CoVid LockDowns: Coming To Your State TOO!

Colorado deaths have been on a steady incline since at least 2000 with totals growing from 27,000 to 39,000 in 2020 representing an increase of 45% from ALL causes.   The largest increases have been county specific: Denver, Arapahoe, Jefferson, with a statistical relevance of 96% among whites vs blacks.   So if you want to assign a racial disparity – there you have it! Whites far outnumber blacks in death for Colorado.   Have we created a Whites statistical analysis? A Whites health data center?   A Whites analytical model administered to promote greater health for WHITES?


Veterans account for 23%.   Not color coded. Did our esteemed government mandate veterans above everyone else in a job application?   Nah. Because they aren’t “color coded”.

A near THIRD are 85 and above.   Over half – 54% are 75 and above.   Did our government institute mandates to protect the elderly?   Nah.   So despite over half of the states deaths occurring among the elderly, the state, Governor Polis, feels they just don’t count – They have over-lived their usefulness. And instead, we destroy our economy because the nursing home population isn’t dying ‘fast enough’???  And Everyone must PAY.

I’m angry.

THESE are the same numbers that Governor Polis chose to ignore when instituting mass lockdown of nearly every viable business and entity in Colorado because CoVid cases rose according to tabulations that we can’t possibly know if they are true or false?   Because all tabulations are hacked.   Wonderful..

Elbert County has had a supposed TOTAL 419 case count of positive tests – and 4 deaths, this entire YEAR.   They are in RED alert Lockdown.   That means bars are shut down, restaurants are shut down, personal care is shut down, retail is shut down, manufacturing is limited to 25% or 50 capacity!   MANUFACTURING!

Because 4 people died of some related cause…

And somehow, this man, this human person has absolutely no compassion and waves his wand of destruction.   Before Polis, Colorado was a vibrant, positive community with low tax rates, and a healthy lifestyle.   We thrived well!

Today everyone bickers. Everyone hides.   Everyone is losing – and Polis finds this result to be perfect under his agenda.   How does a person become so evil?

YES – I am angry. I would be dead if I wasn’t.

They were upset because they couldn’t cancel Thanksgiving.   The dreaded Holiday that gave spirit to family and love and harvest – A Celebration!   Dastardly!   So they needed an alternate means vs simply recommending.   Waving their wand, they made it law, by writing the law themselves, the night before, and instituting it via EO.   And thus they became – the devils of Marxism and Totalitarianism.

They have been promised a ‘place at the table’. It becomes so obvious in their demeanor. Suddenly they have no fear for anything they do unlawfully – because they have been granted full immunity from ‘everything’ – forever.  Epstein Island was the Promised Land.  That’s the Devil’s deal.

For me, it is very difficult to grasp that sort of brain.   I talk about it, read about it, but just can’t get past the nuance of ‘choice’.   In the end, everyone has a choice for the decisions and actions they take.   In this case, Our Esteemed Governors of Punishment, ‘CHOOSE” to subject us to this chaos and financial destruction.   They are fully aware of the consequences, and are willing to destroy/assassinate a fair share of the population of their state.

Suck that in:  Our Leaders are crafting our assassination so as to claim the Great RESET, because it has been chastised for quite some time that a massive population reduction is necessary for the survival of the ‘fittest’ or those with the most ‘money’. 

So let’s say, everyone needs to reach an income, asset threshold, before one is guaranteed admittance into the Great RESET Committee.   A rush ensues as the Medialites, and the Politicites buy all the TP off the shelves – metaphorically.

IN a normal world, such a psychotic attitude would be grounds for the straight jacket. But today, it defines our politicians and with degrees the tributaries of each associated river and stream.   In other words, following a stream of intelligence had a pattern.   Today, the creators of the patterns are themselves technically ‘insane’ – so it takes a different sort – to sort the patterns.

I digress.   I am angry at our Governor for lying, for having no soul.   And I just cannot fathom a human so – evil and without conscience.

That’s all I’ve got to say.

STATE DEFICITS – $1 Trillion and Counting

Well, the shitake is hitting the fan and all the idiotic Barney Fiefs in positions of power as governors and mayors think that raising every conceivable tax is going to magically produce their necessary revenue after tanking their economies.   Of course, state employee pensions would be first in line… Because unions support liberal candidates.

One such idiotic move was attempted by the mayor of Nashville wherein he thought he could slip thru a 32.6% property tax hike while his entire entourage was still vacationing at home amidst the pandemic epidemic flu virus.

As of 2016, the funding gap between state pension liabilities and assets was determined to be $1.4 trillion. According to Moody’s that gap increased by $1 trillion during the CoVid 19 selloff.   That gap widens every day that state and local revenue flattens.

The average pension across the country is roughly $28,000 compared to New York’s average of $53,000 representing 1.14 million members and current beneficiaries of 482,000.

So who are these Comptrollers in charge of managing state finances? Because they would not appear to be doing a great jon!

Tom DiNapoli has served New York State for 13 years in the capacity of Comptroller having achieved a degree in history and subsequently a masters in human resources.    His entire career has been in politics. He has absolutely no education in finance or economics .

California’s Controller is Betty Yee. Her bio states that – growing up she handled the books of her family’s dry cleaning business.   In college she went on to obtain degrees in Sociology and Public Administration. She has worked in politics her entire life.

What are the duties of state Comptrollers?

  • Conducting performance and financial audits of all City agencies;
  • Serving as a fiduciary to the City’s five public pension funds
  • Providing comprehensive oversight of the City’s budget and fiscal condition;
  • Reviewing City contracts for integrity, accountability and fiscal compliance;
  • Resolving claims both on behalf of and against the City;
  • Ensuring transparency and accountability in setting prevailing wage and vigorously enforcing prevailing wage and living wage laws; and
  • Promoting policies that enhance City government’s commitment to efficiency, integrity and performance for all New Yorkers.

I passed the CPA exam years ago and conducting financial audits, managing billions in assets, preparing budgets, etc… were highly specialized tasks reserved for the most competent in education and experience.   Degrees in history and sociology would hardly track that level of competence.

But that is who is managing state budgets.

New York is quickly approaching a deficit of $60 billion and California is climbing the ladder at $43 billion. I’d say the state governments had ridiculously ‘failed’ in their duties and responsibilities to manage.

And now they want President Trump to just give them all the money they lost – which is effectively money from you and I. Cryin’ the blues…

As of 2019, New York State was already in trouble facing a deficit of $6.1 billion as a result of rising Medicaid costs. Roughly one third of NY residents are on Medicaid representing a cost of $70 billion annually.

While Cuomo has recently stated that nursing homes represented the crisis in NY for CoVid 19, it was the state government that ‘ordered’ nursing homes to take in CoVid residents.   73% of all deaths in New York state claimed to be caused by CoVid 19 were residents of NYC. Twenty six other counties within New York report death rates of 5 and under, yet the lockdown applies to every county.   A number of counties have -0- deaths, but must adhere to the same lockdown restrictions as NYC.   The absurdity seems lost on Health commissioners, Comptrollers, Governors and Mayors who are irate that their deficit is not being wiped clean by President Trump and OUR Dollars!

A damning video of Cuomo’s response to the CoVid 19 virus reveals an arrogant, we are the best in the world, timeline response dating from February 2, 2020.   While claiming New York could handle it better than any other state, claiming New York had the best hospitals and most up to date equipment ‘in the world’ – to cryin’ the blues…

March 20th, Cuomo issued an Executive Order lockdown which remains in effect today.

Further dementia would have Pelosi brightly smiling while announcing that state and local governments require $1 trillion to stay in business and a new package is being assembled with Maxine Waters at the helm of distribution???