US CoVid Response; Science and Economics

While reviewing Colorado governor Polis’ mask mandate criteria, the website stated that the Science of Mask Wearing could be found on the CDC website.   Following the link, I was taken to an article written by CDC Director Redfield and two other doctors: John Brooks, an internist whose specialty is HIV, and Jay Butler, whose concentration had been opioid crisis in Alaska.  

I.   Mask Mandates:   According to the article, they evidence the need for hospital staff to wear masks during surgery.   They state that there actually has never been a scientific study regarding mask mandates for flu or any disease because the study would be too costly.   Instead they conducted two internet polls of 500 people each asking respondents if they wore masks. That is the sum total of SCIENCE.

The article concludes that communities need to conform to normalizing masks – without indicating that they would ever reverse the mandate.   And instead of giving an indication when masks would no longer be required, they urge innovation in the design of masks so they can be more readily tolerated over long periods of time.

In other words – the CDC is stating: A) there is NO SCIENCE, B)   masks are the New Normal – forever, C)   because I say so.

II.   Schools:   While schools are either 100% virtual or partially virtual, it has been reported that 10% of Americans have no Internet – 33 million people.   Roughly 5.5 million of those people are under the age of 18 – school children.   Which means that 5.5 million children are getting no education as a result of lockdown measures.

But even this does not reveal the true dimensions of the crime.   Households may have one computer that must be shared.   Requiring adults to work from home on their laptop – may mean their children go without.   In essence, the school mandate will create a bubble of lower income children being left behind with no education at all.

The Great Divide!

III.   Lockdowns:   Lockdown measures across the globe are inconsistent and to some extent ridiculously insane.   Rome has declared a curfew from midnight to 5am to combat the spread of CoVid.   Germany has declared that entry from all EU countries is accepted – entry from any other country is not accepted unless very extreme exception is granted. A 2 week quarantine is necessary unless a ‘proven negative test’ is provided to the government.   As of November, the quarantine will only be 10 days…

Spain has declared their borders are open to all EU countries and the following list of reciprocal countries:   Australia, Canada, China, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, and Uruguay.

Apparently, Chinese are ok, but citizens of the US are not welcome.

Japan removed its restrictions in June for the entire country.   While the government’s response to the virus has been lauded as one of the world’s best – Japan is now in a recession. Foreign nationals from virtually any country in the world are prohibited from travel to Japan unless they quarantine for 14 days prior and have proof of a negative test. Medical travel insurance is required. And all events in Japan have been cancelled.

The population of Japan is 126.5 million.   They have had 1685 deaths attributed to CoVid, representing a death rate of .001%. Like Germany, Japan’s unemployment rate is a muddy representation.   When accounting for people who are furloughed, Japans unemployment is far greater than the 2.6% it announces, and is more likely 11.4%, which would better reflect the ongoing recession. The Logic:   14.4million people have no income, the country is in a contracted recession, to protect 1685 people who died – and 87,000 who recovered.

IV.  Unemployment:   The US unemployment rate is 7.9% which is anticipated to drop to 5% in 2021.   With the exception of Alabama, all US states report historical high rates of unemployment when lockdown measures were instituted.   And just in time for the election, WHO declared that lockdowns don’t work and urged all countries to get their economies flowing again. Tourism – was the primary reasoning.

According to recent ‘tallies’, the number of people in the US who died and either had a positive CoVid test or CoVid was presumed, and such individuals had 2 or more underlying diseases and/or conditions is roughly 220,000.   According to the CDC 6% of those people actually died because of CoVid – 13,000.   The US has the highest presumed death tally, but not all countries count the same – in fact, each country counts their death rate according to the way they prefer, many do not include nursing home deaths, or outside of hospital deaths.   And some have no way of making a determination at all – and simply provide a good faith estimate.

If 52% of all deaths are from nursing home residents, and those tallies are not incorporated into other countries rates, then making ANY comparison is impossible.

Essentially, comparisons of unemployment, case rates, and death rates are a castrated hodge-podge of discombobulation.

V.   Growth Rates.   According to trading economics, the growth rate/decline as of June 2020 by country showed the US has slammed down to -9.   But that doesn’t tell the whole story… Germany tanked to -11.3 and its previous growth was -2.2.   Germany was already in a recession before CoVid hit.   In fact, the same negatives reveal that many countries were in a recession before the virus took it’s economic lockdown toll:   Netherlands, Iceland, Hong Kong, France, Canada, Austria, Slovakia, Mongolia, Japan, Iran, Czech, Brazil, Ukraine, Thailand, New Zealand, Belgium, Peru, UK, Spain, Mexico, Belize…etc…etc…etc…

France previous growth rate was -5.7 and as of June 2020 hit -18.9, more than double the US.   The EU Growth rate was -2.7 and tanked to -14.4 as of June 2020.

