American Empire shifting Toward a BRICS/China Empire

Within the auspices of each Empire there are certain shifts in economic power, societal ideologies, wealth transfer, and stability.   With the destruction of America and her allies, western dominance wanes, ebbs, and trickles until a new ‘Super Power’ rises to replace the old worn and ragged.   The global sovereign powers have grown weary of Biden’s WH – pretending Biden is a worthy adversary – and the façade has crumbled.

Aligning with a Chucky the horror doll character who represents America and preys on children is over the top.   The BRICS are more concerned with actually making Earth a evolution of mankind instead of the Lizards who rule over the Western Governments.   More and more US allies are defecting.

And WHO would blame them?

With the passing of the American Empire, the dollar that is pegged against a false monetary system is likely to crash and burn.   The Ottoman Empire was considered quite successful.   Existing for nearly 700 years, it’s true power did not evolve until it absorbed Europe.   The decoupling weakened the Empire in the 18th and 19th centuries, but it was officially deconstructed after WWI by Western Powers who decided it was ‘time’..

What was left was a small shell of itself in the form of Turkey – constantly struggling – constantly inserting itself for even basic recognition.   If the US were to fall to China, the power vacuum held by the BRICS would withstand for 1000 years.   Their KEY?   Make Friends – Not War.

The Ottoman judiciary had three court systems: one for Muslims, one for non-Muslims, involving appointed Jews and Christians ruling over their respective religious communities, and the “trade court”. Because Christians and Jews were not afforded the same rights as Muslims, many of them converted to Islam.  

By the time the Ottoman Empire came to an end in 1922, half of the urban population of Turkey was descended from Muslim refugees from Russia.  Refugees.  

When the ‘Allies’ Divvied up the Ottoman Empire, Turkey became a mere speck of what it once was and has struggled ever since.   The Power shifted to the UK and US with Russia and China mired in internal economic and social deviances via; Mao and Stalin.

China recovered via the lifting of trade embargo’s.   Making them a friend – an ally – of the US.   Human Rights violations have occurred globally for centuries.   Not one country is immune.  These violations were ignored in order to bring about trade – and so as to not intervene in a sovereign nation’s system.   Human Rights violations continue today – albeit in deserts, concentration camps, and gulags- governments and the UN discuss the violations routinely – they do – nothing.  Why?  Because it would impact trade.

When Empires have fallen historically they become absorbed into a uniquely different form of societal ideology.   Those willing to alter who they are – survive, and those who cannot are eliminated… permanently.   This is the Democrat Party of today demanding the elimination of all persons who do not bow, scrape, and comply with piety to their singular way of thought and means.

The Liberals advocate for a New America and will soon introduce their New Constitution.   It is short-sided to think that The Constitution will save us!   Yet even within the US Fall there is a schism:   1)   The western nations support China despite their meager attempts to create a China Bully. China is their model of the New World.   2)   But another schism reveals that the purpose of the US might simply be to become a playground.   A land filled with deviant behavior separated yet accessible.   A sort of ‘relief valve’.   China will maintain its decorum, its level of education, its industrial nationalization – while the US will be parred demonstratively into fawns and frolic, porn and pedophilia, jokers and jesters.

Was it coincidence that the playground of the Roman Empire, Pompeii, was leveled to volcanic ash simultaneously?   Pompeii – which is not mentioned in the Bible… Pompeii where brothels had a menu of services and relevant pricing… Where nothing was deviant.

The notion that the Fall of the Western Empire is any more ‘natural’ than the fall of the Ottoman or Roman – is naïve at best.   These Empires follow a creation and a Fall as orchestrated by the same multi-generational Cult destroying the Western Nations today.   Almost as if they are a sub human species of universal beings playing with Earth.

Aliens have been depicted in hieroglyphics, in Minoan culture, sightings have been recorded for thousands of years.   Yet in this ultra evolved technological advancement that has occurred just over the last 130 years after sitting dormant for thousands of years – the concept of UFO’s is STILL ‘conspiratorial’.

Gates didn’t build a computer or computer system. Musk didn’t build Tesla engines.   The pyramids were not the technological prowess of the ancient Egyptians.  Easter Island?   Did Bezos really invent the Amazon concept?   How is it possible that 150 years ago in the mid 1800’s people still had outhouses, shacks, dirt roads, horse and buggies, slaves, poor hygiene, and dirty water?   How can we believe that ALL this technology was just suddenly and magically created by the same minds that existed in outhouses?

We are being told to push down our logic and rational thought processes. To bury what is obvious and embrace jesters and jokers instead.

