NIH and CDC: Funding Science Fiction via Globalization

NIH has an annual budget of $41.7 billion.   What exactly do American taxpayers get for their money?   Research.   Endless research with little results or changes.   “Science Driven HIV Research”.   Appropriating money for research over the next 7 years – because prior research wasn’t ‘science driven’.   “Experimental Vaccine For Tick Illness Effective in Macaques”.   Crimean Congo Tick Fever infects -0- people in the US annually.   “Commonly Used Antibiotic Shows Promise For Zika”.   There are -0- cases of Zika in the US.   “Decades of NIH Research Lead To Promising Treatment for Progeria”.   Progeria has affected 100 people worldwide since 1886.  

What The Heck?????

The 2020 budget included:   $291 million to support ending the HIV epidemic.   In 2018 the CDC claimed roughly 38,000 people were ‘diagnosed with HIV’ and that roughly 15,000 died from ANY CAUSE and also had an HIV diagnosis.  In other words it could be that -0- people died of HIV – the CDC just doesn’t know for sure.   The CDC can only ‘estimate’ their published numbers because they really don’t have any ‘science driven’ data – only guesses.   For that, we give the CDC $11.1 billion every year.

Despite their Budget labeling HIV as an ‘epidemic’, a paper released by NIH calls the HIV epidemic a pandemic and allocated $375.3 million for the first year to be divided among US and International institutions to conduct research over the next 7 years.

In essence, US taxpayers are paying for the vast majority of ALL global research.

Why?  Because ‘Science’ is part and parcel of the Great RESET.   Science, the theoretical philosophy, has been elevated to god-like proportions of fact and necessity.   The reality is far more devious.   Science is the global money pit.   Through the mazes of NGO’s, our money funds further ‘research’ that produces next to nothing.

Sierra Carter is an assistant psychology professor at Georgia State University. She was given grant money by NIH to study 800 black Americans over a period of 25 years beginning in 1998 – 12 years before she got her BA.   The purpose was to show that black Americans are sicker and die younger than white Americans because of racism.   Self reported questionnaires were utilized to determine stress and racist targeting.   She determined stree from racism was the primary cause of depression that resulted in health issues.

That is the entire extent of the study.   How much did that cost US taxpayers?

According to the very Propagandist Rothschildish outlet, The Economist, the life expectancy for blacks and whites is virtually the same.  Which would negate the entire study.

Within the CDC Budget, $40 million is allocated annually: “To enhance the ability of state, local, and territorial grantee capacity for detecting and responding to infectious diseases and other public health threats.”    I wonder what the states have been doing with this funding?

An additional $51 million is allocated “To improve linkages between the health care system and minority communities with unique social, economic, and cultural circumstances; and change the chronic disease conditions and risk factors in local communities.”

$324 million is spent to improve vaccination infrastructure.   $126 million is used to promote ‘tobacco awareness’ while only $73 million is spent on heart disease prevention efforts. Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the US among all races.

NIH funding under the insulting title: A Plan For America – allocates $770 million to ‘combat Malaria in Africa’, $310 million for TB programs, and $102.5 million to combat neglected tropical diseases.   For a grand total just under $1.2 billion.   This is not a total number, it is an annual outlay!   Brilliant!

Annual Malaria deaths in the US are estimated by the CDC to be – 5.   TB deaths in the US have remained at a constant of just over 500 since 2007 – of course this is an estimate.  And last I checked, the US has no tropics from which to incur a tropical disease.

It is well past time to negate NIH and CDC federal funding completely and allow all funding to be private.   NGO’s should lose charitable status and be completely taxable entities.   And all the accumulated savings can be remit to the Social Security Fund!

As the US plays down its military presence across the globe having effectively subsidized Germany, and most of the EU for decades, so can our Health Agencies relinquish funding every other countries disease research.

Science has lost ALL incentive to cure anything. Research, endless research is the only means of guaranteeing an income.   And the outcome of the research is likely determined before the research begins – much like election polls.   And within that vein, science is not science at all it is the money pit that absorbs bounties of tax dollars while producing nothing.  

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  1. — “Commonly Used Antibiotic Shows Promise For Zika”. There are -0- cases of Zika in the US. —

    There never was a Zika virus….

    The Zika Virus Scare: An Anatomy Of How Diseases Are Manufactured For Political Objectives


    In 2014, under a non-reporting requirement regime, Brazilian physicians reported a fraction of microcephaly cases for that year; 147 cases to be exact. Under the new reporting regime that took over for 2015, the number of cases naturally increased massively, the numbers representing what would be expected under a reporting regime. Then using the artificially low 2014 numbers as the baseline, Brazil and the global political/medical community (though not all within the medical community) declared an epidemic of microcephaly in Brazil based on the higher, though expected, numbers under the new reporting requirement regime.

    “It’s a global scandal. Brazil has created a worldwide panic.” – Alexandre Dias Porto Chiavegatto Filho, professor of epidemiology at the University of Sao Paulo.

    “In 2014, only about 150 cases [of microcephaly] were reported in Brazil1 in a year — a surprisingly small amount for a large country with nearly 3 million births a year. The United States, with about 4 million births a year, has an estimated 2,500 cases of microcephaly a year, said Margaret Honein, a CDC epidemiologist.”

