Railroads Poised For Strike: The Economic Fallout Could Collapse America

The largest railroad unions are poised to go on strike next week. Should that happen, supply chains will all but come to a halt. Affecting not just – oil and coal and natural gas, but agriculture products as well. Almost as though it was pre-planned…

“America’s freight railroads are almost entirely privately owned and operated. Unlike trucks and barges, freight railroads operate overwhelmingly on infrastructure that they own, build, maintain and pay for themselves.”

CSX Corporation, Berkshire Hathaway, Norfolk Southern, and Union Pacific owned and operated by US Corporations are at the center of Union disagreements. Their CEO’s are all Democrat.   They bend to their Masters.

Even if negotiations between the 13 unions and the corporations come to an agreement, the unions still need to have their members sign off – all 135,000.   Meaning weeks of down time that will catapult  massive shortages across the country.   Without oil – truckers can’t haul.   Airlines can’t fly.   Cars can’t drive.   And electricity becomes a scarcity.   As food disappears from shelves, this kind of depression in society leads to heightened crime.

Last weekend, Chicago alone had 55 shootings and 11 related gun deaths.   Contrary to the lefts attempt to demonize Christians, NONE of these shootings were the work of White Christians.

The number of excess deaths in 2020 and 2021 – according to algorithms – is roughly 1 million.   That is where all the ‘workers’ have disappeared to and why we have the shortage of qualified employees!   We now have 75 million people on Medicaid which would include every single illegal immigrant  – 22% of the US population.  Medicaid means you have no income to speak of.

The Railroad is no different.   Shortages in staff mean longer hours and more accidents.

In 1947, the railroads employed 1.5 million with an average pay rate of $5,700 on revenue of $8.7 billion. Today they employee just 135,000 on revenue over $77.7 billion and employees make $330,000.   In 1947 – employer working capital was skim at roughly $200 million.   Comparatively, today that working capital is over $33 billion – a significant increase.

Railroad Magnate Warren Buffett is always trying to portray himself as a man of the peasants, a commoner whose net worth is just shy of $100 billion not including offshore accounts.   In 2006, he married a Latvian waitress – so perhaps that is who he channels when attempting to justify his peasant portrayal.

Canadian National Railroad operates throughout the Midwest and souther portion of the US. In 2014, Bill Gates had acquired a 13% stake in the company making him the largest shareholder. Over the years he increased his stake to 16.36%.   May 2022, Gates cut his stake likely to pay his divorced wife, Melinda her fair share.   However, he still maintained the largest controlling ownership.

At the time Gates bought ownership control the share price was about $22.50.   It peaked this year at $127 plus change. A profit of 500%.

IF in fact, railway negotiations fail, the stock prices of all associated companies will begin an elongated domino crash.  

Germany is facing a similar development given the lack of electrical power to keep manufacturing businesses alive.   China experienced that same impact during lockdowns when manufacturing was relegated to 1 day per week as a direct result of no employees, and no power.

When we have power outages, it affects grocery stores ability to keep foods frozen.   It affects homes being able to keep foods frozen. It also shuts down banks, ATM’s, Credit Card transactions, fuel pumps, and literally – an entire economy.   If you have well water – it needs electricity to pump.   Is your can opener manual or electric?

Food in a freezer will remain frozen for roughly 48 hours before it begins to thaw.  

A professor of physics at a WEF conference was miffed that students complained about anything – comparing their ‘petty’ complaints to living in a hut on a desert in Africa….   Because this is their vision for us all – to live in the worst conditions possible so as to create a slave compliance.

And THIS is their conception of Equality.

Yes, it is satanic.   Yes, its purpose is death.   And yes, suffering brings them joy.   So if you still think that ‘identifying as socially liberal and fiscally conservative’ has ANY meaning or power whatsoever – you have literally buried not just your head in the sand – but your entire body and that of your family.

This is NOT a fight between politicians who collect their wages while profiting on insider tracs, this is a fight between good and evil which has NO party affiliation.   Just as they partially succeeded in their pandemic creation – these next tactics will also wreak havoc.   BUT – you still are able bodied, still above water, still in control of your faculties.

NOTHING HAPPENS WAITING FOR GOD TO INTERVENE!   HE demands warriors whom HE will aid and give strength!   This Midterm Election may or may not come to pass.   We should NOT rely on the driftwood of liberals claiming a red wave.   IT is a Distraction –

PANDEMIC II: Oil, Food, Gas, Shortages – Buckle UP!