What does this reveal?

The real MASK mandate was CoVid was used to hide the Bubble that had already hit the global economy.   And comparatively – President Trump’s actions and policies kept the US in much better condition than our allies.

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  1. Never heard of the Ludwig Institute before. You get MUCH better economics from the Mises Institute, at, named for Ludwig von Mises, a German of the Austrian school of economics. His book “Human Action”, synthesized the body of Austrian economics up to then, a discipline that began with scholars in the 19th century.

    And you get better statistics from Shadow Statistics, at John Williams’

    Remember, governments ALWAYS LIE, just like “social justice warriors”, so-called.

      • Hi again!

        Wellll,,, I suppose it’s who you want to believe. You are correct in that the government BLS does indicate you are correct. But I tend to not believe anything dotgov puts out. It’s a character flaw. Even their U6 was only showing about 12-13%

        The BLS definition excludes people who are underemployed or who have become so discouraged about finding a job that they are no longer actively looking, etc, etc, etc.

        I can’t prove it but I tend to go with Ludwig Institutes vresion. Seems much closer when I look around and see so many businesses closed, so many pan handlers.

        The official U.S. unemployment rate in September was 7.9 percent. Using the Ludwig Institute’s definition, the true unemployment rate for the month was:

        24.3 percent for Whites;
        30.8 percent for Hispanics;
        32.0 percent for blacks;
        22.3 percent for men;
        30.8 percent for women;
        31.0 percent for people with a high-school education;
        48.2 percent for those who lack a high-school diploma.

        “I was shocked that a quarter of the population that want work can’t earn a living wage,” said Eugene Ludwig, the institute’s founder and a former U.S. Comptroller of the Currency. He expressed hope that the study will focus policymakers’ attention on the issue.

        Then we have shadowstats that use the formula before the 1990s. It claims 26.9% Of course many consider this site a conspiracy theory site.

        Personally I’ll go with 20-25%. Take the thousands of homeless that are not counted as unemployed as they are not drawing benefits. Soon the folks put out of work by the ridiculous response to the alleged virus will fall off the ledgers and not be counted as unemployed.

        Soon the BLS will be parroting the headline 1-2% line while many are serious trouble.


        PS: other than I think the BLS rate is too low,,, you post was quite right.

        • OK – This is FUNNY – but your entire diatribe is rife with oddities… Beginning with the Ludwig Institute which you cite as apparently legging to Clinton via Gene Ludwig – as in an oops push pin. Anywho – always good to follow the trail before making a vacant conjecture…

          • Hi again…

            Ouch! (lol) Diatribe? I wasn’t trying to be mean or abusive. If I came across like that,,, my apologies.

            I tip my King…. where do I send the 2 bits?

            • Ludwig is a Clintonite. ALL his articles are published by far left rags. He does not have the available data or computer analogues that the government does in calculating unemployment. He is literally making up numbers at the behest of the same Cabal that makes up the CoVid numbers. Created numbers. Estimates. The purpose is obvious – to make Trump’s America appear twalette water. Everywhere I look there are signs ‘hiring’ – if people want to work the jobs are available. Period.
              As to ‘mean or abusive’ I raised three boys –
              Research is my forte –
              Send 2bits to the Trump campaign – and let’s MAGA this election!

              • Hi
                I informed them to take the two bits out of my next free money check. Maybe an article on the deficit! I look forward to your opinion on that.


                  • Hi
                    Okay,,, Looking forward to it. Klaus needs to decorate a lamp pole,,, IMO. Of course he is in cahoots with Gates and company, depopulation and AOL’s New Green Deal. Your post on the EU tanking was excellent. Your in good company,,, Martin Armstrong and Catherine Austin Fitts agree,,, the EU is toast. Just a matter of time. Sadly the USA is in trouble as well if it don’t get its ducks in a row,,, soon.


  2. We have had face diapers and distancing and lockdowns for 8 months and zilch. Because of more testing, which is highly suspect, we have more pretend cases, not necessarily more deaths. It will not matter in any event if your own immune system is compromised. That severely increases your chances to become ill or diseased from virtually anything. The main purpose of the fake pandemic and the fear creating media is worldwide forced vaccinations, chipping and other people (freedom) destroying laws, as well as replacing our economies with a non-CO2 system. The FDA, WHO, CDC, AMA, and others are totally compromised and controlled by government, pharma, the super rich and the megalomaniacs of the world. Those of you supporting this fake pandemic are sealing your own fates…becoming slaves to big government, the corrupt medical establishment and the surrender of all privacy and freedom. Years from now, you will be crying in your fake beer over the fact that you were blind to the truth.

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