    The small number of microcephaly cases reported in Brazil before 2015 is being used to set the stage for a blatantly orchestrated ‘epidemic’ not only in Brazil but around the globe. Pre-2015, cases of microcephaly in Brazil were massively undercounted, as inadvertently confirmed by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) statistics…

    “Microcephaly is a rare condition. One baby in several thousand is born with microcephaly.”

    Using the one baby in several thousand criteria WHO provides for the occurrence of microcephaly every year, then Brazil should have been reporting at least 1,000 cases per year (3 million/3000 = 1,000), not 150 cases. This explains why under closer examination the numbers in Brazil are declining from the truly high count of 4,180 cases of microcephaly initially reported,2 where of the more than 700 cases under review only 270 cases confirm microcephaly, ruling out the 462 other cases.

    If one uses the United States’ statistics of one baby in 1,600 born with microcephaly per year (4 million/2,500), Brazil should be reporting approximately 1,875 cases (3 million/1600) of microcephaly every year, a number that is showing up with the new Brazil count, where 0.3857% of the 700 cases under examination were shown to have microcephaly. So let’s do the math:

    0.3857 x 4,180 = 1,612

    1,612 is only 263 less than the 1,875 cases of microcephaly one would expect to see every year in Brazil if the American incidence of the disease (1 in 1600) were also true in Brazil. This undercounting in Brazil has been observed by experts in the medical community, and termed a scandal, “It’s a global scandal. Brazil has created a worldwide panic,” said Alexandre Dias Porto Chiavegatto Filho, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Sao Paulo, one of the most-respected universities in Latin America. “I’m not saying that Zika is not causing microcephaly, but I am saying that the ministry has yet to present any scientifically credible evidence to support that conclusion.” Ganeshwaran H. Mochida, a pediatric neurologist and researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital, also sounds the alarm, “It is possible that the baseline number in Brazil includes a lot of underreporting.”

    Firstly, it’s the global community, not just Brazil, that’s playing fast and loose with the fake Zika virus epidemic, and secondly, there never was a reason to believe that Brazil was suffering an epidemic of microcephaly in the first place, since it was well known that pre-2015 Brazilian doctors only reported a small fraction of such cases to the central government; pre-2015 there existed no reporting requirement for microcephaly in Brazil. The sudden emergence in 2015 of an ‘epidemic’ of microcephaly in Brazil actually represents numbers that would be expected given a comprehensive reporting requirement.

    So why the scare, you ask? To create public pressure to scale back restrictive abortion laws in central and south America, and undo state restrictions on abortion in the United States, as inadvertently admitted to by Georgetown University professors and Planned Parenthood and Newsweek.

    This news item illustrates the extent of the lies the Marxist co-opted media regurgitates each and every week, if not every day. How numerous are fraudulent news items when compared against truthful news items? My blog has proven that until one has verified the news for oneself, one must assume all news to be lies. Of course most persons have actual lives to live, where the demands of family and employment preclude close examination of the news. For those too pressed for independent research, this blog fills the gap.

    Notice too the ‘alternative’ media’s spin on the news item. Every imaginable conspiracy theory is offered, leaving unmentioned the easily discernible conspiracy facts. This false opposition tactic is what Marxists call the ‘Scissors Strategy’ in which the blades represent the two falsely opposed sides that converge on the confused victims, neutralizing true opposition to socialism, thereby allowing the advancement of socialism to the bewilderment of the true opposition.

    The Abortion Agenda’s Purpose

    Thanks to the blatant lies the CDC has advanced regarding the Zika virus and microcephaly, we now have further empirical proof for the Marxist co-option of the West (globe actually, the West leaving behind Marxist regimes in their former colonies), where abortion is used to destroy the Christian underpinnings of Western Civilization. As Marx said in the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right(1843)…

    “The struggle against religion is, therefore, indirectly the struggle against that world whose spiritual aroma is religion.”

    The West cannot remain Christian for long when abortion is tolerated, since Christian dogma teaches us that human life is but a continuation of a previous non-corporeal existence…

    “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…”

    To destroy what’s in the womb is a must for Marxists, since with abortion on demand no one can long continue to believe in a God who knew us before we were born into the physical realm.

  2. Let’s see…between 2000-2016 there were about 90 new cancer drugs approved and only about half were properly tested with double blind studies. Over that time, the health care system accounted for about $50-60 trillion of the entire economy. A study reports that even with all the new cancer drugs, the average life span of a cancer patient was extended by only about TWO MONTHS! This is incredible corruption to the core. Tens of $billions spent on research and hardly anything to show for it. Yet, pharma wants to push even more drugs upon us. And now billions of doses of FAKE VACCINES that will stop nothing, but they will alter your body destroying your immune system and thus causing more disease and sickness and the need for even more useless pharma drugs. It’s a vicious circle and most doctors are complicit and right in the middle of the corruption. NEVER TRUST THE MEDICAL SYSTEM UNLESS THEY ARE THE VERY LAST RESORT.

  3. the american medical society as a whole is corrupt to the core. doctors can no longer have their own private practice,they have to sign on with a major hospital or medical center to practice,most can’t afford the high cost of insurance and hoops the government has set up anymore. doctors are forced to march to the hospital’s wishes if they want to practice medicine.i have many health problems so i see this problem first hand.big pharm. corporations are calling the shots,no cures,only treatments,that’s where the money is,keep them coming back for more!

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