PCR Test DNA: Sold to BIG Pharma – Transhumanism Research

Both Transhumanism and Posthumanism are terms associated with gene editing. This same editing is the basis for ‘cloning’ and utilizes the CRSPR technology to alter DNA thru the replacement of a ‘faulty’ gene with a manufactured gene.  The idea is to create a perfect human specimen.

The difference between Trans and Post in this sphere, is a Posthuman is one that is defined in their mental identity whereas the Transhuman is more of a physically altered being, ie disease free, physically designer, hair on the head, that sort of thing.

For example, a Transhuman could be a designer baby, or it could be a person whose physicque is altered to make them stronger with bioengineered abilities that are still within human capabilities.   A Posthuman is dedicated to a mind that rivals a god in its infinite power and depth of knowledge.

Together – these gmo humans are akin to mythological gods.

The CoVid Vaccine is undergoing a human trial larger than any vaccine in history and likely greater than the trials of all vaccines combined – because every person on the globe becomes a trial specific specimen.

But if a gene can be edited to fight disease, a gene can be edited to create disease. Which is why ‘scientists’ are leery that this entire concept could become a genocidal experiment gone astray ie, the madman.   For example, genes are our identity they distinguish us from every other human on earth.   While altering a plagued gene could make us healthier, just as easily, altering a healthy gene would create a diseased one that could cripple a person with cancer or heart disease, or even ‘sex addiction’.   Because every gene and cell in our body is a programmed description of our uniqueness designed by God, including our predilection for disease, addiction, moral compass, ethical behavior, etc….

Even our morality is guided by our genes.

While some might scoff that such a thing is ‘science fiction’, and altering genetics is in its infancy, everything that is science fiction ultimately becomes – science or technology.  And much of what we know is perhaps 1/10th of what has already been done.    The ‘curve’ of knowledge – what we know vs what has been proven is perhaps 10-20 years behind the present.    Hence we are told the human population is not allowed to know certain pieces of information because we are not capable enough or smart enough, to assimilate.

There are 20,500 genes in the human body housed in trillions of cells.   Humans also house trillions of viruses, the vast majority of which are dormant.   But altering one gene could thus potentially release billions of otherwise dormant viruses that have existed since the beginning of time. It is similar to the god notion that humans can alter the weather of the universe.

So when a ignoramous, like Bill Gates, makes the statement that he is only looking to deviate one gene amidst 20,000, that would be akin to saying he was only going to eradicate 15billion or the 3 trillion trees from the planet. Or basically, all animal life on planet earth.

And thus we have become Bill Gates and China’s human guinea-pigs.

Like ALL CoVid vaccines, the PCR Test is not licensed or approved for CoVid testing.   It does NOT have FDA approval status.  

When a PCR test is administered, they are extracting a sample of your DNA. That sample is attached to your name.   And a database is created.   Labs can sell your DNA to other labs and often do!   Most countries have little regulation in force.   While the EU has the GDPR Act in force as of 2018, its protection is exempted during a state of national emergency… and any and all DNA samples can be available to whomever!

Why is our DNA important to our personal security and privacy?

What uses are there for DNA?   1.   Paternity,   2.   Ancestry,   3.   Crimes,   4.   Disease analysis,   5.   Genetic Mutation,   6. Forensics,   7.   And – Possibly cloning…

Looking for the perfect specimens and cloning those specimens would be the starting graph for transhumanism.   How better than to have the largest sample size of DNA for analysis across the globe than through a ‘pandemic’.   Every DNA sample taken via the PCR Test was legally obtained with a minor vague release form required that matched your name, address, gender, and known diseases… Every DNA sample was uploaded into a database with all pertinent information attached.

You pay to have the test administered and the testing facility then sells your sample to Big Pharma. Follow The Money.

Labs across the globe are busily studying both Transhumanism and DNA.   For example ASU and Baylor College of Medicine are hot on the trail.   NIH would appear to be one of the leaders in genome research.     Epstein believed he was of a superior genetic as does Bezos, Zuckerberg, and every member of the Bilderberg Group.   But DNA from across the globe could potentially help accentuate those attributes and push toward the posthumanism status given the exponentially largess sample that has been provided via CoVid’s PCR Test.

Literally billions of samples for Big Pharma!   They are in utopia!

Worse, billions of people paid for the privilege for Big Pharma to assay every single DNA sample provided via the PCR Test. They didn’t pay us – we paid them.   Planned Parenthood comes to mind….

Anne Wojcicki is the co-founder of 23andMe, a genetics company in Sunnyvale, California.   Her husband was Sergey Brin co-founder of Google and her father was a member of the Polish Communist Party.   The company charges anywhere from $100 to $500 for each DNA sample.   Given her devout desire to help humanity, she sells the DNA samples to GlaxoSmithKline which fronted her $300million to have total access to the company ‘database’. That database tells them not just your DNA but every aspect of – who – you – are.

