The Patriot Party.   Should we or Shouldn’t we?   To think that the GOP will suddenly reverse their present thinking is absurdity.   To think they will support a conservative who is NOT a rhino – is absurdity.   Vetting candidates has always been the means and the might in every party in existence.   Knowing that the vast majority of GOP politicians have cast their eye to the fire, we must turn our backs on them forever.

You don’t ‘re-educate’ citizens, you ‘break’ them. You can’t re-educate a politician, you break their spell by shunning the party.

GOP rhino’s lined up and allowed themselves to be blackmailed for greed, avarice and molestation.   They have destroyed their families, their sons and daughters, and their country through deceit and betrayal. They knew what Washington was doing and allowed their cowardice to reign – for decades.

And now it is revealed.   What we do with this information is paramount.

The Patriot Party is the obvious first step. The concept is what rhino’s and democrats fear the most – which makes it all the more powerful. The only question on the table is whether or not we have time.

Conspiracies abound as to whether Chinese troops have infiltrated Canada and Mexico – but photos do back up these theories.   Trudeau has quelled the conspiracy aspect of the theory in Canada by blinking wildly and acknowledging that he did indeed invite Chinese troops to ‘train’ at military bases.

To think that NO ONE in our government thought this information was worthy to be shared tells us our government controls the media – all of the media.   It tells us the government is bloated with liberal NWO and rhino NWO agendas – a Cult.

A new party organization must register with the FEC once they have demonstrated enough national or state activity.   The organization must file for a tax ID, create its status, identify Secretary and Treasurer, and make application with FEC.

If a Patriot Party was created, and the liberals impeach Trump, he simply has to designate someone who will run as his party with the knowledge that Trump will advise as a citizen.   Technically, that is how it is always done. Individuals rarely if ever simply decide they will run for President or Governor, they are groomed, sometimes for years.  We grill, vet and groom.

For example Biden is president but everyone knows Biden was planted.

Eighty million people did not vote for the GOP in 2020 – they voted for Patriot Trump.   One man fighting a global army by himself.   Sure there were a few, but the few didn’t have the power and were quashed.

The awakening is learning the game.   The game means infiltrating low levels – county commissioners, mayors, governors, DA, Charter Schools, and secretary of state.   It means grinding upward so as to create a power ‘BASE’.   We have learned that simply being President isn’t nearly enough!  

But if they could do it – Patriots can too! It means vetting candidates and never again voting any GOP ticket.  And it means using our 80 million power house to boycott.


  1. Well,,, I am still registered with the Constitution Party. Remember the Tea Party? Reform Party? I believe there are over 50 party’s.

    I don’t know,,,I’m about partied out! Voted for Ross Perot, people said he was too radical. ,,, voted for Chuck Baldwin everyone said he was too religious. But they’ll vote for crooks that promise them free stuff in a heartbeat.

    People are so divided and hate each other today that I think maybe secession is the answer. The government is way too tyrannical, now talking about punishing people for voting Trump, or re-education centers for people that want America great again. The fbi is out hunting down folks like dogs that were let into the capitol building by the police. The democrat states are shut down destroying the economy over a fake virus. The fake virus and shutdowns are being used by the government and federal reserve to pump trillions into a failing banking system.

    Personally,,, I think the education system, media and churches have done their job spreading hate and discontent so well, (and still are), that the party is over. Hope I’m wrong but it doesn’t look promising.


    • My brother when he spilled red wine on the white tablecloth one very miserable Thanksgiving growing up: “Is der party over”? Yes there have been a number of failed parties – but they were missing a number of viable components – knowledge, truth, deep state going rogue, and a warrior who fought long and hard despite few soldiers willing to fight alongside. I imagine WWI and WWII didn’t look too promising either. Civil war – Les Miserables… But as I keep stating you can’t win a battle in a war you won’t fight!

      • Hi,,, each of us fight differently. You, eloquently through this website,,, me, refusing their mandates. Wars are won one battle at a time. The despicables war on the deplorables will be their undoing even though they are unaware of it now. It’s a wrestling match where the bad guy is winning all through the match until the last minute. The good guy with a gasp of fresh energy finally wins the match.

        “If you are strong, appear weak. But if you are weak, appear strong.” Sun Tzu.

  2. If there is even the slightest chance for a third party to exist and flourish it must have certain principles and purpose. Its founders and subsequent heads must be able to successfully articulate these things and to persuade a majority of the American people to agree with them. It cannot be Trump’s Party.

    Several things happened this past election that caused the eventual outcome. Firstly, I’ll grant that there was widespread fraud or, at the very least, drastic voting rules changes. But, several other factors came into play. One, was Trump’s almost flawless ability to surround himself with the wrong people – people that advised him poorly or with ulterior motives. Next, was Trump’s public ad hominem attacks on people with whom he disagreed or who chose to exit his staff. He did not foster loyalty. Third, Trump seemed all too often unable to articulate what he wanted to do and why. For an educated man, his speeches were rambling and difficult to watch and listen to – even for those that may have agreed with him on many of his goals. In the end, Trump undid himself. Too many people just wanted the acrimony of the past four years to end. Those “insiders” that could have helped him saw their chance to give him a taste of “payback”.

    So, a third party? Yes, it could be done. But, it must be done wisely. Just keep in mind what happened to the Tea Party and Ross Perot. Learn, Listen and Pray.

    • A key take-away from this whole experience is: Trump would not be in Mar-a-Lago right now were it not for the duplicitous activities of Republicans. The DemonRats could not have done it all by themselves. This should answer the question above.

    • The Tea Party never had the populace that endorses President Trump – I would not ‘blame’ Trump for not seeing through every single deceit – nor would I focus on what he didn’t do when is a much more productive announcement of what he did do. Trump and every human are flawed – but he gave us something we haven’t had since JFK! Truth – Trust – and devotion to The People.

  3. Trump is not necessarily a Conservative. Whatever third party evolves, it will be made up of many different ideologies and beliefs. And it will also be infiltrated by scuzzy liberals and commies. I don’t know if a third party is feasible, but RINOs are not to be considered as vote worthy as are most Republicans. Politicians simply can never be trusted because they only have their own foolish interests in mind and will tell any and every lie to get a vote. Trump was not a typical politician until he needed support from the putrid DC Swamp. We simply can no longer survive a government with politicians at the helm. They can never be trusted. Even the Democrat party is likely to split apart as the more middle of the road Dems reject their leftist brothers. That is until Commie Pelosi hold a machine gun to their heads.

    • I agree Trump is not necessarily a conservative by traditional definitions. I think a vetting process of every single candidate could be conducted with help from loyalists who know how to dig out Truth. As both parties split and splinter – there are only 2 solutions; The Patriot Party or The One world Government.

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