What Will America Fight For?

What Will America Fight For?   Asks The Economist.   Because according to their in-depth research, “the world that built the West is cracking not least because America is lukewarm about preserving it…”

An interesting choice of words ‘preserving’ vs. ‘fixing’. But even more noteworthy is the fact that The Economist wrote the same headline May 3, 2014 wherein the tag line was, “a nagging doubt is eating away at the world order, and the superpower is largely ignoring it”.

In this instance, the article delineated the peace that Obama sought and his frustration with those calling for war as the solution.   Of course the fact that Obama put the US thru more wars than any president in history seems a bit redundant.   But it is The Economist.

In the current article, The Economist betrays a truth, ‘the world built the West’. The world being the same ‘superpower’ that was lackadaisical in 2014.   Was The Economist inciting the superpower to action? Why is superpower singular instead of plural?

The bite of the article is the revelation by the Rothschild entity within the ‘Superpower’ establishing that the world order built the West.   And that creation is cracking as the house was built on sand.   But it is a truism even if it comes from the Rothschilds: debt is unsustainable. Money is worthless.   And corruption is a way of life.  The World created by the Superpower is failing miserably.

The entities responsible?   The Federal Reserve, NATO, the UN, IMF, WHO, CIA, BIF, etc… etc… etc… All jailed together under one ball and chain. The ball got too heavy, and the chain is rusted.   No one within the ‘Superpower’ could agree, and the infighting had delayed the inevitable RESET.

Allowing the world order to try again.

A fresh start!   Raze the cities and build anew. Eliminate the dastardly people who the world order deem unsuitable to their new blueprint and push the RESET button.

Technically, they are right.   It is their means that is evil.

In an almost Harris worthy cringe, Democrat Tammy Duckworth wrote, “we’re in a fight for what America is going to be, which is a much more diverse society.”   In her view the New America is about free preschool and paid family leave…   Forget the economy, forget the lockdowns, forget opioid addiction, homelessness, corruption, diversity burning down businesses and cities, because Duckworth’s vision is all about ‘free stuff’.  An idiot worthy of education…

ENTER, NewAmerica.org.   Yet another NGO.

Their ‘vision’ reads like the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:   economic opportunity for all, equal representation in politics, a secure, prosperous America, thriving families and individuals, equitable high quality education, etc…

Like The Economist, their choice of words bears note.

Thriving: in its base definition thriving means to be alive. For example, in China thriving means earning more than $1.95 per day.

Equitable: indifferent, fair, dispassionate, equal.   Today, schools prove their equity thru CRT, no grades, and a disproportionate failure among the black community to meet basic proficiency. This worsening proficiency escalated to the point of no return for many communities during school lockdowns.   Requiring Kindergartners thru Preteens to learn via a robotic remote clinical tactic failed miserably. But most of the “Superpower’ folk are in their 80’s and beyond. Their own mental acumen in question just as Brandon.

Who funds New America?   Gates, Soros, Bloomberg, Ford, Arizona State University, JP Morgan, Lumina, Walton, Siemens, Google, Omidyar, Carnegie, Spielberg, Amazon, etc… blah blah blah

According to the IRS FOrm 990, it would appear the vast majority of New America funds are distributed to organizations that provide ‘student loans’, as in more debt for the coming generation so as to enslave them when the time is ripe.

In essence, their schematic is a Bond issue within tax-exempt NGO stratospheres of 509(a)(3) IRS status. A 509 is considered a supporting organization that carries out exempt purposes for the exempt 501©(3) classification. In other words it is a loophole to avoid being classified as a foundation subject to more restrictive regulations.

And thus the Bond Issue, and the interest bearing loans are suddenly nontaxable income thru a private corporation.  Badda-BANG!

All of these operations come across as a ‘last hurrah’ in the Great RESET.   With The Economist stating that CoVid will fade into oblivion in 2022  their assertion is that enough vaccines will have been administered and the next stage needs to be implemented.

According to The Guardian, this oblivion of CoVid will present in developed countries first given they declare the most vaccination rates.   Of course, we are required to believe the vaccination rates as decried, based on the pinky swear truth tellers that are tasked with presenting numbers.  

In a world of deception and lies – the truth is a research task.   “Fauci says Omicron is catastrophic. Fauci says Omicron is worrisome.   Fauci says Omicron is something we have to wait and see.”   Apparently Fauci’s Handlers are pulling in the Fauci reins and backing off Omicron as we enter 2022.

The Pandemic has reached it’s ‘bilking’ point of no return on investment. With the major Big Vaccine Pharma’s getting authorization for a CoVid Omicron treatment, by US FDA Law, that treatment makes vaccines no longer viable for authorization.  Without vaccines, there is no reason to prolong the Pandemic. And CoVid will fade into obscurity as H1N1 or the seasonal flu.

The Fireworks grand finale is scheduled to end December 31, 2021, the same time the PCR test, still being billed as the most reliant, is scrapped by the CDC.  

This is NOT the time to Panic. This is NOT the time to undergo vaccination. It is time to breathe, have faith, and enter the New Year with EYES Wide Open.

BIDEN: 2020 Presidential Bid – A Trojan Horse

Biden for President?

