CYBER WARFARE! Russians and Bikers Destroy RAND Corporation?

The Russians are back in the spotlight after having the audacity to destroy CoVid 19 patient records in the UK. Apparently, they only targeted records of patients who had previously been diagnosed and recovered from CoVid and not the records of those actually vaccinated.   As a result, the UK can not verify those people and provide them with the necessary vaccine pass certificate…   The Russians apparently did not ask for any ransom, they simply wanted to destroy records just for funzies.

How and why the UK Ministry is befuddled.  

Of course this was done 2 months ago in May – and the HSE is just now learning that the records no longer exist. AH!    This is all just in time to interfere in a qualified reopening of restaurants and bars ONLY for those immunized – or recovered.   Albeit the recovered will now have to be jabbed.  DANG NABBIT!

Who oh who would benefit from such a dastardly deed? And how could NHS possibly determine it was ‘The Russians”?   They can’t – it is simply another tool of deflection in order to ramp up jabs. The fact that Pfizer has already claimed a third jab is now necessary to fight the Delta variant despite their being hundreds of variants according to science is further poppycock!   If the initial CoVid no longer exists as the virus mutates, like every other virus known to man, how can Big Pharma possibly stay ahead?

They can’t.

Germany’s ‘spy chief’ has stated that the coming election will likely be attacked by cyber criminals operating in foreign intelligence agencies.   Although the ‘spy chief’ did not identify which foreign intelligence, all media outlets agree it must be – RUSSIA!   Why?

It is interesting that ALL cyber attacks are determined to originate in Russia. Obviously that would indicate their rather overwhelming superiority in cyber warfare. It would also reveal that Western cyber security is relatively backward, obsolete, and defunct.   Or they could simply be inferior, negligent, and stupid.  Either way – the conclusion that the western world is at the mercy of Russia – does not bode well for the US – The US Military – or the US CIA.   Oops.

According to NBC, America’s cyber warriors are spread thin.   A shortage of workers they claim.   An uptick in hacks – they claim.   They are calling it an epidemic despite the attacks racheting up over 750,000 last year costing taxpayers $1.5 billion.   It is likely they will call it the next ‘Pandemic’!   A National Emergency Order will be attached to CoVid and anyone not vaccinated will be hacked.   Right?

While they note that these hackers are ransom gangs – all coming from Russia, not one cyber hack in the US or EU is apparently adept enough to mitigate and disrupt the flow. Even Biden was unable to communicate a cease and desist order to Putin.   Perhaps he mumbled and jumbled and his humpty dumpty couldn’t be put back together again.  But it does foretell an absolute disfunctioning IT America.  As in – crap twalette water.

RAND Corporation has entered the fray and developed a super-duper model for ‘predicting’ cyber threats!   Imagine being in the middle of a massive ground battle in Afghanistan and your commanding officer ‘predicts’ everything will be fine …   Or perhaps he might ‘predict’ that the enemy will come from the east…   What happened to knowledge?   Spies?   Intelligence?   Instead, a crystal ball is the favored defense of your commanders.  Personally, I would defect.

But then RAND would seem to be providing Psaki’s talking points with a Report titled:   “CoVid 19 Disinformation and Hateful Extremism”.   The Report detailing these ‘hateful Extremists’ is 92 pages and highlights the fact that social media is the main proliferation source especially given everyone is home and bored due to Communist Lockdowns!   The report was done in collaboration with IPSOS – a marketing and polling company.   So now we have RAND using predictive analyses by a polling company to detect hateful extremists – why not simply ask all the Karen’s?   That would be on par in their “Scientific Pursuits” of idiocracy!

Apparently, the Report states that hateful extremism can give rise to hate crime!   Identifying these extremists, RAND, of course, labels them right wing conspiracy nuts.   The Report states that eliminating funding for these ‘extremist right wing nut groups’ is paramount.   Fact checking is also highlighted as a means of deterrence via – censorship.

Taking a bizarre broad leap, RAND identifies criminal biker gangs as the predominant right way identity.   Ultimately, RAND determines that more funding for their research would be the greatest means for overcoming this Hateful Extremism – as in mucho doleros for mios at the expense of all those Deplorables!   Secondly, ‘fining’ these social media platforms would help increase censorship.   And lastly, widespread humiliation and shaming techniques of anyone determined to be a right winger would force them into the closet.  RAND>

RAND was founded by ‘Hap’ Arnold, whose nickname Happy originated during his stint in Hollywood as a stunt flyer.   Today’s RAND CEO and President, Michael Rich, a lawyer, apparently prefers CNN and USA Today as his choice of interviewers.  RAND was initially all things Military.   Today, they espouse 12 different specialties ranging from; children, families and communities, to infrastructure, to data sciences, national security, and everything in-between.

