CHINA’s BLACKMAIL on Full Display Across US Elections

Reading China’s news sources is really not much different than reading CNN or NBC or USA Today.   In a unique reversal of ‘China First’ or zero tolerance for China Transparency, the government is now looking at joining the quest for heading “International Law”.  

“As part of its more general push, China has tried to present itself as a staunch defender of international rules, in contrast to US President Donald Trump’s protectionist “America first” strategy.”

South China Morning Post noted that China already heads 5 of the 15 ( 30%) – of the specialized agencies at the UN.   More than any other country.!

“More Chinese legal experts and diplomats should play an active role in setting new international order, according to Jia Guide, director general of the Chinese foreign ministry’s treaty and law department.”

Which Organizations:

  1. Mr. LI Yong, Director General, United Nations Industrial Development Organization
  2. Daren Tang, a national of Singapore, began his six-year mandate as Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on October 1, 2020
  3. Houlin Zhao was elected ITU Secretary-General
  4. Fang Liu is the Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization
  5. Qu Dongyu, the newly elected Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization

It is truly ironic that China has been stationed to head the UN Directorship of World Intellectual Property!   But their takeover of these agencies most certainly provides insight into the New International Order they intend to lead. The economic destabilization being perpetrated by Democrat controlled states is the Manifesto created by China. The purpose is to so break America that China will rise as the shining light and take on global governance.

However, as cited by a joint paper between Johns Hopkins (John Hopkins Nanjeng Center is located between Shanghai and Wuhan) and the China-US Exchange Foundation, the concept of a ‘two bloc Global economic Order” is not feasible. China’s response?   More aggression, less cooperation, and – blackmail.

According to an in-depth paper by The Federalist, China’s integration into US MSM is prolific!   Carlos Slim, largest shareholder of the NYT has multiple business interests with CCP including Huawei as well as fumbling with Trump’s trade war and sanctions.   Amazon owner Bezos has ties with Chinese labour and routinely accepts advertising payments from their circular “China Watch”.   CNN which is owned by Warner Media considers China a ‘partner in their economic and cinematic ventures”.   ABC, NBC and Bloomberg are all fully entrenched in business dealings with the Communist Party.  IF there was any doubt that the MSM was corrupted, follow the China Links.

The East-West Institute is an NGO ‘promoting peace’ through advancing dialogue between US and Chinese military as well as party leaders to improve US-China relations.

A recent MENA Briefing conducted through the East-West Institute determined that a Biden administration would be most fruitful to the international community given Biden would likely reassert the Obama/Bush era platitudes. On the table – reasserting relations with Iran and Palestine.

The President and CEO of East-West Institute is Bruce McConnell who has ties with the Obama/Biden team, with a focus on international cooperation in cybersecurity.  The agenda would be to break the back of America while forging a closer alliance with Germany and France given their hatred of all things America.

World Bank, IMF, International Finance Corporation, WHO – they are all deeply impregnated in the CCP aggressive stance on global governance via the destruction of America as a power.   To emphasize the CCP’s goal, their concentration in economically addressing CoVid has been completely toward banks and large industrial complexes owned by the government.   As such, the people have been forgotten and launched into dire poverty as the chasm of inequality has become massive.

Did China issue a mandate to the Deep State for a US coup?   Or did the Deep State solicit China to assist in the US coup?

Trump continues to hedge the China bets. Most recently, President Trump imposed visa restrictions on China. These 40,000 golden visa’s that China has manipulated since 2000 for financial gain represent a huge hit to their control.   All of which backtracks to the concept of “Open Access” implemented by NGO’s connected with George Soros.   Open Access means China has unimpeded access to every scientific, military, governmental, nuclear, and patent rights across the globe.   The fact remains the Deep State has worked in cooperation with CCP and individual politicians and entertainers are left to fend off the potential for retribution should they feel a wave of ethics.

China’s influence among American businesses and banks is nearly as vast as the Soros pool of NGO’s.   

Either way, they have entwined themselves to the point where unraveling simply is not possible. Bill Gates has positioned himself in China for the last 2 decades.   Gates has financed the 5 CoVid vaccines produced by China.   And China remains staunch in its decree that only 4600 people have died from CoVid in their entire country.   How is that a pandemic?    Begging the question of veracity and/or fraud among institutions in the US and UK.