The Liberals are not Rhode Scholars.   They don’t contribute to society -instead they light fires and commit heinous acts against children.   Tearing down instead of lifting up!   This is why countries across the globe have no desire to be attached to America. Because America is a flogged and dying horse – a manure pile in the wind.

ONLY The People can save it.   We have no more Allies.  

Railroads Poised For Strike: The Economic Fallout Could Collapse America

The largest railroad unions are poised to go on strike next week. Should that happen, supply chains will all but come to a halt. Affecting not just – oil and coal and natural gas, but agriculture products as well. Almost as though it was pre-planned…

“America’s freight railroads are almost entirely privately owned and operated. Unlike trucks and barges, freight railroads operate overwhelmingly on infrastructure that they own, build, maintain and pay for themselves.”

CSX Corporation, Berkshire Hathaway, Norfolk Southern, and Union Pacific owned and operated by US Corporations are at the center of Union disagreements. Their CEO’s are all Democrat.   They bend to their Masters.

Even if negotiations between the 13 unions and the corporations come to an agreement, the unions still need to have their members sign off – all 135,000.   Meaning weeks of down time that will catapult  massive shortages across the country.   Without oil – truckers can’t haul.   Airlines can’t fly.   Cars can’t drive.   And electricity becomes a scarcity.   As food disappears from shelves, this kind of depression in society leads to heightened crime.

Last weekend, Chicago alone had 55 shootings and 11 related gun deaths.   Contrary to the lefts attempt to demonize Christians, NONE of these shootings were the work of White Christians.

The number of excess deaths in 2020 and 2021 – according to algorithms – is roughly 1 million.   That is where all the ‘workers’ have disappeared to and why we have the shortage of qualified employees!   We now have 75 million people on Medicaid which would include every single illegal immigrant  – 22% of the US population.  Medicaid means you have no income to speak of.

The Railroad is no different.   Shortages in staff mean longer hours and more accidents.

In 1947, the railroads employed 1.5 million with an average pay rate of $5,700 on revenue of $8.7 billion. Today they employee just 135,000 on revenue over $77.7 billion and employees make $330,000.   In 1947 – employer working capital was skim at roughly $200 million.   Comparatively, today that working capital is over $33 billion – a significant increase.

Railroad Magnate Warren Buffett is always trying to portray himself as a man of the peasants, a commoner whose net worth is just shy of $100 billion not including offshore accounts.   In 2006, he married a Latvian waitress – so perhaps that is who he channels when attempting to justify his peasant portrayal.

Canadian National Railroad operates throughout the Midwest and souther portion of the US. In 2014, Bill Gates had acquired a 13% stake in the company making him the largest shareholder. Over the years he increased his stake to 16.36%.   May 2022, Gates cut his stake likely to pay his divorced wife, Melinda her fair share.   However, he still maintained the largest controlling ownership.

At the time Gates bought ownership control the share price was about $22.50.   It peaked this year at $127 plus change. A profit of 500%.

IF in fact, railway negotiations fail, the stock prices of all associated companies will begin an elongated domino crash.  

Germany is facing a similar development given the lack of electrical power to keep manufacturing businesses alive.   China experienced that same impact during lockdowns when manufacturing was relegated to 1 day per week as a direct result of no employees, and no power.

When we have power outages, it affects grocery stores ability to keep foods frozen.   It affects homes being able to keep foods frozen. It also shuts down banks, ATM’s, Credit Card transactions, fuel pumps, and literally – an entire economy.   If you have well water – it needs electricity to pump.   Is your can opener manual or electric?

Food in a freezer will remain frozen for roughly 48 hours before it begins to thaw.  

A professor of physics at a WEF conference was miffed that students complained about anything – comparing their ‘petty’ complaints to living in a hut on a desert in Africa….   Because this is their vision for us all – to live in the worst conditions possible so as to create a slave compliance.

And THIS is their conception of Equality.

Yes, it is satanic.   Yes, its purpose is death.   And yes, suffering brings them joy.   So if you still think that ‘identifying as socially liberal and fiscally conservative’ has ANY meaning or power whatsoever – you have literally buried not just your head in the sand – but your entire body and that of your family.

This is NOT a fight between politicians who collect their wages while profiting on insider tracs, this is a fight between good and evil which has NO party affiliation.   Just as they partially succeeded in their pandemic creation – these next tactics will also wreak havoc.   BUT – you still are able bodied, still above water, still in control of your faculties.

NOTHING HAPPENS WAITING FOR GOD TO INTERVENE!   HE demands warriors whom HE will aid and give strength!   This Midterm Election may or may not come to pass.   We should NOT rely on the driftwood of liberals claiming a red wave.   IT is a Distraction –