Their Trustees include: Chuck Hagel, a slate of lawyers, Bloomingdales CEO???, Media, Hedge Funds and Banks.   Hardly the slate of intellectuals it espouses.

Notable Client Funding comes from: Qatar, MacArthur Foundation, George Bush Foundation, UN, World Bank, NATO, Google, China and NIH.   Among hundreds.   But – they are ‘nonpartisan’ and have no political agenda unless of course you are not a liberal Greenie advocating Communism and Marxism for all!

While Russia is declared a criminal motorcycle right winger deplorable, China is envisioned as a great universal partner for future indoctrination in enhancing Communism as a means of slavery vs elitism.

While RAND would seem to think that the 750,000+ cyber attacks are inevitable and beyond the acumen of US specialists, apparently Hateful Deplorables are much more of a threat to be annihilated.   And thus We Are Laid Bare at the mercy of cyber warfare.

Cyber Warfare – The New World War

Cyber Security Attacks are the mainstay – they come from every nation in the WORLD! It would appear that even the smallest, most obscure countries are cited as having cyber warfare capabilities. Attacks are fairly common on individuals, on identity theft, on governments and the military. Electrical grids are also a fairly common target, but this past Christmas was the first time that the attack on a grid was successful. It happened in Ukraine, and the malmare took out 3 towers and shut down electricity to 700,000 residences.

While the intention was for the attack to occur during the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations, apparently the hackers didn’t know that Ukraine celebrates Orthodox Christmas on January 7th. This would indicate the hackers were not informed of Ukrainian customs, ie Orthodox Christianity.

Security ‘experts’ love to point fingers as to who is the Hacking Team, when even in some of the more unsophisticated instances the source could not be determined. Speculations are rampant and usually refer to whomever is the latest craze of bad guy. There was never any evidence to support the Sony hack coming from North Korea, but they are a bad guy and so the US accepted the accusation as proof positive.

I imagine the hackers get quite a laugh at the schoolkid routines, ‘who’s on first’ type of deductive reasoning.

There is a hacking tool readily available online that allows the user to hack an auto’s controlboard. It costs $25. This is something anyone can utilize.  And most likely have.

For years, individuals in Ukraine were hacking into hundreds of US companies giving them insider information for Wall Street trades. They made over $100 million, it took an informant to get the US onboard despite a trail of cyber attacks, and four of the men involved have still not been found.  That is not – good.

It’s a schoolyard bullying tactic of you hack me and I hack you back times 10. The US hacks and nothing, Germany, France, UK, China, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ukraine, EVERYONE has joined the party. So what can a country do? It can upgrade its poor systems and hire the best of the best to mitigate and try to be one step ahead at the very least. But everything we do, everything we own, everything that comprises our daily life is now governed by computers vulnerable to hackers.

Russia claims that the slippery slope of cyber warfare included 57 million attacks it suffered last year. Government officials are banned from using Google and WhatsApp as a result and Russia has begun the process of creating its own parallel networks to operate alongside the public internet in order to safeguard from attacks levied from ‘abroad’. This will serve to enhance security while allowing global connectivity.

The US still lives within a punitive instead of solution based reaction. Sanctions against countries appear to our deterrent, which of course, has absolutely no effect whatsoever because a) we don’t know who is really doing the hacking and b) the countries just don’t care anymore – sanctions are primitive at best.

While we threatened China and we threatened Russia and we threatened North Korea, we didn’t threaten anyone else. Why?   Have our threats resulted in a lessening of attacks?  Not even close!

When we know that cyber warfare is very real and very threatening, why don’t we acknowledge that it can come from within our allies, ourselves, our coups, and beyond? What good is sanctioning? It attempts to define an evil and thus give us a source of hatred, but it doesn’t – solve the problem!

It’s the same logic we use when looking at inserting Muslims into assimilation within the US. While we say that not letting them in will only give them the impetus to join ISIS, we fail to understand that isn’t a good deterrent…  as in promise you won’t behead us and we’ll let you live off welfare forever.

Our logic has and is failing miserably.

How is it that we, the greatest economy in the world, are failing at cyber warefare? For one thing, we didn’t anticipate, we saw the threat as small, and we underestimated its potential. Trying to catch up to our competitors when they are far advanced in their IT capabilities is much like chasing a flood with one sandbag. It might deter one or two drops, but the damn – she is a flooding!

In the meantime – pointing fingers and slapping on sanctions is like swatting a dinosaur with a flyswatter. Ain’t going to happen.