So in the midst of this, were the Hunter Biden laptops a warning to the thousands of J Edgar Hoover political and entertainment tzars that China can just as easily destroy their lives with a simple drop?    Floating blackmail is widely accepted as a means for the CCP to be absolved of any implication in any wrong doing.   Particularly in our rigged election.

How many ‘files’ does the CCP have?   Likely thousands!   Names?   Scientists, Politicians, Hollywood, Sports, Media, the length and breadth of which is far more vast than we can imagine.   And as Lin Wood has expressed, pedophilia is at the top of the list.

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  1. “As part of its more general push, China has tried to present itself as a staunch defender of international rules, in contrast to US President Donald Trump’s protectionist “America first” strategy.”

    The mainstream media and ‘false opposition’ ‘conservative’ media have conspired to not direct the public’s attention to Trump marrying into a Soviet Bloc Marxist family, whose father-in-law – Viktor Knavs – is a Yugoslav communist party member Quisling, and currently living in the White House under the protection of the Secret Service, otherwise Viktor and wife would be murdered by Yugoslav expatriates, which is why they had to flee Yugoslavia.

    Google: express UK trump father communist

    Hence how:

    In 1975 the CIA’s CounterIntelligence Staff (CI) chief, James Angleton,
    was fired along with the purge of 80% of his CI Staff, cementing the Marxist control
    of the CIA, explaining how in 1980 Marxist John Brennan was accepted
    into the agency, even though he told his polygraph examiner that he
    voted for CPUSA candiate, Gus Hall, for change.

    Hence why:

    The following are the six shocking conspiracy FACTS regarding the Soviet Union that were never directed to our attention…

    (1) When 290 million Soviets were finally liberated from up to 74-years of tyrannical Marxist-atheist oppression on December 26, 1991, there were ZERO celebrations throughout the USSR!

    (2) When 290 million Soviets were finally liberated from up to 74-years of
    tyrannical Marxist-atheist oppression on December 26, 1991, the government bureaucracies and military officer corps of the fifteen ‘new’ ‘independent’ nations were never decommunized…to this very day!

    (3) When 290 million Soviets were finally liberated from up to 74-years of
    tyrannical Marxist-atheist oppression on December 26, 1991, the West conspired to not provide the in-excess of $100,000,000,000 in emergency funding to decommunize the USSR!

    (4) When 290 million Soviets were finally liberated from up to 74-years of
    tyrannical Marxist-atheist oppression on December 26, 1991, the 290 million ‘former’ Soviets all conspired to not request from the West the urgent aide needed to decommunize the ‘former’ USSR!

    (5) When Russia was finally liberated from 74-years of tyrannical Marxist-atheist oppression on December 26, 1991, there were ZERO criminal indictments filed against the tens of thousands of Russian government functionaries who arrested, confined to concentration/labor/psychiatric institutions, raped, tortured, or murdered Russians!

    (6) When Russia was finally liberated from 74-years of tyrannical Marxist atheist oppression on December 26, 1991, of the 3,000 monuments to Lenin standing ‘proudly’ throughout Russia, thereby inflicting historical salt on the still open wounds of Christians, Muslims and Jews,* zero of those monuments were destroyed, and to this day still stand ‘proudly’ throughout [Soviet] Russia!

    * Christianity

    “[In 1922 alone] Not only were the churches pillaged, as Lenin had ordered,
    “with merciless determination” and “in the shortest possible time,” but
    tens of thousands of priests, deacons, and monks and more than a hundred
    thousand believers were shot. “ – A Century of Violence in Soviet
    Russia, Alexander N. Yakovlev (Yale University Press, 2002), p. 161.

    “The main target of the anti-religious campaigns of the 1920s and 1930s was
    the Russian Orthodox Church, which had the largest number of faithful.
    Nearly all of its clergy, and many of its believers, were shot or sent
    to labor camps. Theological schools were closed, and Church publications
    were prohibited. In the period between 1917 and 1940, the number of
    Orthodox Churches in the Russian Republic fell from 59,584 to less than
    500. Between 1917 and 1935, 130,000 Orthodox priests were arrested. Of
    these, 95,000 were put to death, executed by firing squad. “ — ‘Church
    Schism and Corruption‘, Achim Nkosi Maseko, p. 154, 2008.