While on the surface it looks all wrong, there are those who believe he is Wall Street’s hand picked non-white, non-male, non-supremacist candidate.  (hardiharhar)!  Tossing about the notion of Stacey Abrams as his VP seems a high risk maneuver given her background provides a plethora of fodder including the fact that she is a ‘romance novelist’.

Writing under the pen name, Selena Montgomery, Abram’s has written numerous ‘steamy’ novels with tantalizing titles like ‘Deception’, and ‘Hidden Sins’. But her financial acumen and admission is even more corrosive; $50,000 in back taxes and credit card debt of $170,000.   Obviously, balancing her checkbook is challenging.

Biden would apparently share in this financial crisis given his claim that he is the poorest politician in DC. In 2010 his net worth was estimated to be in the range of $250,000. Today, it would seem he is being better managed as it has grown to $900,000 to $1 million.

I wonder if he’ll produce his tax returns?

Biden’s biggest obstruction will be countering the numerous allegations of his wandering hands on little girls. Can’t imagine Hollywood would support those insinuations, but Hollywood has never hailed itself as logical and rational.

As it is, Wall Street will likely offer their billions to Biden if he pinky swears to do their bidding and they can guarantee him a voter win.

Problem:   It is difficult to comprehend Biden garnering the youth vote or the women voters.   And a VP candidate of Stacey Abrams is too weak and filled with comic relief. Interestingly, Biden holds the lead of potential Democrat candidates, with Sanders following second. Old white men.

Biden therefore needs to bring in a black woman to impress his constituents that he supports gender and race equality.   Unfortunately, the available list of candidates is relatively small in the political arena and may require moving to a more business professional. Someone capable of being groomed to suit the ideologies of the Banking and Wall Street Cabal, while having the strength to lead should the 78 year old Biden submit to health issues.

One possible political solution would be to convince the flailing campaign of Kamala Harris to submit to the reality that she does not have the power or charisma to win and should thus secede second best.

Still sitting on the sidelines of the New Green Deal, both Biden and Harris have yet to publicly comment as they wait to see opinion polls to this regard. Once the polls have given their view of the public view, Biden and Harris will support whatever the poll dictates.

Until then the shake up continues as revelations that the entire Green Deal was plagiarized from a UN document dating back a decade thus indicating the scope of the agenda within the New World Order.   The original Green Deal was written in 2008 and 2009 within the Order of the Obama reign and during the height of Merkel’s World dominance.   Obama and his policies were usurped by Trump, and Merkel’s favor and control have slid dramatically as Germany finds itself teetering on a recession. A fissure in the Agenda has upset the balance of power and necessitated a shift in leading actors and actresses.  Germany’s economy cracking under the pressure.

The $100 trillion dollar New Green Deal was the brainchild of the elite with the advent of the Paris Climate Accord wherein ‘pledges’ were proposed to fight the growing catastrophic events of ‘global warming’. Al Gore helped spur the world into a tizzy winning a Nobel for his stance on Global Warming, while notably increasing his personal wealth by upwards of $200 million.

The ‘management’ of the $trillions was naturally determined by the UN as they hand-picked who would receive funds and for which projects, while control of the money, outside investment of the money, interest income on the money, would all center on the UN.   In the meantime, the US would ultimately fade into obscurity as a Socialist welfare economy was slated to create the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. Much like monarchial rule of past centuries, the have nots would be the peasants.

Censoring the public meant controlling every vestige of information – including their newest acquisition – Fox News. Their nemesis.  And the mantra is fullfilled;  ‘if you can’t beat em, buy em‘.

The next target will be blogs. Because education is their enemy.

While the promotion of the New Green Deal likens it to an FDR on steroids economic stimulus plan, the players are somewhat interesting; Ed Markey, a Democrat Senator serving with Elizabeth Warren claims authorship. Markey’s wife is Rear Admiral Susan Blumenthol who is serving has Deputy Assistant Secretary in the US Department of Health. She is also a fellow for New America. New America is the brainchild of Ted Halstead, and has been criticized for having as its senior Board Chairman, Google founder, Eric Schmidt. Hailed by John McCain, New America’s agenda is – Climate Change.

Aligned with CNN, Obama, Brookings Institute, PEW, Arizona State University, Slate Magazine, Open Technology Institute and Fix The Debt, New America is well entrenched in the DC Swamp. New Technology’s Director Kevin Bankston previously worked for the Center For Democracy and Technology which was funded by Microsoft, Apple, AT&T, Bell Communications and Nynex.   Entrenched in the EU with a main office in Brusssels, CDT is currently funded by foundations including the very Liberal MacArthur Foundation.

The circle continues as the global common denominators continue to rise as core creators.

Achim Steiner was Executive Director of the UNEP when it authored the original Green Deal. UNEP’s alignment with the socialist left party throughout it’s history further clarifies the move to Marxism.   It’s current Executive Director is Joyce Msuya whose previous resume includes the International Financial Corporation. The brainchild of the World Bank Group, IFC is a corporation whose shareholders are ‘governments’. The World Bank has been harshly criticized for its corruption and its policies of lending which have been found to do more harm than good for developing economies.

Giving Trump this global MASH of Swampolitics is inconceivably monstrous. Alliances in the EU are the few who have assumed right aligned ideologies, possibly Brazil and a spattering of South American countries. Russia and China could be tremendous allies in ultimately regaining control.   While Trump has made YUGE progress, another term in office is essential!