Great RESET – 4th Industrial Revolution: Game Plan.

A picture is circulating Twitter which shows George Soros sitting on stage with SmartMatic’s CEO, Antonio Mugica, at the International Crisis Group symposium. As in – three fell swats of evil altogether!

We know who Soros is, we know about the SmartMatic fraud, but the International Crisis Group bears a bit of research and analysis:

Founded by Mark Malloch Brown with seed funding and annual funding by Soros and/or his Open Society, ICG is a US 501©(3) based in Belgium.   Their financials reveal they receive over 40% of their revenues from various foreign governments. The most prominent include:   Canada Department of Foreign Affairs, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Swedish Ministry, Norwegian Ministry, Finish Ministry, Swedish Ministry, the EU Commission, and Qatar.

As per their Financials, the most prominent foundation revenue source is the Foundation to Promote Open Society.

What does ICG do?   They work in conjunction with the US National Endowment for Democracy to promote coups, wars, and instability.   They don’t actually call it a ‘coup’, they prefer to define it as a ‘political transition’.   Where have we been hearing that phrase recently?   And of course they don’t advertise they promote instability, they prefer to label it “nonpartisan thin-tank doing research and analysis on global crises”.

With a budget of $19 million, they don’t actually ‘DO” anything that one could attribute to their expenses other than pay executives and employees, travel, and provide for their posh offices.   And yet, these ‘government’s’ seem willing to donate millions for this privilege.   In essence, they and their counterparts ARE the global shadow government.   The massive number of NGO’s that have infiltrated our political spectrum across the globe tell countries what to do, how to do it, and demand taxpayer funding for this privilege.

Perhaps the citizens of these countries would be interested…where their tax dollars are spent?

For example:   It was ICG that helped initiate the Syrian war given Asaad was no longer compliant to their demands.   Assad was an ally until he wasn’t.   Ukraine. Venezuela.   Chile.   They love transition.

Mark Malloch Brown began his illustrious career with The Economist, the Rothschild rag, but he quickly rose through the ranks.   He worked with Bolivia’s Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada, a Revolutionary, Corazon Aquina, a Philippino Revolutionary, World Bank, UN, etc…

The Chair of ICG is Robert Malley whose career ranks as Director for Democracy and Human Rights in the Clinton administration, and National Security Council under Obama where he initiated numerous meetings with ‘Hamas’ and was the lead ‘negotiator in the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal.

It is paramountly clear, the International Crisis Group is anything BUT – nonpartisan. And yet their motto is “Preventing War and Shaping Peace”.   Of course that would correspond with some alternate universe when words actually had meaning.

It goes without saying they hate all things Trump and call on his decency to stop the rhetoric inciting violence during the presidential campaign.   Without a shred of discussion regarding Antifa or BLM, instead they focus on the belligerent Proud Boys! Dastardly!   They are pro-Iran, pro-Palestine, pro-Germany and France. And pro-China’s vast tentacles of dominion in Africa.

Because Africa is the Target for many of these nonpartisan NGO’s.

In 2019, Forbes discussed the role of China in Africa as part and parcel of the 4th Industrial Revolution.   They cite ‘big rewards for those countries willing to invest billions in infrastructure’.

“Right now you could say that any big project in African cities that is higher than three floors or roads that are longer than three kilometers are most likely being built and engineered by the Chinese.”

China is Africa’s biggest trade partners with over 10,000 Chinese companies operating in Africa, amounting to a total investment to date of $2 trillion. Infrastructure, is and has been, the bottleneck for land grabs.   But none of this is free.   Africa’s debt will be the catalyst for further land grab as defaults continue to rise.   Most especially given the CoVid crisis that has devastated Africa’s economy and ability to make loan payments.

China will be more than happy to waiver payments in return for  – ownership of land.

It is this same model of debt and land grab that China foresaw in it’s design on the US with the assistance of ‘nonpartisan NGO’s’.

A Biden/Obama elect would hasten this Ponzi Scheme despite the anomaly that Xi Jinping hates blacks and old dementia driven white men.   But then, intellect was not a part of the Biden/Obama countenance.   And the buffoons they are aligning in office should the Biden coup succeed, are oddly rather ignorant and inconsequential – technically.   Not stellar intellects.

Begging the question, is this entire Cabinet Pick Ploy just a joke?   I mean the media fawned all over one guy’s guitar playing ability.   Really?   Was he Secretary of State or National Security, either way, he was a joke…a King’s Jester in Court.

Any Whoo, Africa is the Game Play.   The Cabal and China need to own the majority of the Continent, have control of the majority of corrupt politicians, and continue to push the citizens into a worsening dire poverty line – with the ultimate likely strategy to gas a vast majority as they take over.   Over the last 2 decades ultra modern cities have been built across the countries with vast resources to be pillaged and raped for the 4th Industrial Revolution.   As a result, most Africans live in squalid slums just outside the gleaming cities lined with gold.

Think phone alert – ‘we are in danger – collect at the xxx Stadium for further instructions’.   They all arrive – but no one leaves. Depopulation needs a quickening according to their agenda playbook – wars have subsided, the pandemic proved to be far less than malaria or polio and Gates is in a hurry.

But the Queen bee is not stupid, she knows she needs a swarm of dedicated workers to sustain her.   Alas, some would be spared – as Gates put it – the ones who survive will be spared. In that context he was referring to the virus and its vaccine.