Within the testing cycle, the false positives and false negatives are really the true story because CoVid was NOT the purpose.   In fact there is no way of knowing if anyone actually had CoVid19, because once we understand the context it could be that the true algorithm was to simply produce a fake number of positives to continue to support the data collection stream for DNA.

And given that CoVid19 as a virus has yet to be strained and identified – licensed and approved, it is all a mirrors game.   The Vaccine and The PCR Test claim to be for SARS.   SARS is claimed to be the ‘host virus’.   Therefore any test or vaccine is based on SARS – not CoVid.

Kary Mullis, the laureate who created the PCR test, was a profoundly humble man. He worked the laboratory instead of the writing circuit.   And he died literally months before the release of ‘the virus’.    Given his profound dislike of Fauci, it is likely he would have been the first to make the denouncement regarding the PCR test efficacy for CoVid – much less any virus.   I imagine he would have had a mouthful over the societal implications of a global DNA database based on his PCR Test which he adamantly claimed had no viral context.

However, within the PCR Test each person’s DNA is captured, it was done so within the frame of a global emergency and no one can ‘recapture’ their sample once submitted.   Most people have little knowledge of the test, DNA or the ramifications therein.  But the point becomes the nefarious purposes for which DNA can be used.

With cloudbased data banks, Mafioso types could buy samples or steal millions of samples and leave traces at crime scenes.   Or simply blackmail the owner of the DNA.   From a scientific perspective, the samples could be used to create the perfect specimen of humans.   And/or, those specimens could futuristically be implanted in a clone.   And your existence cancelled.

To refuse to accept what is real, what is possible, and what is probable is like pretending Biden won the election.

Transhumanism is the goal. The creation of a new and improved human race that can rule over those who are not genetically altered while simultaneously spiraling real education into a downward disintegration of retardation – IS the goal.   They don’t want “Equality”!   Their entire agenda is the creation of an elite god rule on par with ancient Greek or Roman Mythology.

And billions of people on this globe just paid them to own their DNA so as to achieve this Agenda and subvert globalization into a tier of peasantry vs elitism.

14 thoughts on “PCR Test DNA: Sold to BIG Pharma – Transhumanism Research

  1. Good luck to 23and Me with their DNA determinations. I had the test and the results are not only being changed time and time again in respect of ethnicity but their ‘traits’ determination was laughable. 90% wrong. We will see some very odd transhumans based on that sort of reliability!

  2. If you have a large sample size, you can create a bio weapon to target a specific race. All whites? All Europeans? All……..?

  3. The human organism is extremely complicated and no man made creation even comes close. Do I trust the pharma gods, morons like Gates and Fauci and other arrogant people intent on a destructive path with no regard for life? Not in this lifetime. I do not believe science knows more than 5% of how the body works. And I will never be a lab rat to be poisoned by these monsters.

  4. I have told many folks they gave their DNA away with the testing…. Everyone,,, I mean Everyone said they didn’t care. Pretty much the same answer when they’re told their phone is ratting them out,,, where they go, what they do, etc.

    The Pepsi generation is gone,,, today it’s the I don’t care generation…


  5. Personally I am kind of liking the microchips. I no longer have to use Apple pay. I did notice a problem at the gas pump when I tried to fill three containers with different gas and diesel. So they need to do a bug fix on that.

  6. Thinking more about this . . . are Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos, Tom Brady part of the transhuman experiment from years ago? Something seem off about all of them and also several governors. There are probably thousands of them and they’re all mind controlled with their wireless chips.

    • Look no further than those who decry immortality as their goal – and they are likely part of the transhumanism movement. However, what they can accomplish appears to be susceptible to complications – remember Hillary’s face plants? Merkel having uncontrollable shakes? Of course Bezos before and after pictures are ridiculously crazy. FYI: Zuckerberg and Bezos are both 5’7″ – on a good day. If they grow taller – …

  7. I have suspected they were collecting DNA with those swabs. I researched early on when this all started that NIH was wanting a health database for all, to include DNA profiles. I’m glad I never got tested, don’t plan to either.

    I’m very nervous for all the people participating in the vaccine experiment. I wonder if they administer a placebo to some. I suspect so, to explain why some have extreme reactions to include death, others have no reaction at all.

    We need to start creating a non GMO society – no tests, masks, vaccines. Just freedom.

    • People these days need to be trained to deal with medical tyranny. Not even evil drug pushers force their victims to take drugs as Big Pharma does. If you do not take their drugs you cannot work in a number of professional positions, you are not able to travel etc…Now they are experimenting on the entire world. But most likely they have tested the vaccine on prisoners. They know full well what it does to people.

      • Actually – we are the trial test – they just announced that the vaccine is safe for pregnant women because those pregnant women who opted to take the vaccine haven’t died – yet… REALLY?

  8. …and that’s the way it is! spot on.

    “..while simultaneously spiraling real education into a downward disintegration of retardation – IS the goal.” – sadly, the goal has been achieved.

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