnation of income inequality in the US. And like his allies in the Cabal, Dalio is hailed by the media as a philanthropist, having amassed his fortune as a hedge fund manager.   As a philanthropist, his latest 990 IRS form indicates a slew of interesting philanthropic donations from his Foundation including; the Robin Hood Foundation whose Board members include such notables as Gwyneth Paltrow, Diane Swyer, and – Harvey Weinstein, to name a few.   In 2009, George Soros gave the foundation $50 million.   Its stated mission is to alleviate poverty in New York City.

Various media outlets have their version of statistics showing that half of NYC residents live near poverty. Poverty rates among schoolchildren soars as of 10/2018.

Within a ranking of one of the largest charities in the world, how is it that Robinhood has yet to make a dent in NYC?

Hefty salaries, hefty use of part time and sub-contract employees, hefty investments in Europe ($13.4 million), and Central America ($74.4 million), fundraising events in the millions that produce a negative profit, grants to various organizations in Connecticut and Pennsylvania, might indicate a different agenda.

But this would be the world of NGO’s.   They rob from the poor to profit the rich.

The newest and most prolific recipient of grants is the National Philanthropic Trust, a donor-advised fund which boasts assets in the billions…   And the Khan Education Academy which provides education for the elite and wealthy, including Bill Gate’s children.

The actions vs the words.

The income vs the agenda.

The charity vs the reality.

Ocasio Cortez opened Pandora’s Box when it was discovered that her mentor had created a slew of organizations within different levels of IRS safety nets in order to hide contributions and contributors.   Since this revelation, it has been revealed that each and every Democracy aligned foundation utilizes this same web in order to try and hide the source and the gift. In essence a charity can legally create webs of sub charities with different IRs criteria, so as to hide where charity is really being divested.

For example:   Bill Gates could create a charity under a different genre allocation 501©(4) to fund charity 501©(3), thereby allowing concealment of the donors.   But the web may be extended ever larger and entail upwards of dozens of variant charities – all exempt from tax, wherein the real benefactors of the charity are actually the Board and Executives. And the charity is only responsible to support 5% of their funding in real charitable causes.

This is the Warren Buffet Pledge Corruption. And like The Swamp, this is much more prolific than we can possibly imagine. These Foundations and charities are funneling trillions – not billions.     And that is why Ray Dalio says that Ocasio’s Socialist/Communist Manifesto is ‘inevitable’.   Because his and countless other’s billions are behind this Global Coup.

One need only look to the organizations and Foundations that share their ‘philanthropic’ exchange of $$$$ to realize that there is no charity at all, it is a funnel scheme disguised by the mask of the wolf to appear as a friend of the sheep, only to whip out – the snake.

They are all intertwined, and this will ultimately be their downfall, because a 501©(3) is required to list their grants, and an easy research into each of these organizations reveals that none of them actually have any impact on their stated charitable cause, and instead, are really a housing of investments reaped tax free under a guise of charity:

Bill Gates Foundation – value of assets over $50.7 billion.   Assets are undistributed funds.

Warren Buffet Foundation – vast majority goes to Planned Parenthood.   Despite the Buffett mandate to give to the poor – he remains one of the wealthiest at over $82 billion in net worth.

These are the bullwarts who lament the income inequality, and poverty in the US…

New York City – Hate the City… Love the Shows!

I hate New York. I hate the tall buildings, the stench, the trash heaps every fifty yards. I hate the smell, the taste, the lacking ethics, the livelihood of New York. It is squalor, putrid, materialistic, greedy and corrupt. There is no redeeming value to New York, except… the theater and the museums!!!

Oh my gosh!

I saw two fabulously perfect Broadway shows; The King and I, with Kelli O’Hara and Ken Watanabe and An American in Paris, with Robert Fairchild!   Oh my, I laughed and I cried – they were so staggeringly stunning!  I toured the Frick Museum and the Met and visited Soho, Little Italy, Fifth Avenue, Central Park, and more in just over four days! It rained, it poured, the sun shone brilliantly and the clouds hovered and threatened. It was four and ½ days and I am exhausted! Not just for all the walking, the taxi’s that were oblivious during torrential downpours, the street vendors, the garbage, the arrogance, the attitude, the pushing and shoving, the muggings and more…but for the unrelenting ‘buzz’ that everyone is required to sustain.

I am home now and definitely quite happy at the familiar landscape. But there were certainly great things that were housed in a city where scaffolding and garbage 20 feet high greet you every single block every day all day!

I would have to comment on the Frick Museum and the Metropolitan. The Frick for the decadence of its existence. It was built by Henry Clay Frick for his most beloved and beautiful wife. Every piece of limestone, every lay of wood, of ornament and chandelier were breathtaking. It encompassed an entire New York City block and housed what could only be described as the most amazing collection of artwork, sculpture, porcelain, antiquity and antiques in the US. Then there was the Met! Spanning 4 city blocks, the museum could easily take a week to experience, but we had just a few hours and so chose to dally at the John Singer Sargant, Portrait of Artists and Friends, exhibit. Studying each, and the inscription identifying it, I became so drawn into the man, I could not escape. He was at once amazing. dashing, intriguing, artistic, debonair, attractive, magnifying, magnificent, perfection in art, and I wished I could have known the real man. He drew me in and I was spelled!

I stayed in my friend’s condo on the 29th floor of a building in upper Manhattan. A good to better neighborhood, she paid a hefty pence for the right to live in this 1043 square foot abode. It was a bonus that the elevator took a sort of hyper-speed to reach the ground floor where a doorman would greet you with a smile. But despite her spending $50k to have new noise proof windows installed, the noise must have bounced, because it was not dissipated – at all and was a constant symphony rehearsal played by five year old students… At night, I slept fitfully by blasting the air conditioner to whiten the cacophony.

In New York you cannot have a – garbage disposal, ceiling lights that are recessed and cordless, washer-dryers without special permission, ventilation in bathrooms or kitchens, or any delivery without a proper delivery receipt. Rules abound! At present, New York charges a premium tax on residential purchases over $1million, which in New York City would apply to everyone given the cost of a condo. But then everything costs a premium, to such an extent that my friend found if she flew to her home city of Larkspur across the Golden Gate Bride from San Francisco with her monthly dry cleaning and monthly confixation of her hair, she would save money rather than having these things done in New York. So she does, and it gives her a break from the perilous living.

And while life isn’t perfect back home, while skeletons still stalk my days, at least I have the open skies, the mountains in view, brilliantly green trees and grass, the bantering of squirrels and the sweet trills of birds. I have my grown children, my elderly dog and my abode of friends who love me.

Life isn’t perfect, but then, at least, “I try…etc., etc., etc”.