Which countries have sanctioned Russia?   US, UK, EU, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Canada and Taiwan.   That would mean that Africa, Middle East, India, Pakistan, China, Mexico, Central America and South America have NOT.   There are currently twenty countries under US sanctions, mostly for the purpose of defeating their economies.   All of which creates humanitarian crisis.   All of which creates hatred toward the US citizens.

It would appear, the Cabalist shield has been penetrated and their sloppy attempt to initiate globalism will wholly hit a BRIC wall.   Still hiding behind cloaks and daggers as the cowards of evil, they lost half the globe to capture the other half.

Trade.   Russia does not ‘need’ the EU or US, they just wanted to be part of the fraternity.   As can be seen, there are plenty of partners outside of the claws of the Cult Regime that offer bountiful resources available for trade.   The shortsighted ignorance of how the geopolitical shift will likely reorganize the globe could result in a wholly unique New RESET.  You see, the BRICS did NOT murder as many of the populace as did the NATO’s.  And they woke much more quickly!

The result could initiate a BRICS world empire, a loss of the dollar dominance, and massive economic recessions.   While bringing down the US, Canadian, and European economies seems a part of the genocide, the strategists failed to recognize that alliances among the BRICS could eradicate the illusory dream.

Paper money is worthless. Its value is an illusion.   Which is why Russia allowed the Ruble to collapse.   Without price fixing a balance of supply and demand would normalize trade in commodities.   Something wholly manipulated in the US and EU structure.

For example:   Russia never cut off it’s supply of heating gas to Germany and yet prices spiked uncontrollably out of ‘anticipation’.   The US has an abundance of natural gas – yet costs are up 50% over last year.  Why?    Ukraine and Russia are exporters of wheat, so wheat prices have risen 71% this last month.   Shell bought 100,000 metric tons of gas from Russia at a significant discount but has told Germany they will ration distributiion.

And the latest; a food shortage is being anticipated for coming months with potential for rationing in the EU.   In 2016, Merkel quietly put in place a ‘food security program’ under the Civil Defense Concept.   The plan requires that all Germans have a ten day food supply. It states, “ when this basic food supply can no longer be achieved by the free market, then a supply of ‘essential’ food thru sovereign management will prevail thru the government take over of the farms. Thus the ‘government will then distribute food as it sees fit’.

I am reminded of Merkel’s pamphlets for the heating oil crisis she anticipated for her ‘comrades this winter’ wherein she told them to light candles and do jumping jacks…

But it isn’t JUST the EU. California turned off the water spigot to all farmers last December, only to open 15% of normal allocations by the end of January.

Brazil has announced a record wheat production this harvest. Fruits and vegetables are also above normal production, but if oil reaches the $300 per barrel as predicted, transportation of these commodities will spike well beyond the normal price market.   And food shortages will be dominant in the US as the USDA creates the false narrative of ‘shortages’.

Truckers are NOT using electric or wind powered or solar powered – Trucks.   Nor could our current grids take the added drain if electric were even available.   Not to mention that we have a chip deficiency that is pushed to 2024, and electric vehicles use ten times more chips than gas powered.  So this concept of NO gas powered vehicles is assinine at best.

THIS is a Pandemic created crisis that will price the US and EU into oblivion.   Those BRICS economies which are aligned within a normal trade system will survive as they are also likely to create their own currency.

The Enemy is WITHIN.   And always has been.

Farmers across the EU have been told that they may NOT increase production to offset any lag in imports.   Why?   Because the government says so.   Germany did acquiesce and is ‘allowing’ Russia to continue to export necessary natural gas for heat, albeit reluctantly.

But the Biden Handlers are not as pro-US citizen, after first suggesting using Iranian oil, they are now pursuing an agreement with the Saudi’s for more US imports.   Of course, those imports will be at or above ‘market rates’.   The Saudi’s are still at war in Yemen – with a current death toll over 400,000.   Yet, this oil is better than Russian oil…


Operating costs for US potato farmers are up 20% – not including transport.   Why?   Absolutely NO reason. A staple for calories during food shortages historically, growing spuds is considered relatively easy.

Although farmers have some input into the pricing of their agriculture, ultimately it goes to the USDA.   As Biden took hold of the WH, his handlers selected Tom Vilsack as the Secretary of Agriculture.   He came from the Obama administration and his bio states “He is ‘restoring’ the American economy against climate change.”   YES REALLY>

Latest news about Vilsack would of course be his concerns for Ukraine… while ignoring the coming US crisis.

CoVid didn’t kill – enough. And we are being pushed into the next Pandemic of food shortages, medicine shortages, oil and gas shortages, and the rippling across every aspect of our economy at the behest of Gates, Soros, and the Clowns behind the Red Curtain of OZ.