    “The Moslem religious organizations are on the eve of complete
    disintegration and disappearance off the face of the earth. As of now,
    87 percent of Moslem religious centers have closed down, as have more
    than 10,000 out of 12,000 mosques, and from 90 to 97 percent of the
    mullahs and muezzin have been left with no means of conducting religious
    services. “ – P. Smidovich, VtsIK member, 1930 letter to M. Kalinin.


    “When the Bolsheviks took control over the lives of approximately 3,000,000
    Jews, they found a Jewish people which had just been liberated from all
    restrictions of settlement and cult and culture by the democratic
    republic. They found a rich network of democratically administered
    autonomous communities with hospitals, orphanages, old folks’ homes,
    Hebrew and Yiddish schools, scientific and cultural and religious
    institutions, and multiple organs of Jewish opinion ranging from the
    Zionists to the Bundists, the Social Democratic labor organization that
    exercised predominant sway in the Jewish gass—the Jewish “street” or

    But that Jewish flowering ended with the Bolsheviks,
    including the end of Czarist policy that allowed Jewish communities to
    enjoy self-government…

    “The Jewish section of the Communist
    Party, known as the Yevesektsia,* was ruthless and fanatical in its
    treatment of Jewish society and Judaism. The Jewish Bolsheviks
    persecuted observant Jews, closed the religious schools and synagogues,
    exiled and executed leading rabbinic and lay persons, confiscated
    religious artifacts, and made it almost impossible to adhere to a
    halachically acceptable lifestyle. By 1919 all local religious kehillos,
    which were the agencies for Jewish sefl-government for centuries, were
    abolished, and their assets and functions taken over by the Yevesektsia.
    Religion was characterized as “superstition and cant.”‘

  2. I am sure that China would love to rule the world with defacto Communism. Gates would be the vaccine czar, making sure that the entire population was pumped full of mind controlling drugs via vaccines. The US would be a satellite country completely controlled by some Chinese dictator. What would be the sense of living in such a dark would? What could be gained? What purpose would be served to be a slave to the Commies? There would be a handful of megalomaniacs with all the power and billions of slaves living purely depressing lives. China offers nothing new under the sun. China is no miracle society or country.

    • Gates is into everything! Literally. From Lithium to Semantic to AI to shooting molecules into the sun – to Africa land grabs… you name it and his butt-print is there!

  3. Liberty’s Dreamers

    Out of the bloody mists
    Of time
    Came the ghosts of Runnymede
    Bearing a bold dream of
    The rights of Man,
    Landing on the shores of
    A new world
    Where they celebrated
    The flight of
    The magnificent bald eagle,
    Of a promising new republic
    The hope of all mankind,
    Now crucified on the cross
    Of indifference
    Whose insurrection
    From an arrogant crown
    Now belongs to the ages,
    A noble remembrance
    Of that fair meadow
    Along the River Thames
    Where freedom’s legacy
    Was bequeathed
    To future generations,
    Patriots arise!
    We are
    The New Sons of Liberty,
    And on this hallowed land
    From sea to shining sea
    Her original dreamers
    Built an enlightened nation
    With a shot
    Heard round the world,
    Her legacy once proud
    Now hangs in the balance
    Eclipsed by the illusion
    Of total equality
    For have we forgotten
    That freedom
    Has no equal?
    Hark! Hark!
    A dark winter approaches
    As the burning embers
    Of freedom
    Lie smoldering
    Beneath her darkened
    Polling stations,
    Yearning to be given
    New life
    To once again ignite
    The brush fires
    Of her soul,
    As the mechanical
    Forces of ignorance
    Terrorize the land
    With their masks of fear,
    And the New Sons of liberty
    Make their gallant
    Last stand!
    What will become of her?
    Let Freedom’s Eagle
    Take flight again
    Carving gracefully through
    The headwinds of tyranny,
    After all
    Who will save us
    From our selves
    And once again
    The volatile
    Fires of freedom attend?
    As her tattered flag
    Whipped by
    The cruel winds of ignorance
    Challenges us
    To tip liberty’s tankards
    Of Mr. Hare’s porter,
    To rise up
    And her broken heart mend,
    As each day
    We begin the fight anew
    To harness
    Those darker instincts
    That have left us singing
    The star spangled blues,
    Will that proud Eagle
    Soar again?
    That story will be written
    My dear friend
    With the blood of me and you!

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