Africa would be the easiest to own.  They have already installed beheaders who go about beheading just for funzies – eradicating the poorest in villages across the continent.  The police don’t care much or can be made to look the other way with the slightest palming – to feed the family…

Why Africa? Climate change and the evolution of climate.   I imagine Africa may be returning to its abundance of rain. While they have not adequately prepared for this so as to conserve the water, the NGO’s will likely come to the rescue with advanced infrastructure development including reservoirs and dams.

The real climate crisis lurks behind the walls and steel of justice and government, chances are, if the elite are buying up Africa and selling America, they are betting BIG.

“I’ll take 2mil on Yellow Stone earthquake…”

“Give me 1/2b on famine”

“I’ll go – $2 billion on getting rid of Trump”

And the room goes quiet

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  1. “Climate change …”

    Greater than 94% of the energy contained within nitrogen and oxygen are unaccounted for by the ‘climate change’ narrative, informing us of the massive scientific fraud taking place, the purpose of the fraud to further weaken the West’s economies.

    [On March 16 Trump directed the nation to stay home for 15 days(!), his Marxist economic sabotage directive still in play. Immediately following Trump’s directive, governors/mayors declared illegal Executive Orders to lockdown the nation, thereby proving Marxist coordination between Federal/State/Local governments.

    No new investments will be taking place because investments require recouping the investments, and with the spectre of the fake COVID-19 returning, or equally fake new pandemics, future lockdowns are in the future, therefore no investments are on the horizon. In short, the United States has been turned into a Banana Republic overnight.]

    Nitrogen and oxygen constitute, by volume, 99.03% of the atmosphere’s gasses, while the trace gases account for 0.97%, or just under 1% of the atmosphere’s gasses. If we include water vapor (H2O) in the atmosphere, which accounts for, on average, 2% of the atmosphere’s gases by volume, we therefore subtract this 2% from the atmosphere’s gasses, where nitrogen and oxygen will constitute 97.0494%, and the trace gasses will constitute 0.9506%.

    Nitrogen and oxygen don’t absorb much infrared radiation (IR) emitted from the ground, and assuming they absorb 100% of thermal energy from the surface, constituting approximately 5% of Earth’s energy budget, we’re left with a massive energy deficit for nitrogen and oxygen, confirming that those two molecules derive their energy from thermal ground/ocean emissions instead, but since the ‘climate change’ narrative identifies such emissions as not thermal but IR, we have proof that the energy being emitted isn’t IR but thermal because nitrogen and oxygen absorb a miniscule amount of IR.

    We’re told that Nitrogen and oxygen obtain 5.1% of their heat energy from thermal energy emanating from the surface…

    Google: NASA earth’s energy budget graph pictures

    …and another .078% of their heat energy from outgoing infrared radiation, leaving an energy deficit of approximately 94.8%.

    Since nitrogen and oxygen constitute by volume 97.0494% of the atmosphere’s gasses (when water vapor is included in the calculations making for a more precise calculation), they must therefore retain that volume amount of heat energy, but 18.4 Wm2 only constitutes 5.1% of the Earth’s Energy Budget of 358.2 Wm2. Nitrogen and oxygen’s absorption of infrared radiation would only infinitesimally affect this missing heat energy.

    The missing energy levels for nitrogen and oxygen direct our attention to another aspect of the scientific fraud taking place: Misidentified outgoing energy types. IR is assigned an energy magnitude of 358.2 Wm2, and thermals 18.4 Wm2. The opposite is closer to the truth, where IR is assigned 18.4 Wm2, and thermals 358.2 Wm2.

    Hence why:


    Climate change mechanics conspires to do away with the physics of the atmosphere, where action and reaction is abandoned. When a new gas molecule is introduced into the dense troposphere, dislocation takes place, where if the new molecule is denser than the atmosphere (contains less heat energy), such as carbon dioxide, the gas molecule sinks displacing upwards the warmer nitrogen and oxygen molecules, thereby cooling the area of dislocation. Conversely, if the new gas molecule has more heat energy than the nitrogen-oxygen based atmosphere (such as methane), the new molecule rises, displacing relatively cooler nitrogen and oxygen molecules downwards, which displaces upwards relatively more heat retaining nitrogen and oxygen molecules, thereby cooling the area of dislocation. Thermodynamics in action in the atmosphere that keeps the Earth cool when increased radiation isn’t the new variable introduced.

    • Not sure what the distinction is between IR and thermal. There are three paths available for heat transfer, convection, conduction, and radiation.

      If modern society is liberating stored energy and liberating heat, and solar and galactic inputs and outputs are approximately constant, then we might possibly be warming the planet. We probably are, but the magnitude is so small that we likely cannot measure it and it surely doesn’t matter.

      We are depleting resources and cheap energy and fresh water, but again this is something to plan for and ameliorate in rational fashion. Man made climate change is certainly real, but it is mostly irrelevant and surely not urgent.

      • Infrared radiation is radiation, whereas thermal energy is heat energy that directly causes kinetic energy that causes temperature to increase. IR requires an extra step before it can cause the temperature to increase. That extra step requires first being absorbed by a molecule where energy is then created. Thermal energy is the result of radiation already being absorber by a molecule.

        There is no such thing as climate change. It’s climate modification, and this modification is nicely warming the planet, even though carbon dioxide acts to cool the atmosphere per the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which Marxist climate change modelers conspire to leave out of their hilarious computer simulations.

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